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Hawaii Heavy Rate Increase – It’s The Medical Severity Stupid

Hawaii Heavy Rate Increase Likely Due To Medical Severity + 1 A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on the 27+% rate disparity between the NCCI rated states.  I promised to review why the reason for the 2020 Hawaii heavy rate increase when most states were lowering their advisory

Loss Cost Decrease Does Not Directly Result in Premium Decrease

Loss Cost Decrease Question From Newsletter Reader A newsletter reader recently asked this question after reading that their state recommended a Workers Comp Loss Cost decrease recently. If our state has a Loss Cost decrease does that mean we will pay less premium?   My answer to their email inquiry was

California’s WCIRB – Rather Active Lately With Formula Changes

California’s WCIRB Changing X-Mod Formulas I am actually traveling on my way to a one-day WCIRB conference in Burbank/LA tomorrow. I noticed that the WCIRB had a two different press releases today.I wanted to publish this info as soon as possible as there are a few major changes to the

Workers Comp Advisory Rate Semi-rant – Look at Numbers

Advisory Rate Semi-rant – The Numbers I apologize for my advisory rate semi-rant.   A Workers Comp Advisory rate is just that – advisory rates.  Much attention is given to the publication of advisory rates.  They actually mean nothing whatsoever to what any company in that state will pay for Workers

Your Premium Bill And Advisory Loss Costs May Not Look The Same

Advisory Loss Costs And Premium Bill Confusion Our company was able to access the advisory loss costs figures for California. Why is the final premium bill so different than these rates? I received this question last week. The advisory loss costs are published for each state by your state’s rating

Advisory Loss Costs Do Not Appear On Your Workers Comp Policy

Advisory Loss Costs Are Published By Rating Bureaus Workers Compensation Advisory Loss Costs (ALC) are published at state-specific times during the year. ALC’s are not to be confused with the insurance companies’ premium rates per classification code. Most insureds will never see these rates as the insurance carriers file deviations

California Insurance Commissioner Surprises On Increase

California’s Insurance Commissioner Says Zero Increase California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner today recommend a 0% rate increase for advisory rates effective July 1, 2009. I was expecting the Commissioner to recommend a 7% – 10% rate increase. The reasons for the recommendation are not that surprising. The amount was the shocker.



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