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J&L Risk Management Articles – How To Access The Whole Picture

J&L Risk Management Articles – Six Steps For Easier Access The website contains over 2,000 J&L Risk Management articles.  Use these six steps to make sure that you have found all the articles that pertain to the subject that brought you to our website. If you are reading this info,

Insurance Blogging – Give It A Try – Five Easy Steps – One Secret

Insurance Blogging – Easy To Start – Hard To Keep Going My own experience with insurance blogging started in 2007.  I attended a conference in Atlanta on social media when it really started rolling along in 2008.  That is when I decided to start blogging very heavily and to have

My Three Favorite Articles That Hooked My Attention – Must Read

All About My Three Favorite Articles In reading articles, I may say that all of them hooked my attention. But actually, I have my three favorite articles that I can say are worth it to read. Or when time goes by, it may bring the lesson we’ve learned from those

Workers Comp Website – 10 Things To Know When Switching Providers

Workers Comp Website – 10 Lessons Learned Since Last Week’s Switch J&L moved its workers comp website provider last week.  Many problems came up that need to be shared so that our article and newsletter readers will not have or be prepared for the same type of problems. Our last

Cutcompcosts Awarded Top 25 Workers Comp Blogs Again for 2018

Cutcompcosts Repeats As Top 25 Workers Comp Blog In 2018 After Cutcompcosts repeated as Best’s Recommended Insurance Advisors, we just discovered that Workerscompensation.com awarded us with the Top 25 Workers Comp Blogs designation.  We also were awarded the distinction in 2017. In fact, we just received the 10 Year Badge

Workers Comp Article Publishing Top 10 Concerns

How To Start Your First Workers Comp Article Your first Workers Comp article may seem like such a laborious task.  After you write your first article, you will find the next is much easier and the third workers comp article flows to the screen almost like magic. The Top 10

Workers Comp Writers Block – Writing Into Funnel

Workers Comp Writers Block Not A Fun Time Having Workers Comp writers block for the first time in 11 years ended with this article.   The last three weeks contained the longest workers comp writers block for me. The comment on writing into a funnel means that if I covered a

Top 25 Workers Comp Blog and AM Best Recommended Provider Awards

Picked As Top 25 Workers Comp Blog – J&L Risk Management Awarded Twice This Week J&L was awarded A Top 25 Workers Comp Blog and named as a recommended Provider by AM  Best this week.   Well, the AM Best award was actually in March and the Top 25 blog

Cutcompcosts.com Upgrades Articles – Better Readability

Cutcompcosts.com Upgrades Website Access and Readability We at Cutcompcosts.com are now happier campers, so to speak. Two years ago when we switched from Blogger to WordPress, we hired a company to convert the posts.  Unfortunately,  most of the posts ran together and caused accessibility problems for certain companies and individuals.

Comments Section Has Gone Rogue – Again – Now Fixed

Comments Section Has Gone Rogue Our comments section has been repaired quite a few times, only to revert back to not posting your comments and my responses to those comments.   We have a specialist working on it right now.  He is from Croatia and does a great job fixing

Mobile Site Is Fixed – Dates Corrected – Full Access To 1,625 Articles

Cutcompcosts.com – J&L Risk Management Fixes Mobile Site Our mobile site was malfunctioning.  Thanks for the many emails letting us know something was amiss. We researched the problem and corrected it.  We were using date suppression software to allow for easy searching that totally whacked the mobile system.  At the

J&L Risk Management Consultants – Cutcompcosts.com 20th Year!!!

J&L Risk Management Consultants I originally established J&L Risk Management Consultants, Inc. as  J&L Insurance Consultants, Inc  in 1996. In 1995, I called the company James J Moore, Risk Consultant for the first year.   J&L Insurance Consultants, Inc. morphed into J&L Risk Management Consultants Inc  as so many people

Cutcompcosts Is Now Fully Mobile Compliant – Update

Cutcompcosts Is Now Fully Mobile Compliant Over two weeks ago, Google informed us (Cutcompcosts)  that we are not mobile-compliant.   As I have a heavy IT background, that seemed to be highly unacceptable. —We are having a few mobile rendering problems, which is to be expected with a new software

CutCompCosts Blog – 360,000+ Page Views In One Day – November

CutCompCosts Blog Pops In Popularity For One Day The CutCompCosts Blog had over 360,000+ Page Views in November.  If you own a blog, using Google’s webmaster tools may help your web traffic and enhance your website analysis. I was reading through some of the statistics on visitors, unique page views,

Using This Blog For Your Own Purposes, Mobi Site, Weekly Newsletter

Using This Blog + Mobi Site + Newsletter Mobi Site, Weekly Newsletter, and using these articles for your own purposes were a few housekeeping items that need to be covered now. There are almost 1,400 articles on this blog covering everything concerning Workers Comp savings for premium payers and self-Insureds.   

Blogger To WordPress Conversion A Complicated Mess

Switched Blog From Blogger To WordPress We are back up and running after we switched from Blogger to WordPress. The process was similar to a tooth that you know needs to be taken care of by the dentist. In March 2013, we switched to a WordPress-based website. The old blog

Top 5 Popular Posts Written For This Blog Over Past Seven Years

Top 5 Popular Posts Written Last 7 years With Links  The top 5 popular posts by click traffic are listed below with the date the article was written. This blog is now seven years old.    I have been attempting to gather the most popular and relevant topics for a future

1001 Posts on Workers Comp – J&L Risk Management James J Moore

Cutcompcosts.com Reaches 1001 Posts Total Our Workers Comp blog totaled 1001 Posts today.   Workers Compensation can be such a boring subject. It can also be a costly subject that wrecks a company’s budget. I had a goal in 2007 when I started this blog to try to come up

Top Five Most Popular Workers Comp Articles For 2011

Most Popular Workers Comp Articles For 2011 As this is the first of the year, I decided to post links to our five most popular workers comp articles for 2011 judging from the traffic on the web pages and the newsletter. We use Blogger for our web stats.  The numbers

Comments and Emails on Term Of Day

Comments and Emails – Term Of The Day Thanks for the comments and emails from everyone on Workers Comp. We appreciate all the interest and feedback with our Workers Comp Term Of The Day that we post every workday. One question or feedback item that we sometimes receive is that

Correction to Previous Article On Our Website Traffic

Correction On Website Traffic A correction on our Website Traffic on previous article. After almost 600 posts we do occasionally make mistakes. We had earlier said that this blog was in the Top 7% For All Web Traffic. We had used a statistics package with input from a third party

This Workers Comp Blog Makes Top 7% For Website Traffic

Workers Comp Blog Makes Top 7% For Website Traffic, the Workers Comp Blog makes top 7%. Yes – we printed our own press release. A recent analysis by an independent third-party website traffic analysis firm indicated that http://blogs.cutcompcosts.com was ranked in the Top 7% Of All Website Traffic. J&L Risk

Suggestions on Workers Comp Posts Welcomed For This Blog

Workers Comp Posts And Blog Suggestions Workers Comp posts and blog suggestions are welcomed by J&L Insurance Consultants any time. We are fast approaching 600 posts since the inception of this blog. I have tried to vary the posts to cover all bases. I do realize that I have probably

Feedburner Feed – Updated – For Our RSS Readers

Feedburner Feed For RSS Readers Will Be Updated The Feedburner Feed always seems to operate in a shroud of mystery.   Blogger changed the rules on us.  That is OK, except as we know, when there are website tool changes the readers always seem to suffer the most.   We

15th Year In Business – Start Up Seems Like Yesterday

15th Year In Business – Started At The Kitchen Table We have just celebrated our 15th year in business. I started the Workers Comp consulting business in early 1995 – mainly helping spinning mills in North Carolina straighten out their Workers Compensation claims. The spinning mills in North Carolina are

Workers Compensation Award Won Again By This Blog – Lexis Nexis

Our Blog Won Another Workers Compensation Award From Lexis Nexis Our blog won another Workers Compensation award this week. This blog was recently named as one of the Top 25 Blogs on Workers Compensation for the 2nd year in a row by LexisNexis. We wish to say thank you to

Copyright Concerns and Website Scraping From Our Website

Copyright Concerns On The J&L Blog Posts I have few concerns about copyright on our web or blog posts.   I have been contacted by quite a few insurance agents, consultants, websites, etc. about using this blog and the newsletter at will to beef up their website or open access

Few Housekeeping Items For Blog Now That It Is Two Years Old

A Few Housekeeping Items  and Blog Rules A few housekeeping items for the blog posts. This is a blog specifically dedicated to educating and informing the general public on Workers Compensation. You may notice that we do not have ads or links to click on to make $ from the

LexisNexis Awards Cutcompcosts Top 25 Workers Comp Blogs 2008

LexisNexis Awards Cutcompcosts.com Blog  We were just informed by LexisNexis Workers Compensation Law Center that we were named one of the Top 25 Blogs for Workers Compensation. J&L has worked tirelessly to conduct a blog that was informative to all parties in the Workers Comp arena. According to LexisNexis: “The

Blog Producer Error

Blog Producer Software To our blog readers – our blog producer software had a slight error which has now been fixed. We will soon have a place for our readers to sign up to have our Workers Comp daily blog emailed to them. We are trying to upgrade everything as

Blog Postings – We Have Started Our New Blog – Check It Out

The Blog Postings – Off and Running So, we are off and running on the blog postings. What I want to do with this blog is to talk about how to save $ on Workers’ Compensation premiums plain and simple. We do not sell any type of insurance. We would



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