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Claim Reviews = ‘Tis Season For Wasting Time Fa La La La

Tis’ The Season For Claim Reviews Many articles have appeared in this blog on claim reviews. One of the best methods to keep abreast of your current Workers Compensation claims situation is by reviewing your claims with your insurance carrier. We have seen many times where reviews are scheduled for

Four Workers Comp Claim Review Strategies

Workers Comp Claim Review  – Four Methods I wrote four Workers Comp Claim review strategies many years ago.  This is an excerpt from the manual found here that I wrote many years ago. The info is basically timeless. Claims reviews are an integral part of a premium reduction program and

Workers Comp Policy Dictates Right To Review Claim Files

Workers Comp Policy Allows Claim File Audits The Workers Comp policy allows an employer to review files or perform claims audits. I have recently received a large number of questions on the employers wish to do a Workers Comp claims file review. The carrier or TPA was less than enthusiastic

Quantitative Claim Auditing

Term Of The Day – Quantitative Claim Auditing A quantitative claim auditing term of the day. The quantitative claim differs from Qualitative auditing. This is one of the parts of a premium audit that can reveal surprising inaccuracies. Comparing the loss runs to what the NCCI or State Rating Bureau has

File Reviews – Eliminate Possible Big December Time Waster

File Reviews – A Big December Time Waster To Avoid Most file reviews in December  are time wasters for all the involved parties. The largest number of Workers Comp policies will renew 1/1/11. Long ago, when I was an Workers Comp adjuster, I used to be guilty of causing employers

Workers Comp Audits – ‘Tis The Season

Upcoming Workers Comp Audits Most of the Workers Comp Audits are performed in February and March. Why? Most policies expire January 1 of each year. The insurance carriers will finish most of the premium audits for these expired policies by the end of March. We receive most of our inquiries and



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