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SB 863

California Workers Comp System – What Happened To The Reform(s)?

California Workers Comp System Reforms Fizzled? The California Workers Comp System was supposed to reduce costs after SB 863 was enacted in  2013. SB 899 was the previous cost-saving measure that seemed to hold California’s Workers Comp costs which seemed to work for five to seven years. Check out this

California SB 863 Failure Result In 6.7% WCIRB Rate Increase?

California SB 863 California SB 863 was supposed to be a cost-cutting measure for all parties involved in their WC system.  Last week, the WCIRB  (Workers Comp Insurance Rating Bureau) recommended a 6.7% increase due to a number of factors for policies effective January 1, 2015.   According to the

Workers Compensation Action Network (WCAN) – Great California Chart

Workers Compensation Action Network Workers Compensation Action Network (WCAN) produced another great graphic on the Workers Comp situation in California.   Click here for the chart.   Why do I try to point out most of the happenings on WC in CA?   This is a WC system that is becoming

Workers Comp Action Network – California SB 863 – Great Infographic

Workers Comp Action Network Produces Great SB 863 Infographic The Workers Comp Action Network produces great summary charts for California work comp analysis.   They have once again made the complicated much simpler with their great work. WCAN  (Workers Comp Action Network) has created the best explanation of the implementation and

Statistical Madness – Another Shining Example From Internet

Statistical Madness – Eating While Driving More statistical madness was created with another shining example this month. Over time, a few Workers Comp statistics articles are published that basically have no basis in fact.  For example, many pundits said that California SB 863 was going to save employers large amount

California SB 863 Webinar – Thumbs Up To Presenters

Thumbs Up – California SB 863 Webinar According to sponsors, the SB 863 Webinar turnout was massive.  That is to be expected with such a confusing subject.  The reforms were extensive.  They presenters had to cover a large amount of info in 75 minutes. The three sponsoring organization were: ·         WCAN



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