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Assigned Risk Plans

Assigned Risk Plans – Does My Company Need One?

Assigned Risk Plans Are Not Voluntary Should I have to join the Assigned Risk plans? The  Assigned Risk Plan (ARP) is not a voluntary choice. There are other names for the ARP such as risk pool. The rates in the ARP are much higher than the general voluntary marketplace. In fact,

Assigned Risk Adjustment Program (ARAP) – Does It Hurt Our Company?

Assigned Risk Adjustment Program – Term Of The Day The assigned risk adjustment program is an additional debit charge placed on Assigned Risk policies with experience modification factors higher than 1.00..   It is applicable to the NCCI jurisdiction states.  The notable exception is Massachusetts, where ARAP stands for All

Is My Company In An Assigned Risk Plan ?

Term Of The Day – Assigned Risk Plan The Assigned Risk Plan is sometimes called the Assigned Risk Pool . The plan is designed for employers who cannot procure coverage from an insurer in the voluntary market. Normally, the rates are higher for those who are forced to obtain coverage under

Is The ARAP Considered A Penalty For Unsafe Employers?

ARAP – Workers Comp Definition  ARAP charge appears on many policies. Over the past decade, various states have approved a new premium surcharge known as ARAP, Assigned Risk Adjustment Program. Massachusetts is an exception and here it stands for All Risk Adjustment Factor.  The charging structure is very similar. The

Assigned Risk Plan Definition – Also Called The Risk Pool

Assigned Risk Plan Explanation – Necessary And Expensive An Assigned Risk Plan is frequently  called the Pool. The Assigned Risk Plan is a mechanism established by individual states to make sure that employers can obtain WC insurance even if insurance companies are not willing to write such insurance on a voluntary



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