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2021 Self Insured Workers Comp Resolutions – The COVID Effect

2021 Self Insured Workers Comp Resolutions COVID Caused A Few Changes Most New Year’s Resolutions come from altering the resolutions from last year.   The 2021 Self Insured Workers Comp resolutions will be no different.   Keeping the resolutions from last year and adding a few changes for COVID should suffice for

2021 Workers Comp Resolutions – Few COVID-19 Changes

2021 Workers Comp Resolutions – Huge Change From 2020? The 2021 Workers Comp resolutions began with waiting until all the election cycles had been completed from 2020.  I usually crank out the resolutions in December of the prior year.  With so much occurring in forgettable 2020, these resolutions were the

2020 Self Insured Workers’ Comp Resolutions – Staying the Course

2020 Self Insured Workers Comp Resolutions – Not Changing Success  The 2020 Self Insured Workers Comp Resolution centers around sustaining success in your program and fixing a few issues that may be costing you dearly.   Some of these resolutions come from the old resolutions.  Search self-insured resolutions for suggestions from

2020 Workers Comp Resolutions – Make Your List Now And Check It Twice

2020 Workers Comp Resolutions – Starting With A Clean Slate  Your 2020 Workers Comp resolutions begin with the obvious – start the list now in late 2019.   I usually build off the previous years’ lists.  Next week, I will publish a list for self-insureds.  This year let us start with

2019 Self Insured Resolutions – Looking Back To 2018 2017 2016

2019 Self Insured Resolutions Come From Prior Years The 2019 Self Insured Resolutions analysis follows the same path as the voluntary market 2019 resolutions published last week.    Follow these links back to look those over for your 2019 resolutions:   2016 Self Insured Resolutions 2017 Self Insured Resolutions  2018 Self

2019 Workers Comp Resolutions – Looking Back at 2018

2019 Workers Comp Resolutions – Did You Keep Yours From 2018?  Your 2019 Workers Comp Resolutions likely consist of redoing your 2018 resolutions.   Yes, it is that time of year to examine your old resolutions and add on a few more.   A resolutions article has appeared in the articles

2018 Workers Comp Resolutions – Look Back At 2017 Resolutions

2018 Workers Comp Resolutions Are 2017 Refinements My 2018 Workers Comp Resolutions must start with, of course, the 2017 Resolutions.  BTW, Self Insureds will be on the dais next week.   So, let us get to it.   The thirteen 2017 resolutions were: (sorry if you have triskaidekaphobia).  Understanding the mechanics of

Top 10 Self Insured Resolutions For New Year 2017

Top 10 Self Insured Resolutions – 2017 and Beyond The self insured resolutions for 2017 is an update of the last three years.   I used to write resolutions for the voluntary marketplace only until a friend of mine asked about self insured resolutions.   Many of the recommendations center

Top Ten Work Comp New Years Resolutions 2017 Version with Bonus

Top Ten Work Comp New Years Resolutions 2017 The Top Ten Work Comp New Years Resolutions 2017 started a few years ago .   I have updated them each year.   You can find those resolutions here using this search inside the J&L Risk Management articles.     There are

Workers Comp Self Insured Resolutions for 2016

Workers Comp Self Insured Resolutions The Workers Comp self insured resolutions were originally written in 2013.   Yesterday, the overall resolutions for WC were updated for 2016.    You may want to follow the link to the old article for reference.  I am often reminded by our self insured clients

Workers Comp Resolutions – Updated For 2016 and Beyond

Workers Comp Resolutions – 2016 Version My recommended workers comp resolutions for 2013 were updated in 2014.  For some reason,  I did not update any workers comp resolutions in 2015. The updated resolutions from the 2014 article were:  Having online claims access is the best and up-to-date way to track

Workers Comp Self Insured Resolutions Five From 2013 updated for 2014

Workers Comp Self Insured Resolutions – Updated for 2014  Five 2013 Workers Comp self insured resolutions have been updated for 2014. When talking about Workers Comp premiums, self insureds are often left out in the cold.  Self insureds do not pay premiums for Workers Comp.   This actually exposes the self

Workers Comp Resolutions Six 2013 Updated For 2014

Workers Comp Resolutions Updated for 2014 Most Workers Comp Resolutions can change each year as do personal resolutions for the New Year.  Workers Compensation’s basic underpinnings really do not change that much each year.   Below are the 2013 Workers Comp Premium Saving resolutions with a few updates for 2014.

Seven Premium Audit Resolutions For Smooth Premium Audit

Seven Premium Audit Resolutions The seven premium audit resolutions to reduce stress are below. As the premium audit season rolls around every year, I usually post quite a few articles on the subject.   The reason that this time of the year is called premium audit season is that most

Workers Comp Self Insureds – Five New Years Resolutions

Workers Comp Self Insureds – Great Way To Start The Work Comp New Year Five new years resolutions for Workers Comp Self Insureds are listed below.  .When talking about Workers Comp premiums, self insureds are often left out in the cold.  Self insureds do not pay premiums for Workers Comp.

Six Workers Comp Premium Saving Resolutions

 Workers Comp Premium Saving Resolutions Workers Comp Premium saving resolutions are always a great way to start the New Year.  There are six easy workers comp premium saving resolutions below.  These will work for companies of all sizes.  Six Workers Comp Resolutions for Self Insureds will be covered next time.  

Top 10 Workers Comp Premium Reduction Resolutions – Cut Comp Costs

Top 10 WC Premium Reduction Resolutions The New Year is up on us. The following is a list of New Year Resolutions for Workers Compensation premium reduction strategies. This list was generated from over 16 years of data that I compiled from clients and the general Workers Compensation marketplace. 1. My

New Years Resolutions For 2009 Workers Comp And Beyond

Workers Comp New Years Resolutions – Kicking The New Year Off Right  Your New Years Resolutions for Workers Comp are listed below.  Now that the New Year is upon us, I was trying to think of the resolutions that employers might have to save on their Workers Comp premiums. As an

Workers Comp Delayed Medical Treatment Increases Opioid Prescriptions

If you are looking for the Supreme Court Case Article – Click here. Increased Opioids From Workers Comp Delayed Medical Treatment – WCRI  A recent WCRI (Workers Comp Research Institute) webinar showed that workers comp delayed medical treatment results in a higher level and longer treatment with opioids.   The chart

Workers Comp Claims Adjusting ASAP – It’s Over in 48 Hours

Workers Comp Claims Adjusting – Do It Now on New Claims The Workers Comp claims adjusting for new claims is over in 48 hours.  I know – sounds like a bold statement.  The old paradigm used to be 24 hours.   I am giving the adjusters a break.    Many of

Workers Comp COVID-19 Vaccination Claims – Adjusters Confused

Workers Comp COVID-19 Vaccination Claims – Who’s on First? Today, I decided to check on how Workers Comp COVID-19 vaccination claims are being handled by claims adjusters. Most of the adjusters had some sort of handle on how to investigate and adjust claims that involved COIVI-19. The states have now

Workers Comp Adjuster Goals Conflict With Management Expectations?

Advocacy Model vs. Workers Comp Adjuster Goals – A Point Missed?  Did I miss The Point  – Maybe?  I recently attended a webinar provided by the National Workers Comp and Disability Conference where some of the Workers Adjuster goals were compared to the expectations of claims management.   Two of my

Premium Audit Payroll Figures More Critical Due To COVID-19

Premium Audit Payroll Numbers Now More Important Than Ever Why is the Workers Comp Premium Audit payroll accuracy more important in 2020?  Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic may reach into your premiums more than you or your company may have anticipated.  Let us look at the basic components of your Experience

Workers Comp Premium Refunds Due To COVID Crisis

Carriers Providing Workers Comp Premium Refunds Due To Coronavirus Shutdowns? One of the most common questions we received since March from employers – Are carriers providing Workers Comp premium refunds due to the COVID crisis?  Is there a formula to know how much we are receiving?  Are states mandating carriers

Workers Comp Medical Network Penetration Increases Utilization Costs

Workers Comp Medical Network Penetration Means Higher Use – NCCI Study  A recent NCCI Study indicates that a higher Workers Comp medical network penetration rate results in a higher rate of utilization.   Check out the study here on their website.   The study reads as a little complicated, but bear with

WCRI Prior Recession Report – The COVID-19 Economic Recovery

WCRI Prior Recession Report Shadows The COVID Economic Situation WCRI Prior Recession Report and COVID comparison  Dr. Savych has published many reports on the post-return-to-work attitudes of injured employees.  I received this email today from WCRI.  The report may be worth a look.   WCRI also offers a free medical pricing

Missouri Workers Comp Medical Treatment Very Expensive – NCCI Study

Missouri Workers Comp Medical Treatment 304% More Expensive Than Health Insurance I forgot to finish this article on Missouri Workers Comp medical treatment that I started at the WCRI Annual Conference two weeks ago.   The comparison is still worth examining for medical costs.    NCCI (National Council on Compensation) Insurance

24 Hour Workers Comp and Health Insurance Policy – Rearview Mirror?

24 hour Workers Comp and Health Insurance Policy Fades Away In 2006, the buzzword (flavor) of the year pointed out that a 24 hour Workers Comp and Health Insurance policy answered the round-the-clock coverage concerns.   The California Carpenters Union/Association initiated a carve-out program that looked attractive.  That concept quickly

US Treasury Sell Off By China and Japan – Effect on Work Comp Markets

Insurance and Workers Comp Markets Anchor Investment Concern How can Workers Comp markets sustain any effect from China selling off US Treasuries?  Check my earlier articles on this very subject at this link.  Take a look at this chart from the Feds on to see if this situation is true. 

Workers Compensation Reserves Reduction Alternative Mini Guide

Workers Compensation Reserves – Lowering Them Can Be Difficult  The Workers Compensation reserves on a file naturally generate controversy.    Why is there so much discussion on them?   How can you have a great conversation with your claims adjusters?    A workers compensation claims adjuster’s daily activities include 12 more

Asia Workers Compensation Error Correction On Old Post

Philippines and Thailand Do Have Policies in Place – My Workers Compensation Error A Workers Compensation error was made by me on one of my old posts.  I had to correct the error once I realized that many Asia countries had Workers Compensation coverage.    Even the countries that are

WCRI 2018 Conference Boston MA – Blogging It Live

It is now time for the WCRI 2018 Conference live blogging. Please excuse any typos.   I am doing this live while the conference is proceeding.  If you want to check out any of the blogging live conferences I have done check here. Thursday WCRI 2018 Conference Schedule  Dr. Erica Goshen

North Carolina Supreme Court Decision 4 Work Comp Claims All States

North Carolina Supreme Court Ruling On Medical Treatment Denial After Initial Acceptance The North Carolina Supreme Court has ruled on denying a medical condition after the claim was accepted.   The link to the decision can be found at the end of this article.  The file is in PDF format.

WCRI 2017 Conference – Blogging Live – Morning Sessions

WCRI 2017 Conference – Complete First Day Live Blog Morning Sessions of WCRI 2017 Conference  –   Please excuse any typos, etc.   This is a live conference blogging.   It will be updated every 10 minutes.  Dr. John Ruser – CEO  Launching new website next week.   New Logo 

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Contains Workers Comp Provision

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Page 4343 How is Workers Comp Affected? The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)  is now the new buzzword in the political arenas.   The controversial agreement was just released yesterday. How many times does it appear in the TPP?  Will it affect WC? Actually the TPP only mentions

Reforms – WCRI Conference Texas, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Florida

Reforms – WCRI Conference Reforms – WCRI – States – Texas, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Florida presented on the effects of reforms that were enacted in each respective state. Texas- 270 insurance companies 2.2 billion in direct written premiums Texas had pre-reform- High medical costs- over-utilization Poor Return to Work outcomes

Workers Comp Audit – Five Great General Questions From Readers

Workers Comp Audit Question Blog Readers Ask Workers Comp audit questions are emailed or called in to us quite often.  I was unable to cover all the questions over the last few months.   A few of the questions are listed below with answers.   There are links to other

California SB 863 Failure Result In 6.7% WCIRB Rate Increase?

California SB 863 California SB 863 was supposed to be a cost-cutting measure for all parties involved in their WC system.  Last week, the WCIRB  (Workers Comp Insurance Rating Bureau) recommended a 6.7% increase due to a number of factors for policies effective January 1, 2015.   According to the

Cutting Workers Comp Costs Adds 6th Key – Adoption By Management

Cutting Workers Comp Costs Has New Key Added For Clarity The subject of cutting workers comp costs added an obvious 6th addition to the list.  In 1989, I originally wrote and presented on what I thought were the Three Keys to Workers Compensation Savings.   I wrote the three from

E-Mods X-Mods Government Cracks Down on Higher Risk Companies

E-Mods X-Mods of 1.0 Needed To Bid On Government Contracts E-Mods X-Mods risk concerns have caused many governmental units to now require a Mod at a certain level as a minimum requirement to do business with them.   One of the main calls and emails that we have received over

Workers Comp Policy Bill Finalized With Premium Audit

Final Workers Comp Policy Bill Comes From The Premium Audit The final Workers Comp Policy bill  results directly from premium audit.  I received a question late last night on the last article I wrote on Deposit Premium.   The question – (paraphrased) was: We paid a very large deposit premium

Deposit Premium Has Very Little To Do With Final Bill

Workers Compensation Deposit Premium <> Final Policy Bill We are starting to notice a trend between your company’s initial deposit premium and the final premium audit bill.   The deposit premium is just that – a deposit to bind coverage.   We hear from many company owners and risk managers

Six Secrets

THE SIX SECRETS TO SAVING WC PREMIUM $ J&L Risk Management Consultants  now has  Six Secrets to saving on Workers Comp premiums.  Two additional terms have been added to the list over the years.  The original four were the bedrock of J&L’s in-depth analysis on how employers can save work


These definitions are designed for use when dealing with any WC insurance personnel, especially when renewing your WC policies.  A – B – C – D – E – F – G – H – I – J – K – L – M – N – O – P – Q – R  – S – T –

Employee Had Accident In State With No Coverage

Conundrum – Accident In State With No Coverage An employee has an Accident In State with no coverage under the workers comp policy (uh-oh).  Yesterday, we had a case of an employer in a non-coverage conundrum due to an employee being injured out-of-state. Would the AZ Workers Comp carrier pay

California’s WCIRB Has New Policy Ombudsman in Place

New Policy Ombudsman – Addie Wong The new policy ombudsman for CA’s WCIRB is Addie Wong.   She was recently named the new ombudsman for the California Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Board (WCIRB). I thought I would add in her introduction letter and the functions of the Ombudsman position. Introduction

North Carolina Workers Compensation Medical Fee Disputes

WC Medical Fee Disputes The procedure for Workers Comp medical provider fee disputes has changed.  You can find the link here or the new rules are published below.   You will need a PDF reader to view the document.  You can also print this blog post.  I tried to make the

Premiums After Auto and Workers Comp Accident

Auto and Workers Comp Accident Premium Comparison A reader recently asked – Does a Workers Comp accident and an auto accident affect the policyholders’ premiums in the same manner? The answer is yes and no. Let us look at some of the similarities and differences. Workers Compensation and auto accidents

WCMSA – So This Is Not Federalization of Workers Comp ?

WCMSA  = Federalization of Workers Comp? The CMS WCMSA requirements could be the first steps in federalization of Workers Comp.  The last paragraph should be of concern to any carrier, employer or TPA. CMS can change the rules as they see fit as I read it. What happens if they

Workers Compensation Safety Programs – Are They Really Worth It?

Workers Compensation Safety Programs – Best Way To Save $$$ Workers Compensation safety programs are always worth the expended funds.   One of the areas that employers seem to sharply decrease their budgets during economic downturns is safety. As Treasurer of the NC Mid State Safety Council, I can attest

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) – Doctor Says

Term Of The Day – Maximum Medical Improvement In most cases, Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) is assigned by a treating physician when an injured employee’s condition has stabilized to the point that no major change is expected in his medical condition, despite continuing medical treatment. After MMI is assigned, the payment

Carve Out Programs Look To Reduce Disputes and Costs

Term Of The Day – Carve Out Workers Comp Carve Out tis a hybrid benefit package that applies to just the Workers Comp Policy. An option allowed in some states, including California, where an employer and the union for the employer’s workers agree to collectively bargain a separate schedule of

Aggregate Excess Insurance

Term Of The Day – Aggregate Excess Insurance This type of insurance is critical for Workers Comp self insureds. Even if a self insured has no large claims, a substantial number of claims can be devastating to their insurance budget. Aggregate Excess Insurance places a limit on the amount an employer

Workers Comp Self Insureds LDF Is Experience Mod

Workers Comp Self Insureds Have an LDF The LDF (Los Development Factor) equates to the E-Mod for self insureds.  I have posted a few times in the past on Self Insureds thinking they are out of the Workers Comp E-Mod system. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. I

Does A Hazard Increase Work Comp Premiums?

Hazards Increase Work Comp Premiums  Most hazards cause workers comp premiums to increase eventually.  Any condition that increases the chance that there will be a loss. Hazard exist in every workplace. Examples could be improper storage of office supplies which contain chemicals, or a slippery floor in a kitchen. Recognizing

Federalization Of Workers Comp Takes Another Step

Workers Comp Takes Another Step Toward Federalization  All Workers Comp takes another step towards being a federalized. Check out the Want Ad  for  the Federal Insurance Office Director Job.  According to the NY Times, a new job was posted that indicates the seriousness of establishing the Federal Insurance Office. The

I Am Going To Agree With Insurance Companies On This Matter

I Am Going To Agree With Insurance Companies Rarely do I completely agree with casualty insurance companies on a broad subject. This is one time that I have to make an exception. I do agree that insurance carriers do not pose a systemic risk to the US financial systems. Systemic

Premium Audits – 10 Things To NOT Do During Them

10 Things To NOT Do Concerning Premium Audits With premium audits, there are 10 things we recommended not doing at all.   As most Workers Compensation policies renew on January 1st of each year, I thought I would post on what NOT to do from the time that the premium

WCMSA – Workers Compensation Claims Premiums Federalized 1980

WCMSA – How Workers Compensation Became Federalized  The WCMSA rules by The Center For Medicare/Medicaid services (CMS  have been in place for years.  I received a large number of questions on the subject of Workers Comp Medical Set Asides (MSA’s). The previous article on MSA’s was the most popular article

Your E-Mod Is Not Only Important Number in Workers Compensation

E-Mod And X-Mod System I have posted very often about how your company’s E-Mod /X-Mod can make or break your Workers Compensation insurance budget. One of the most popular questions we receive is “Our E-Mod is low and we have had no accidents. How can our premium have increased so

Self Insureds And Workers Comp System – Misconceptions

Workers Comp Self Insureds Common Misconceptions I have heard from many self insureds that I do not post often enough about the trials and tribulations of handling a Workers Comp Self Insured Program. They are/were correct. I am going to post a few blogs on self insurance over the next few

Top 10 Workers Comp Questions Received From Employers Agents

Top 10 Workers Comp Questions We Are Asked Most Often The top 10 workers comp questions received by us since we opened for business in 1996 cover many topics.    1. I just had a payroll audit on my Workers Comp. My insurance carrier sent me a huge bill. Do

Your E-Mod Is 10 Times More Difficult to Correct Than Your Credit Score

Correction To Your E-Mod Can Be Difficult and Delayed Your E-Mod can be corrected.  The deck is stacked against you when you want to correct your company’s Workers Compensation Experience Mod. The reasons: You can correct what has happened with your credit experience far into the past. You cannot, and



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