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24 hour coverage

24 Hour Workers Comp and Health Insurance Policy – Rearview Mirror?

24 hour Workers Comp and Health Insurance Policy Fades Away In 2006, the buzzword (flavor) of the year pointed out that a 24 hour Workers Comp and Health Insurance policy answered the round-the-clock coverage concerns. The California Carpenters Union/Association initiated a carve-out program that looked attractive.  That concept quickly progressed

Colorado Workers Comp Single Payer Conundrum

Colorado Workers Comp Single Payer Plan Up For Vote This Fall The vote for Colorado Workers Comp single payer plan will occur this fall. One of the major components of a 24-hour single payer plan is that Workers Comp may no longer exist inside this type of health plan. Universal health

Top 10 Challenges for WC – Expanded Part 2

Top 10 Challenges for WC – The Next Five Top 10 Challenges –  part 2 of 2 6.    24 hour coverage – WC and health melding 7.    No young workers in WC, Risk Management, or Safety Industries 8.    Deflation of the dollar as a currency 9.    WC

Federal/State Health Exchanges Could Be Used For Workers Comp

Federal/State Health Exchanges Could Become Modified PPO Could Health Exchanges be used for Workers Comp markets?   The Death of Workers Comp is one of the most read posts on this blog.  I still receive a few emails  disagreeing with it in total.  The Federalization of Workers Comp was a term

Obama or Romney – Vote For Workers Compensation?

Workers Compensation Vote – Obama or Romney Workers Compensation – would a vote for Obama or Romney be a vote for our industry? Well, we are finally here.   I will miss the droning on off all the commercials.  I live a battleground state so they airwaves and internet were flooded

ObamaComp Prediction Now Lives In US Senate Combining Coverages

ObamaComp (r)  Prediction Combines Health, Workers Comp and Auto Insurance The ObamaComp  prediction now possibly becomes part of a larger combination of personal and industrial coverages.  I am not one to say that I told you so, but now there is now a live bill in the Senate that would



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