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Assigned Risk Pool

Workers Comp Residual Market Forum – NCCI Covers Underserved Niche

NCCI Workers Comp Residual Market Forum – Quiet Market Segment Review Last week, I attended/watched the NCCI Workers Comp Residual Market Forum.  The Forum was usually provided to carriers only in the past.  I decided to not pass up the chance to see the numbers on a huge market that

Workers Comp Assigned Risk Pool – Wait Our Company Mod Is 80

Workers Comp Assigned Risk Pool For Safe Companies? This workers comp Assigned Risk Pool question is usually from an employer that is totally exasperated at the work comp system.  How does such a safe company end up in the workers comp assigned risk pool? The Assigned Risk Pool is unfortunately

Assigned Risk Plans – Blocked By Premium Bill Dispute

Assigned Risk Plans and Premium Bill Dispute Some assigned risk plans may become quite complicated as in the case of a reader that found themselves in a quandary. A Tennessee reader of our blog that found us in a Google search asked this question.   We are about to renew

Split Points – Largest Workers Comp Concern Presently

Largest Workers Comp Concern Today Seen As Split Points The Split Points became the Largest Workers Comp concern presently.   I am presenting at the North Carolina Mid State Safety Council conference tomorrow.  A few weeks ago I was contemplating what would be the largest concern for safety, human resource,

Assigned Risk Pool With a .85 E-Mod – How Can This Happen?

Assigned Risk Pool E-Mod With A Low E-Mod The Assigned Risk Pool looks like a failure even with a low E-Mod.  I recently received two calls on a very sore subject with certain groups of employers. One exact question was – How in the world can my company be placed

Assigned Risk Pools Generated Large Number of Questions

Questions About Assigned Risk Pools Last week, I posted a short note about the Assigned Risk Pools for Workers Compensation in West Virginia. I received quite a few questions about the Assigned Risk Pool from West Virginia and other states. It seems that quite a few additional employers are being

Assigned Risk Pool Can Be Avoided With Few Techniques

Assigned Risk Pool – Getting Out Of It Is Possible The Assigned Risk Pool makes an alternate decision very difficult. The easiest method to remove your company from the Voluntary Risk Market and place your Workers Comp coverage in the general marketplace is to reduce your Experience Modification Factor. Your

Assigned Risk Plan Definition – Also Called The Risk Pool

Assigned Risk Plan Explanation – Necessary And Expensive An Assigned Risk Plan is frequently  called the Pool. The Assigned Risk Plan is a mechanism established by individual states to make sure that employers can obtain WC insurance even if insurance companies are not willing to write such insurance on a voluntary

Assigned Risk Pool- Is it Too Costly For My Company?

The Assigned Risk Pool – Very Expensive Insurance My Company is in the Assigned Risk Pool.  Are we paying that much extra, and if we are, how do we get out of it ASAP? We currently have quite a few employer clients that have asked for us to help get

Workers Comp Class Codes – Quick Primer On Important Policy Term

Workers Comp Class Codes Quick Primer The Workers Comp Class Codes are also known as Class Codes, Work Comp Codes, Codes, etc. Today, let us start with the definition of the Class Codes. As I mentioned in my last post, the errors that we find have a common theme to



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