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Workers Comp Claims Departments Rarely Sourced For Studies

Workers Comp Claims Departments Have Often Ignored Numbers and Opinions Why are Workers Comp claims departments so rarely asked for input into studies for financial data or opinions?   Many articles have been written over the years on studies concerning Workers Comp data that obviously did not ask any claims staff

Workers Comp Claims Adjusting ASAP – It’s Over in 48 Hours

Workers Comp Claims Adjusting – Do It Now on New Claims The Workers Comp claims adjusting for new claims is over in 48 hours.  I know – sounds like a bold statement.  The old paradigm used to be 24 hours.   I am giving the adjusters a break. Many of my

How To Ruin A Workers Comp Claim in Five Seconds, Claim Number?

Asking For Claim Numbers Can Wreck Any Workers Comp Relationship – J&L  Yesterday, I was trying to locate a claim for a long-term client.  I was following the subrogation status on a claim for them.   I was told that I had left out one number in a 22-character claim number. 

COVID Compensability Conundrum – Who’s Covering What?

COVID Compensability Conundrum – Coronavirus Causing Workers Comp Claims? Adjusters Will Deal With COVID Claims  The COVID Compensability Conundrum will arrive later this year when workers comp claims adjusters have to make difficult and complicated claim decisions.    Most states have a disease statute.  Not many states include personal sensitivity

Frontline Adjusters vs. C-Level Claims Mgmt – Great Rising Medical Survey

Frontline Adjusters Surveyed by Rising Medical Solutions – Free Copy of Results Rising Medical Solutions surveyed frontline adjusters,  and other personnel had their turn at the mic last year.   Rising invited any frontline claims  personnel to take their survey last year. I added in an article pleading with adjusters and

A Work Comp Claims Department and Chernobyl – One Major Similarity

Work Comp Claims Department and Chernobyl –  Manuals Will Not Fix  The Problem How does a Work Comp Claims Department and Chernobyl end up in the same passage? The article title originates from an extremely highly lauded book – Midnight in Chernobyl.   The author’s breadth and depth of what

When Is A Claim Compensable – Each State Has Its Own Inputs

Compensable Claims Are State Specific An injury that meets the statutory qualification standard in a Workers Comp policy. It is the term used when an injured employee is qualified to receive workers compensation benefits. The term compensable also applies to work related illnesses. Each state generates its own level of

Workers Comp Claims Processing Manual Needs ASAP Theme

ASAP-Workers Comp Claims Processing Manual The Workers Comp claims processing manual – ASAP must be built into it from the first sentence . We often have to examine a carrier or TPA’s claims adjusting manuals while performing our file performance audits for employers. One area that can help to control

Claim Auditing and Adjusting Tips – Claims Q&A With Claims Coach

Claims Q&A With Kevin Quinley – Claim Auditing Discoveries We were caught up in a huge Workers Comp consulting project and I have neglected the blog page. OK, so here is the next installment of Claims Q&A with Kevin Quinley on claim auditing discoveries. Claim Auditing Questions . . .



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