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AB 5

California Workers Comp Contractor Vote – Prop 22 on Ballot

Uber or Lyft Driver – California Workers Comp Contractor vs Employee – Prop 22 One of the most heated online and in-person (before COVID-19) debates that I had witnessed in California – Is an Uber or Lyft driver a California Workers Comp Contractor or an employee? Some of the most

California Assembly Bills Try To Right The Wrongs of AB 5

Possible Corrections To AB 5 Introduced With Two New California Assembly Bills Two California Assembly Bills were introduced very quickly after the rumble caused by California AB 5 since the Bill became law on January 1, 2020.  California Assembly Bill 5 ratified the famous 2018 Dynamex court decision. Many people

California AB 5 Causes Workers Comp Conundrum For Gig Workers

New California AB 5 Legislation Causes Confusion for Gig Workers And Comp Carriers The New California AB 5 (Assembly Bill 5) has the gig worker economy up in arms.   Let us start with the Bill itself.  The Bill can be found here.  Reading it over may be a good idea.



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