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IRS Workers Comp Rules – Two Payment Red Flags To Avoid

IRS Workers Comp Rules – Pay Attention To These Three Closely Every year near the personal tax filing deadline, we receive questions on IRS Workers Comp rules.  This year was no different with the COVID-extended deadline of July 15th.  I decided to cover the one IRS Workers Comp Rule that

IRS Publication 15A – Independent Contractor vs. Employee Examples

Employee vs. Independent Contractor – Great Examples From IRS Publication 15A The IRS Publication 15A – Titled – Employer’s Supplemental Tax Guide still provides many tips when hiring employees or subcontractors for a business.   You can download the publication here. Every small employer that prepares to grow their business should

IRS Subcontractor Section Update Adds Government Employees

Updated IRS Subcontractor Section – Great Subcontractor vs. Employee Status Rules Last month, the IRS Subcontractor Section was updated with new information.   As promised, the IRS updates to these pages will appear in this blog as I find them. For premium audits, make sure that all subcontractors are noted so

New IRS Subcontractor Rules Straight From Their Website

New IRS Subcontractor Rules Revisited Each Tax Year The New IRS Subcontractor rules now contains a helpful brochure better known as Publication 1779.    As with the prior year, the three areas that determine whether a subcontractor should be reported as an employee are: Behavioral Control Financial Control Relationship of

US Congress Tax Bill Correction Mortgage+Student Loan Interest

US Congress Tax Bill Now Eliminates The Reductions on 401k 403b investment, BUT HOLD ON The US Congress Tax Bill that I mentioned last week now does not include the 401k 403b plan contribution reductions.   Great!  The Bill contained them at the time I wrote the article.   Now, it is

IRS Contractor Employee Rules – Updated Web Page With Videos

IRS Contractor Employee Rules Have Been Updated The IRS Contractor Employee rules assist business owners with who can be considered independent contractors or employees.  Each state’s Workers Comp rules may have their own employee vs. contractor tests.   The IRS Contractor Employee rules supply a great basic place to start

Does Affordable Care Act Repeal and Replace Mention Workers Comp?

The Affordable Care Act Repeal and Replace – Any Mention of Workers Comp? The Affordable Care Act Repeal and Replace is now working its way through Congress, Senate, and President.  Last week’s WCRI meeting showed the Work Comp community’s concern over any Federalization of Workers Compensation (c). Former Senator Tom

Safety Incentive Plans – OSHA’s New Posture

OSHA’s Surprising New Posture On Safety Incentive Plans This article on safety incentive plans was written by our ept Safety Consultant Glen Dulac. Always remember that a well-crafted safety incentive plan will bring dramatic results in moving your safety program from good  to great.  Studies show as much as a

CMS WCMSA Against CIGA Turned Away By Federal Court

CMS WCMSA Medicare A CMS WCMSA is turned away by the Federal Court system partially.  Acronyms are as follows : CMS – Center for Medicare Medicaid Services WCMSA – Workers Compensation Medicare Set  Aside CIGA – California Insurance Guarantee Association The order can be found here..   It is a

ACA Repeal Could Lead To More Workers Comp Case Shifting

Will ACA Repeal (Affordable Care Act) Cause Case Shifting to WC? The drumbeat for ACA repeal  has grown much louder with the new administration just around the corner.   This article on the new demands to keep Obamacare alive was an interesting angle from the health insurance sector. Please read

NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis – With Political Twist

NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis Interesting Conclusion The recent NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis synthesized a very interesting conclusion.   The National Council on Compensation Insurance is based in Boca Raton, FL.  At first glance, along with this article, the NCCI estimated that removal of the Affordable Care Act would likely

President Elect vs Workers Comp – What Did Trump Say?

The President Elect vs Workers Comp – A Search Will the President elect vs Workers Comp play nice together for at least the next four years?    I decided to attempt a Google search to see if Mr.  Trump has ever mentioned  WC.     You can do the same

NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis – Interesting Study

Venerable NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis The  NCCI Affordable Care Act  (ACA) study was taken from their  Workers Comp Update 2016 Fall Edition (page 54 of PDF).  Please note that this is a large file.   If you are working in the Work Comp industry, it may be worth your

Answers To Workers Compensation Questions – Outside US

Answers To Workers Compensation Questions The answers to workers compensation questions below are from this Cutcompcosts article from last week.   The theme is Workers Compensation Outside the US.   Follow the link to the original article for the questions.  Thanks.   The pic has nothing to do with WC.

Workers Comp Articles – Outside of US

Workers Comp Articles The 1,530+ workers comp articles on Cutcompcosts cover some of the topics outside the US.  I will try to cover more of those in the upcoming weeks. The last workers comp questions and answers were very popular.  Below are questions that pertain to WC outside of the

247,120 Slips, Trips, And Falls Devastate 2014 Workers Comp Budgets

247,120 Slips, Trips, And Falls – Increased by 8% Slips, trips, and falls as a type of  WC injury increased by 8% when compared to 2013  figures.  According to the BLS  (Bureau of Labor Statistics), there were 247,120 slips trips and falls in 2014.   This figure was much more

Trans-Pacific Partnership Obamatrade Agreement Full Access

Trans-Pacific Partnership Obamatrade Agreement Access The full Trans-Pacific Partnership Obama trade agreement was a rare find. I have received any inquires as to the link in the last article on the TPP Obamatrade agreement.   It seems the Feds have split it into hundreds of documents.   I do not

Is Social Security Disability Affected by WC?

Social Security Disability Does Workers Compensation have an effect on Social Security Disability?  More precisely, do Social Security Disability applications increase when WC payments decrease? This was pointed out in the Work Comp Analysis group on LinkedIn today.  In reading over the study, I was at first very skeptical. The

Subcontractors And Statutory Employees IRS Publication 15-A

Subcontractors And Statutory Employees Classifying Subcontractors And Statutory Employees can be a difficult task for  any business.  A great publication on employee classification is IRS Publication 15-A (PDF File) along with this IRS webpage. This is not to be confused with classification codes. One of the more informative sections from the

Subcontractors FLSA – Department of Labor v IRS

Department of Labor v IRS – Subcontractors FLSA IRS guide to subcontractors FLSA vs Department of Labor. The FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) was enumerated by the Department of Labor’s (DOL)) interpretation of  recent Supreme Court decisions. We received two emails on Monday with questions on how to determine the

US Supreme Court ACA Decision To Affect Workers Comp?

US Supreme Court ACA Decision Could Affect Workers Comp The US Supreme Court ACA decision could easily affect Workers Comp.  Let us call it the old Law of Unintended Consequences. There are multiple articles on this blog concerning the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) and its possible effect on WC.

Captive RRG Legal and Regulatory Environment – CICA Conference

Captive RRG Legal and Regulatory Environment Captive RRG Legal and Regulatory Environment – I actually attended five different sessions on Day Two of the conference.   There was a common theme to two of the sessions.  This article will be a combo article of that  theme. Captives and RRG’s  have always

59 Modifier Medical Bill Controversy Causes CMS To React

59 Modifier Medical Bill Confounds CMS The 59 Modifier Medical Bill Controversy.A friend of mine forwarded a note on how medical bills could have be over-inflated by the use of what is known as a 59 modifier.  Her company does not use that modifier. According to Optum – a medical

New Congress, TRIA, and Workers’ Compensation

New Congress, TRIA, and Workers’ Compensation The New Congress, TRIA, and Workers’ Compensation all are very important keeping WC as a viable marketplace. Over the holidays,  many articles were published on the throes of not having TRIA (Terrorism Reinsurance Act).    Some articles made it seem like the sky would

BLS Publishes Pilot Test Modified and Restricted Duty

BLS Publishes Pilot Test – Full Of Good Info The BLS publishes pilot test on Modified and restricted duty that is  full of great charts and data. The BLS (Bureau of Labor and Statistics) has more labor statistics than any site on the web.  If you are a writer or presenter,

Workplace Transportation Incidents Account For 40% Of Fatalities – BLS

Workplace Transportation Incidents Account Workplace transportation incidents = 40% of fatalities according to the BLS.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released various  studies on Workplace Fatalities.  An article was published earlier this year on The 25 Most Dangerous Jobs The numbers below are preliminary. The statistics are usually changed slightly as

Defense Base Act – Coverage For Overseas Subcontractors

Overseas Subcontractors And The Defense Base Act For Overseas Subcontractors, The Defense Base Act  (DBA) is a very important part of the Workers Compensation system.  The Defense Base Act provides compensation for disability or death to persons employed at the military, air, and naval bases outside the United States.    The Act

IRS Independent Contractor Determination Not Magic

IRS Independent Contractor Determination The IRS independent contractor determination can be very helpful to contracting companies.   The IRS recently updated their info on the Employee vs. Independent Contractor determination decision by an employer. The complete breakdown of the common law rules the IRS independent contractor determination is listed in this

Independent Contractor vs Employee Definition From IRS

Independent Contractor vs Employee Definition The independent contractor vs employee definition has been the bane of companies for many years. The Internal Revenue Service is always a great place to find information on independent contractors. Of course, the information is common law and your applicable states or states may vary

Insurance Industry Employment Numbers – Better Than Last Year

Insurance Industry Employment Numbers Still Not Great Figures In late 2012, Workers Compensation insurance industry employment was stable. The numbers for Workers Comp actually were mixed in with property and casualty. A few insurance industry employment areas have actually reduced greatly over time.  Some of the reduction was due to the

How Long Would Workers Compensation Survive Like This???

Could Workers Compensation Survive With High Overpayments? Today, I was wondering how long would Workers Compensation survive when examining the following situation. The process of Workers Compensation is going to always involve claim over-payments. Any time that I hear “We have X, Y & Z process in place to not overpay

Top 10 Challenge Areas – Expanded Part I

Top 10 Challenge Areas – The First Five The article on the Top 10 Challenges for Workers Compensation received a large amount of inter-buzz. Two readers suggested an expansion (better explanation) of my list.   I will split the Top 10 into two articles. The first five of  My Top

Top 25 Dangerous Jobs – Highest Injury Rates 2011 and 2012

Top 25 Dangerous Jobs Using BLS Statistics The Top 25 Dangerous Jobs list contained a few surprises.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes many great employment statistics.  When I was searching for the injury rates of the teacher from yesterday’s article, I came across the injury rate rankings of the most dangerous

CMS Self Administered Toolkit for WCMSA’s – Confusing Section

CMS Self Administered Toolkit This article is a continuation of  the CMS Self Administered Toolkit.  The CMS (see yesterday’s J&L Blog article) has done a good job in attempting to provide injured employees with a guide if they decide to self-administer their WCMSA’s (Workers Compensation Medical Set Asides).   Most

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Effects on WC – LIVE WCRI

Affordable Care Act – Effect on Workers Comp- LIVE The Effect of Th Affordable Care Act(Obamacare) on WC could be significant. Dr. Richard Victor-  (Will update during presentation until finished) – not edited until final version The effects of ACA on WC are: (could be): Increased demand for medical care Shortage of

WCRI (Workers Comp Research Conference) – Reporting Live

WCRI (Workers Comp Research Conference) Workers Comp Research Conference reporting live. First Session is ACA (American Healthcare Act) effects on Workers Comp.  Dr. Jon Gruber–  Wow this conference is packed.   Kudos to WCRI.   Everyone from WCRI was very helpful and hooked me up to the hotel wireless system

Bureau of Labor Statistics Provides Huge Amount of Workers Comp Data

Bureau of Labor Statistics – A Wellspring of Data The Bureau of Labor Statistics  can be found at bls.gov One of the great providers of Workers Compensation data is the Bureau of  Labor Statistics .   One has to know where to look to find the best WC data.   Some

IRS Advice on Subcontractor vs. Employee Conundrum – National Outlook

IRS Advice on Subcontractor vs. Employee  Determination The IRS advice has been updated on the Subcontractor vs. Employee conundrum.  The best way to understand IRS advice in this article is to follow all the links below. The Internal Revenue Service periodically publishes updates on how an employer should differentiate between

Pay ACA Penalty File Workers Comp Claim For Medical Treatment

ACA Penalty May Not Deter Workers Comp Claims What if a worker decided to pay the ACA penalty and file a WC claims for medical treatment?  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) may cause an unintended spike in Workers Compensation claims. One of the concerns over the years in claims departments

Construction Dangers Top 4 From OSHA – 35% Due To Falls

Construction Dangers – 35% Due To Falls A report on construction dangers was produced this week by OSHA.  Construction is one of the most expensive groups of classification codes.  This has been the case for many years.  In the early 2000’s some California insurance carriers were charging $170 for every

10 Most Cited OSHA Violations in 2012 – Three From Construction

10 Most Cited OSHA Violations One of the mini-articles that stood out from the various stats was the OSHA violations that resulted in a citation. The OSHA and BLS websites are very well stocked with almost any type of employment injury statistics imaginable. An associated article on this subject was

Federal Government Shutdown’s Effect on Workers Compensation

Federal Government Shutdown May Have Little Effect Does the Federal Government shutdown have any effect on WC?   The governmental shutdown was highlighted in a recent article in The Insurance Journal.  I do agree with the author that the shutdown pertains to the federal level and Workers Comp, for the

Law Of Large Numbers – How It Ruins Small WC Funds

Law Of Large Numbers Catches Up To All Small Insurance Funds The recent Affordable Care Act (ACA) going live is a reminder of how risk needs to be spread over a large numbers of participants to be viable. The Law of Large Numbers is one of the concerns that the

Federalization of Workers Comp – Possible Game Changer

Federalization of Workers Comp Marches On The National Association of Registered Agents and Brokers Act of 2013 has just been again backed  by the US House of Representatives.  There are many articles and this blog first had coined the phrase – federalization of Workers Comp which has been picked up

PPO or MPN Network Where Paying More Is Goal

PPO or MPN Network vs Supply and Demand A PPO or MPN network where paying more remains the goal? This article is related to yesterday’s post on Obamacare and medical treatment rationing. A phone call from one of our long-term readers basically said that I was crazy to think that

Could Obamacare Cause Workers Comp Medical Treatment Rationing?

Medical Treatment Rationing Possibility Would Obamacare cause Workers Comp medical treatment rationing?  Over the past few years, I had commented very often on the interfacing of Obamacare with Workers Compensation. The number one effect that seems to go unmentioned is the fact that medical care may (keyword may) be rationed

Federal Insurance Office (FIO) Report Looks Familiar

Federal Insurance Office The Federal Insurance Office (FIO) was created as part of the Dodd-Frank bill.  The FIO is part of the Treasury Department.  The description on the US Treasury website describes the FIO as: The Office monitors all aspects of the insurance industry, including identifying issues or gaps in

NIOSH Interested In Workers Compensation Data – Federalization?

NIOSH Interested In Workers Compensation Data NIOSH (National Institute For Occupational Safety and Health) which is part of the federal government (Center for Disease Control) recently announced they were beginning to collect Workers Comp data.   John Howard MD Director announced that Workers Comp costs the US over $250 billion.

Affordable Care Act Mentions Workers Comp How Many Times?

Affordable Care Act Mentions Workers Comp __ Times? I am one of the people that actually read the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) just after it was passed by the House.  The main reason was to see if Workers Comp was affected or mentioned directly in the Act. The searchable PDF

IRS Amnesty Program Causes Work Comp Class Code Confusion

IRS Amnesty Program Has Nothing To Do With Class Codes The IRS has initiated an amnesty program for Worker Classifications.  This is not the same as Workers Compensation Classification codes.  The amnesty program was designed for whether workers are independent contractors or employees.   This is a great article on the

Are Workers Comp Payments Taxable?

Workers Comp Benefits Not Taxable In Most Cases Are Workers Comp Payments Taxable In Most States?   We receive many emails each month from employees and employers on this very subject. The tax liability of Workers Comp payments seems to ramp up this time of year when the tax filing

NCCI – Massive New Study On Long Term Claims

Massive New Study On Long Term Claims NCCI has recently published what I would refer to as a very hybrid study of the long term medical costs on Workers Comp claims.  Claims data is usually examined by NCCI, the WCIRB (CA Rating Bureau), and other rating bureaus with a corresponding

IRS Assists in Subcontractor vs Employee Determination

Subcontractor vs Employee Determination Determining whether someone that assists your company is an employee or subcontractor can be tedious as best. There are many articles in this blog that cover subcontractors including the Ladder of Insurance (c). The Internal Revenue Service has a great series of videos for small business

Five Ways ObamaCare and Workers Comp Are Similar

Five Ways ObamaCare Could be ObamaComp(c) The five ways Obamacare and Workers Comp are similar may come as a shocker.  The Wall street Journal very recently published an article on how the Affordable Care Act will affect health insurance premiums.   There seemed to be a few items in the Act that sounded

Workers Comp Employment Numbers Show Stability

Workers Comp Employment Numbers Employment numbers for Workers Comp were surprisingly stable over the last few years.  The Insurance Information institute article that I referenced from yesterday’s post on Workers Comp and The Fiscal Cliff  indicated the recent employment numbers for property casualty (P/C) were not diminishing whatsoever. The insurance employment

Will Workers Comp Fall Off That Nasty Fiscal Cliff?

Nasty Fiscal Cliff – Will Workers Comp Fall Off It? Will Workers Comp be affected if we all fall off that nasty fiscal cliff ?  I think we first need to define what exactly is the fiscal cliff.  According to the article from the link: “The now infamous phrase was coined

Obama or Romney – Vote For Workers Compensation?

Workers Compensation Vote – Obama or Romney Workers Compensation – would a vote for Obama or Romney be a vote for our industry? Well, we are finally here.   I will miss the droning on off all the commercials.  I live a battleground state so they airwaves and internet were flooded

Workers Comp Audit Subcontractor vs Employee IRS Updated Guidelines

IRS Updated Guidelines – Workers Comp Audit The subcontractor vs employee IRS updated guidelines for Workers Comp audits. Premium auditors seem to be listing all contractors as employees lately even if provided with a certificate of insurance. Differentiating between employees and subcontractors can be confusing for many employers. There is a

FIO – Federal Insurance Office – Workers Comp Federalization

FIO – Federal Insurance Office – Shocker I read an article in a few of the major news outlets that somewhat shocked me. The shock was not too significant as I had predicted months ago that the Federal Insurance Office or FIO just being involved in international insurance matters was

Obamacare And Its Effect On Workers Compensation

Obamacare And Its Effect On WC The Obamacare And Its Effect on WC. Obamacare has hit the airwaves very heavily due to the SCOTUS’s decision last week. Can Obamacare’s influence even reach into the Workers Comp world? I stepped into the fray in 2009 by coining the term from the

How Obamacare Could Ruin Your Workers Comp Program

Your Workers Comp Program Can Be Ruined Very Easily Does your Workers Comp program seem to be in ruins?  Obamacare could ruin your program if you are not careful. One of the most obvious trends in the Workers Comp environment is that health insurance is trumping the attention paid to

Independent Contractor vs Employee – IRS Issues New Rulings

Independent Contractor vs Employee Independent contractor status for Workers Compensation is one of the most discussed topics I have come across lately. Have the rules changed that much over the last few years? Check these links for a few articles I had written in the past on subcontractors, ladder of

Medicare Set Aside Enforcement Caused Claim Counts To Spiral

Medicare Set Aside Enforcement Caused a Backlog? Did the Medicare Set Aside Enforcement by CMS cause claims count to spiral?   The Medicare Set Asides (MSA’s) for Workers Comp article that I posted on last week is here. I wanted to continue that article. After a few intense calculations, I

Premium Audit For Large Deductible Programs

Large Deductible Programs I had been asked this question three times over the last two weeks. “We have a large deductible programs for our Workers Comp.” Can those policies be audited for overcharges?” The three main questions that I asked were: Did your company pay some type of premium to your

Medicare Set Asides Cause Claim Counts To Spiral?

Medicare Set Aside Claim Counts I was reading a few articles this week on the rise of Workers Comp claim counts. I was astonished at the number of open Workers Compensation claims. Are some TPA’s, employers and insurance carriers deciding to leave their clams open for a longer period of

Liability CLaims MSA Reporting Now Due To CMS

Liability Claims MSA Report Now Required By CMS The Liability Claims MSA reports are now due. The data for Workers Comp Medicare Set Asides (WCMSA or MSA) were supposed to be reported to the CMS by January 1, 2010 by insurance carriers, TPA’s or employers. There was a little confusion

Premium Audit Errors and Overcharges Are Not Just For Private Employers

Overcharges And Premium Audit Errors Overcharges and premium audit errors are not only for private employers. Premium audit and policy errors can affect any employer, no matter the size of the business. One of the largest premium errors I have seen was pointed out in a few articles last week.

Medicare Set Aside Compliance Rules Directly From CMS

Medicare Set Aside Compliance Rules -A History and Analysis The Medicare Set Aside compliance rules begin with the MSA Memo from CMS. I have been asked numerous times over the last few months on the status of the Workers Comp Medicare Set asides. Many questions centered around what type of

Upcoming MSA Crisis Or Should I Say Past?

The Upcoming MSA Crisis Is an MSA crisis upcoming? I am not a Medicare Set Aside Agreement (MSA) expert. There are few people that actually are overall. The one concern I have is that I do not think all participants are compliant with the reporting requirements by the MSA. The

Medicare Set Aside (MSA) Rules – In Nutshell

Medicare Set Aside (MSA) Rules Medicare Set Aside (MSA) rules confuse many people. Recently, I posted on Medicare Set Asides (MSA or WCMSA). I received quite a few questions on how to quickly tell if MSA’s are necessary or not or Workers Comp files. I have seen flowcharts online that

Workers Comp Medicare Set Aside Concerns

Workers Comp Medicare Set Aside (WCMSA) There are a few concerns that I have concerning my last post on Workers Comp Medicare Set Aside. The info from the CMS website is in italics. Annuities  Payout totals for all annuities to fund the above expenses should be used rather than cost

Will Feds Control Workers Comp In Future or Just States?

Will The Feds Control Workers Comp In 10 Years? In the future,  will the  Feds control Workers Comp. In my last post, I commented on how the Federal Government, namely CMS, is encroaching on the state-by-state sovereignty of Workers Compensation. The CMS is basically overvaluing Workers Compensation pharmacy benefits. The

Is CMS Overpricing Workers Comp Future Pharmacy Benefits?

Is CMS Overpricing Workers Comp Future Pharmacy Benefits? Does the CMS inflate Workers Comp future pharmacy payouts?   A trend in Workers Comp claim settlements is slowly changing the landscape of closing out files. Many insurance carriers, TPA’s, Captives, etc. are rejecting the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Service’s (CMS) valuation of

Death of Workers Comp – CMS Now Runs FIO

CMS Now Runs FIO The CMS runs FIO – should this be death of Workers Comp?   OK, so the title is meant to catch your attention. The second part is actually a reality as of last week. The federalization of Workers Comp remains an issue. Yes, the CMS –

Federalization Of Workers Comp Takes Another Step

Workers Comp Takes Another Step Toward Federalization  All Workers Comp takes another step towards being a federalized. Check out the Want Ad  for  the Federal Insurance Office Director Job.  According to the NY Times, a new job was posted that indicates the seriousness of establishing the Federal Insurance Office. The

Subcontractors vs Employees From IRS

The IRS Subcontractors vs Employees The following is from the IRS website on Subcontractors compared to the employees. I have printed this in the past. The last IRS update to the page was less than a month ago. Independent Contractor (Self-Employed) or Employee? It is critical that you, the business owner,

Subcontractor vs Employee – Insider IRS Guide Great Explanations

 IRS Guide To Subcontractor vs Employee Determination I was going to reprint the IRS’s guide to Subcontractor vs Employee. Lately, we receive this type of question more than the Premium Audit Bill inquiries. I then came across The Training Manual used by the Internal Revenue Service for separating employees and

What Is The Jones Act In Workers Compensation?

Jones Act – Workers Comp Concern The Jones Act, or Merchant Marine Act of 1920, was passed due to concerns about the legal protection of the Merchant Marine. Prior to the Jones Act, sailors who were injured on the job had few options for receiving damages. Now, injured seamen can

Federal Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) Cause Extra Premiums?

Federal Terrorism Risk Insurance Act The Federal Terrorism Risk Insurance Act appeared on Workers Comp policies since 2003. .Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, there has been a lot of concern over whether the insurance industry would continue to provide insurance for losses due to terrorism. So in 2002, congress

CMS Confuses Me Once Again With Medicare Part D

Once Again The CMS Confuses Me Again the CMS confuses me.  In many of the LinkedIn and other discussion boards on Workers Compensation, the comments are flying. There is a supposed insider memo from the CMS that indicates how the drugs that are disapproved by Medicare Part D should not

Federalization of Workers Comp – Senator Thinks So

Senator Thinks of WC Federalization The Federalization of Workers Comp the Senator was think so.I have been told by many in the insurance industry how I was so far off the mark in coining the phrase the Federalization of Insurance including Workers Compensation. As you read this please remember that

CMS Press Release on Medicare Set-aside Arrangements Delay

CMS Press Release on Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements Recently, the CMS Press Release on medicare set-aside arrangement was released.  The following is the press release from the CMS website on the insurer TPA reporting requirements. This was the result of the memo covered in my previous post. I also added in

Dreaded CMS Memo Round 2 – Users Guide – Confusion Reigns

User’s Guide – Help with Dreaded CMS Memo The dreaded CMS Memo now has a User’s Guide.  I had previously written about the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requiring that all the states begin report all of their Workers Comp data to the CMS on January 1, 2010.

Federal Insurance Office (FIO) May Have Effect on Workers Compensation

The New Federal Insurance Office (FIO) The new Federal Insurance Office for Workers Comp was commenced by a financial reform package.  The Workers Compensation and other lines of insurance will be federalized. I have received questions on the newly legislated Federal Insurance Office (FIO). I mentioned it as a probable part

Medicare Set asides – Federalization of Workers Compensation

The Federalization of Workers Compensation – Medicare Set-asides The medicare set-asides rules have been law for quite a few years.   I have posted often on this subject lately as I think we are seeing the trees in the forest. I want to try to examine the forest in the Workers

Medicare Set asides – Possible No Statute of Limitations

Medicare Set asides May Never Close Out The Medicare set asides possibly possess no statute of limitations.  We have received a large number of questions on my last post. I thought it was best to post the excerpt from the town hall meeting to make sure all of my readers

CMS Medicare Set-aside Arrangements No Statute of Limitations

CMS Medicare Set-aside Arrangements No Statute of Limitation A CMS Medicare Set-aside Arrangements announcement was published today.  The CMS announced a very serious revelation on their authority.   CMS is an acronym for the Center for Medicaid/Medicare Services.   Recently, I had posted a few times on the Centers for

CMS Dreaded Medicare Set-aside Arrangement Memo – Meaning?

CMS And the Dreaded Medicare Set-aside Arrangement Memo The Dreaded Medicare set-aside arrangement memo was produced by CMS a few months ago.  Over the past week, I have covered the Centers for Medicaid/Medicare Services (CMS) Medicare Set-aside agreements and how CMS changed the playing field with its 7/1/09 memo to

Dreaded Medicare Set-aside Agreement Memo From CMS

CMS and Dreaded Medicare Set-Aside Agreement Memo What are the CMS and the dreaded medicare set-aside agreement memo effect on workers compensation? On July 1, 2009 the Center for Medicaid/Medicare Services (CMS) issued an innocuous-looking memo that will likely result in sanctions by the Federal Government and many lawsuits. In

Definition Workers Compensation Medicare Set-aside Arrangements

Workers Compensation Medicare Set-aside Agreements Explained Benefits for Workers Compensation Medicare expenses must be protected for the CMS. It is the responsibility of all parties to protect Medicare’s interests when resolving cases with future medical expenses. Forecasting future Workers Compensation medical benefits can be very complicated. The recommended method for

Federal Insurance Office Is Voted Into Existence By Congress

Federal Insurance Office (FIO) Voted Into Existence A Federal Insurance Office was voted into existence by Congress.  The House recently passed the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009. The legislation is a great move overall to protect consumerism in the US. The part of the bill that

Independent Contractors – Workers Compensation vs. IRS

IRS Tips On Independent Contractor vs. Employee One of the most controversial subjects in Workers Comp is how insurance carriers charge employers the proper premiums for independent contractors. Insurance carriers have begun to be very aggressive in declaring independent contractors as employees. The IRS, who has one of the best

Workers Compensation MSA Claims Monitoring – Threshold Key

Monitoring Workers Compensation MSA Claims I received a question about how to monitor workers compensation MSA claims for Workers Comp. Please check the last post for the definition of a Medical Set Aside or MSA claim. The best way to monitor the MSA – sometimes called WCMSA is to examine

WCMSA – Workers Compensation Claims Premiums Federalized 1980

WCMSA – How Workers Compensation Became Federalized The WCMSA rules by The Center For Medicare/Medicaid services (CMS  have been in place for years.  I received a large number of questions on the subject of Workers Comp Medical Set Asides (MSA’s). The previous article on MSA’s was the most popular article

ObamaComp 24 Hour Coverage – Are We That Far Away From It?

ObamaComp – The New 24 Hour Coverage The ObamaComp health care program are we far from it? Before I start this blog, I wanted to say that there are no political views being expressed here. I am posting only from an analytical viewpoint. I decided to coin a new term

Defense Firms Are Going to Pool their Workers Comp

Defense Contractors Working Overseas Workers comp coverage for defense contractors working overseas may shift to a single insurer in the near future under a law recently signed by President Bush. The idea is based on risk pooling as a way to cut costs. I have always been a supporter of

What Is Difference Between IRS Audit and Workers Comp Audit

IRS Audit and a Workers Comp Audit – Comparison Many similarities exist between an IRS  audit and a WC audit. I was actually asked a very similar question at one of my last presentations. I had originally thought there were no similarities between the two. Once I thought it over,



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