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WCAN WCIRB California Workers Compensation – 2017

WCAN WCIRB California Workers Comp Full Analysis (Great Charts) The WCAN WCIRB California Analysis of Workers Comp  consisted of many great charts.   The WCAN  (Workers Comp Action Network) provided a great link to a very thorough breakdown of everything you want to know about California Workers Compensation in 2017. The

WCIRB WCAN WCRI = Confusion on California WC Statistics

Confusion on California WC Statistics WCIRB WCAN WCRI  – Three trusted statistical providers that now have me confused on whether or not SB 863 actually had an effect on California’s Workers Comp system. Acronyms – WCIRB  – Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau – The Rating Bureau for California’s WC system

California Claims Adjustment Costs Are Massive – WCAN

California Claims Adjustment Costs Very Expensive The California claims adjustment costs are massive when compared to other states.  The Workers Compensation Action Network (WCAN) published the above chart last week. A similar study was published in an article on this blog last week which covered the newest WCIRB Study (rating bureau

Workers Compensation Action Network (WCAN) – Great California Chart

Workers Compensation Action Network Workers Compensation Action Network (WCAN) produced another great graphic on the Workers Comp situation in California.   Click here for the chart.   Why do I try to point out most of the happenings on WC in CA?   This is a WC system that is becoming

WCRI 2021 State of the States Presentation – The Past Rules

WCRI 2021 State of the States: Selective Findings The WCRI 2021 State of the States was extremely informative as it has been every year that I have attended the conference. Speakers: Bogdan Savych, Ph.D., Rebecca Yang, Ph.D. Dr. Savych compared much of what happened in the current pandemic with the

Work Comp Audit – Six Similarities To Home Closing

A Work Comp Audit vs. Closing On A Home A Work Comp audit may remind someone of their first or subsequent  home closings.    A list of the similarities follow: Both are stressful.   Steps that you can take prior to the audit are here.   Think organization from the start.

California AB 1643 Changes Apportionment For Worse

California AB 1643 Warning Memo From WCAN The new California AB 1643 House Bill has caused  quite a bit of controversy.  WCAN has produced a reminder to contact Governor Brown to veto the bill.   The bill summary is below. Apportionment is basically assigning a permanent disability rating to only the

California CWCI Independent Medical Reviews – Other Statistics

California CWCI Publishes Quarterly Report on IMR Statistics – The Other Numbers The California CWCI (California Workers Compensation Institute) recently published a spotlight report on the state’s Independent Medical Review (IMR) process.   The IMR process was initiated due to Senate Bill 863. If a UR (utilization review) physician provides an

California Workers Comp System – What Happened To The Reform(s)?

California Workers Comp System Reforms Fizzled? The California Workers Comp System was supposed to reduce costs after SB 863 was enacted in  2013. SB 899 was the previous cost-saving measure that seemed to hold California’s Workers Comp costs which seemed to work for five to seven years. Check out this

California’s Workers Compensation Difficulties – Great Primer

California’s Workers Compensation Difficulties California’s Workers Compensation difficulties may have subsided for a few years.  However, it seems that it was only a temporary situation. Workers Compensation Action Network (WCAN) recently responded to ProPublica’s and NPR’s analysis of Workers Comp in California.   A recent responsive article was also published

California SB 863 Failure Result In 6.7% WCIRB Rate Increase?

California SB 863 California SB 863 was supposed to be a cost-cutting measure for all parties involved in their WC system.  Last week, the WCIRB  (Workers Comp Insurance Rating Bureau) recommended a 6.7% increase due to a number of factors for policies effective January 1, 2015.   According to the

Claim Costs Effect on WC Insurance Rates – Great Graph

Claim Costs Effect on Rates Direct and Delayed The claim costs effect has a direct but delayed relationship on insurance rates. California’s Workers Comp Action Network (WCAN) has produced a few great infographics over the last few weeks.  The infographic shows how claim costs affect insurance rates.   As posted

Workers Comp Action Network – California SB 863 – Great Infographic

Workers Comp Action Network Produces Great SB 863 Infographic The Workers Comp Action Network produces great summary charts for California work comp analysis.   They have once again made the complicated much simpler with their great work. WCAN  (Workers Comp Action Network) has created the best explanation of the implementation and

California’s WC Reform(?) Produces Startling Numbers

California’s WC Reform Not Yet A Cost Saver A few startling numbers from California’s WC Reform are listed below.  One wonders if the reform is working or if not enough time has elapsed to the differences.   Workers Compensation Action Network (WCAN) recently published a press release and email on

California SB 863 Webinar – Thumbs Up To Presenters

Thumbs Up – California SB 863 Webinar According to sponsors, the SB 863 Webinar turnout was massive.  That is to be expected with such a confusing subject.  The reforms were extensive.  They presenters had to cover a large amount of info in 75 minutes. The three sponsoring organization were: ·         WCAN

Workers Comp End Of Year Renewal Mistake

Workers Comp End Of  The Year Renewal Not A Good Idea The Workers Comp end of the year renewal can be viewed as a mistake.  Most Workers Comp insurance policies renew on January 1st. If your company’s policy renews on January 1st, you are likely committing one of the cardinal

LinkedIn Workers Comp Group Has 10,000 Members

LinkedIn Workers Comp Group This is the largest LinkedIn Workers Comp Group to date.  Please see the press release for the Workers Compensation based group on LinkedIn. This is one of the discussion groups that I mainly participate in overall. Work Comp Analysis Group Reaches 10,000-member Milestone St. Louis (July

E-Mod (Ex-Mod) Review – Leave This Part Alone For Best Results

E-Mod (Ex-Mod) Review Of Outstanding Reserves An E-Mod (Ex-Mod) review is something to leave to the experts.   Usually, approximately one third of the Total Incurred value should be Outstanding Reserves. That is a very, very rough approximation. I received a few question on this figure.This is an overall estimation

California’s WCIRB Recommends 30% Rate Increase

California’s WCIRB Says 30% Increase Appropriate California’s WCIRB has recommended a 30% increase in Workers Comp pure premium rates. I was interviewed by The Insurance Journal on my opinion of the heavy increase and the possible effects. My response was that the 30% increase could have easily been 50%. Why?

California Insurance Commissioner Surprises On Increase

California’s Insurance Commissioner Says Zero Increase California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner today recommend a 0% rate increase for advisory rates effective July 1, 2009. I was expecting the Commissioner to recommend a 7% – 10% rate increase. The reasons for the recommendation are not that surprising. The amount was the shocker.



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