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US Treasury Sell Off By China and Japan – Effect on Work Comp Markets

Insurance and Workers Comp Markets Anchor Investment Concern How can Workers Comp markets sustain any effect from China selling off US Treasuries?  Check my earlier articles on this very subject at this link. Take a look at this chart from the Feds on to see if this situation is true.

Workers Comp Insurance Crisis – #1 Cause Called Bubble By Bankers

Workers Comp Insurance Crisis Comes From Outside US – Or Does It? The Workers Comp Insurance Crisis of the 1990’s seems so far away now.  The most notable factor comes from outside the US.   I have written often that China’s banking crisis could cause quite large rumblings in most of

Workers Comp Markets May Be Heavily Affected By This

Workers Comp Markets May Depend On China’s Banking Situation (Really) The Workers Comp markets in the US have many ratios and market forces that show a soft market.  However, (not to be gloom and doom) one of the least discussed or analyzed market forces (as related to insurance) is China’s

Workers Comp Hard Markets and China Financial Crisis

New Workers Comp Hard Markets May Come From China The Workers Comp hard markets of old have almost a fairytale connotation.  Many insurance workers and press may have only seen soft markets.   Workers comp hard markets still exists today.   It is sectional or just hardening for certain markets.financial

Answers To Workers Compensation Questions – Outside US

Answers To Workers Compensation Questions The answers to workers compensation questions below are from this Cutcompcosts article from last week.   The theme is Workers Compensation Outside the US.   Follow the link to the original article for the questions.  Thanks.   The pic has nothing to do with WC.

Will China US Treasury Sell Off Affect Insurance and WC Markets?

China US Treasury Sell-Off Possible In 2020 The China US Treasury relationship cannot be ignored when covering any type of financial market.   This is not a gloom and doom prediction.  The China US Treasury holdings are easily tracked due to the US Treasury’s  foreign holders page.     One

China – Filing Work Comp Claim

Filing A Compensation Claim In China Has Some Similarities A Compensation claim of China filing workers. China has now overtaken us as the world’s largest economy.  China’s Workers Compensation system seems to be very complex.   The system on paper looks very straightforward.  There are five basic steps that are

China Banking Crisis May Have Effect On US Insurers

The China Banking Crisis and Insurance Markets The China banking crisis that is supposed to arrive on January 31st may have an effect on US insurers.   A few articles over the last three month warned of a possible money crunch in China.  An article appeared in some of the

Australian Woman Loses Workers Comp Case Sex Injury While Traveling

Australian Woman Loses Workers Comp Claim For Sex Injury An Australian woman loses sex-based Workers Comp case.  The Daily Telegraph reports that the woman who initially won her case for Workers Compensation benefits for a sexual activity injury has now been denied benefits by Australia’s highest court. A lamp fell

Australian Compo Paid To Woman Injured During Sex

Australian Compo Benefits For  Woman Injured During Sex Australian Compo is paid out on a very questionable claim.  An Australian woman is injured during sex at a hotel. Believe it or not, the judge ruled that this is the same as watching TV or taking a shower. I am not



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