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CICA Captive Conference

CICA Your Actuarial Report – Understanding/Getting Most Out of It

CICA Your Actuarial Report – Maximizing The Findings The CICA Your Actuarial Report covered much ground very quickly for captives.  The exact title of the presentation was How to Understand and Get the Most Out of Your Actuarial Report. The very adept presenters were Michael J. Bemi, CPCU, ARM, ARe –

Using Reinsurance to Make Captive Structure – CICA Conference

CICA Conference – Using Reinsurance to Make Strategic Decisions Presenters – David Sullivan (AON Benfield), Paul McKeon (TransRe) and Brian Alvers (AON Benfield) (Re)Insurance Market Overview The worldwide total supply of insurance services has grown to $4.2 trillion in 2014.   There has been a steady growth in supply since a sharp

CICA Captive Conference 2011 Interesting Alternative Insurance

CICA 2011 Conference – Tucson AZ was a learning experience I attended the CICA Conference this week in Tucson AZ. The conference provided a large amount of information that I will have to sift through and post some of the important info on this blog next week. One thing I



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