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Ethics in Workers Compensation – Blogging Live – NWCDC

Blogging live – Ethics in Workers Compensation Ethics in Workers Compensation is still very important.   This presentation covered ethics in claims handling very thoroughly.   Many states now require adjusters to have three hours of ethics at time of license renewal.  I think  the ethics component should be even

Insurance Office Ethics According To Dilbert Now State Requirement

Insurance Office Ethics And The Pointy Haired Boss Insurance Office ethics according to Dilbert can be lighthearted at times . Earlier this week, I wrote an article on Ethics.  I happened to come across these hilarious Dilbert(r) comic strips on ethics.   Is the one on the management fast track

Ethics In Workers Compensation Claims And Modified 80-20 Rule

Ethics In Workers Compensation Claims – Does It Exist? Ethics in the Workers Compensation claims arena has increased over the years.  Last week, I had the privilege of attending the 3rd Quarterly Meeting of NC PRIMA in Winston-Salem, NC.   If you are in the public risk sector in North

Ethics Courses – Are They Really Worth Your Time?

Do Ethics Courses Waste Time? The Ethics courses for adjusters or other insurance personnel may seem really worth  the time and expense. I recently received a newsletter from the AICPCU-IIA informing all new students that Ethics will be a required course on a large number of designations. The Institute’s heart



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