Rent-A-Captives For Workers Compensation

Rent-A-Captives Types Rent-A-Captives are becoming more popular in Workers Comp as a method of risk transfer. Rent-A-Captives used to be viewed as hybrid arrangements that were too complicated to be considered by most employers. That landscape has changed in the current economy. Individual Accounts Rent-a-captives can benefit individual corporate accounts

Captive Insurance Arrangements For Workers Compensation -Still Viable?

Captive Insurance Arrangements I have not posted on captive insurance arrangements for many months. The last time I posted was when the IRS surprised me by basically leaving captives in place. I had thought the IRS would not let captives keep their tax-free status overall. In this tough economy, companies

Workers Comp Captive Insurance Arrangements Question

Workers Comp Captive Insurance A question from one (and I love to hear from our blog readers) of our readers on Workers Comp Captive Insurance arrangements – We are a smaller employer with less than 100 employees. Our E-Mod/X-Mod sharply increased from .8 to 1.3 over the last two years. Would



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