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certificate of insurance

Certificates of Insurance With Wrong Info Can Ruin Your Business

Certificates of Insurance Are Critical Documents Certificates of insurance known in the Workers Compensation community as “certs” can wreck your business’s budget and possibly Mod (E-Mod or X-Mod) if not handled properly.   This is a follow-up article to yesterday’s Employee Misclassification conundrum. We receive calls and emails frequently from

Certificates of Insurance – Delaware Increases Fraud Enforcement

Certificates of Insurance – Delaware Toughens On Improper Use A big change in Certificates of Insurance  (Certs) – Delaware recently decided to increase the enforcement of their laws by amending their old laws on improper certificate use. Certs have long been a bane of premium auditors nationwide which has resulted

Safety and EMods – Highlights From My Presentation From Today

Presentation Highlights – Safety and EMods Are Very Related How Safety and EMods intermingle was the basis for most of the highlights from my presentation. The NC Mid State Safety Council was kind enough to ask me to do a presentation on how safety programs impact an employer’s bottom line from

Certificates of Insurance – Earn Workers Comp Savings of $500+ Per Hour

Earn Workers Comp Savings With Certificates of Insurance Workers Comp certificates of insurance can be a great method to earn Workers Comp savings. This was one of my old tag lines in my Workers Compensation presentation. It is easy to do and can save a company or governmental entity large amounts

Certificate of Insurance

Certificate of Insurance-Workers Comp Term A Certificate of Insurance is the document provided by the insurer with evidence that the employer has Workers Comp Insurance coverage for it’s employees. The Certificate of Insurance will show the policy term and limits. It will also provide the carriers name and the insured’s

Certificates of Insurance – Three Things To Remember

Certificates of Insurance For Workers Compensation Three things on Certificates of Insurance – This is a continuation of the last post. After reading the last post, you may be wondering if span of control over a worker determines if they are independent or not. I take the position that if a

Three Areas of Workers’ Compensation Concern In My Presentation

Workers Comp Concern  = Three Areas I have been out of action for about a week, as this is the end of our tax season. There were three areas that raised the most concern in my presentation at the North Carolina Mid State Safety Council. I will go over each



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