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WCIRB Delayed Medical Treatment Study Backs Up Six Keys Study

WCIRB Delayed Medical Treatment Study Proves What We Knew All Along The WCIRB Delayed Medical Treatment Study can be found here.  The WCIRB (California Workers Comp Rating Bureau) recently published a study on delayed medical treatment due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. I was hoping the study replicated or at

Six Keys To Saving On Workers Comp – Let’s Cover Easiest One

The Six Keys To Saving On Workers Comp – Easiest One To Accomplish Today The Six Keys To Saving On Workers Comp started as the Four Keys.   Still – to this day, almost 30 years after I wrote the First Four – ASAP First Reports is the easiest Key

WCRI Proves One of My Five Keys To Workers Comp Savings

Workers Comp Savings – WCRI Proves 4th Key I wrote the Five Keys to Workers Comp Savings many years ago.  When a great research company agrees with a long-held point, that is always a great sign.   The Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) recently published another great study.   The study

Hiring an Insurance Consultant Or Any Advisor – 23 Keys

23 keys – Hiring an Insurance Consultant The 23 keys for Hiring an Insurance Consultant are great common sense tools. . I had written a similar article here on hiring insurance consultants. The consultants I am referring to are non-agent consultants. This excludes any type of consultant that may be selling

Workers’ Comp Costs – Six Keys To Saving Premiums

Reduce Your Workers’ Comp Costs – Six Keys (updated) Update – Six Keys To Saving on Workers’ Comp Costs. The mainstay of all my presentations is the (used to be three) “Five Six Keys to Saving on Workers’ Comp Costs.” This is a time-tested list that will reduce Workers’ Comp costs

NCCI Return To Work Analysis – Carriers Perspective on Cost Reductions

New NCCI Return To Work Analysis – Asking The Insurers Their Thoughts NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance) recently published a whitepaper as part of their Insights publications.  The NCCI Return to Work Insight covered six pages.  You can read or download a copy here. NCCI Return to Work Analysis

2022 Workers Comp Self-Insured Resolutions – A Few Changes

2022 Workers Comp Self-Insured Resolutions – Post-Pandemic(?) The 2022 Workers Comp self-insured resolutions should be looked at as a bridge from the pandemic to the post-pandemic era. Over the last 13+ years including 2021, I have written articles on workers comp resolutions.  Our self-insured clients and article/newsletter readers always remind

2022 Workers Comp Resolutions – Major Updates to 2021 + COVID

2022 Workers Comp Resolutions – A Few Major Changes The 2022 Workers Comp resolutions have changed from the 2021 resolutions.  I have written resolutions for almost 15 years.  As with the whole Workers Comp industry, the resolutions have changed a little, but not substantially. Keeping to the below resolutions will

PARIMA 2021 Conference October 25 – 29th All Session Notes

PARIMA 2021 Conference October 25th – 29th, 2021 – International Risk Management How about international risk management?  Yes, there is an organization for that.  The PARIMA 2021 Conference was virtual.  As the conference was on a 12-hour time difference, my back office web contractor volunteered to take notes.   She did

Light Duty Return to Work Issues – NWCDC 2021 – Breakout Session

Good Basic Session on Light Duty Return to Work Issues and Challenges I attended and took notes on this NWCDC breakout session concerning light duty return to work.   This was a good basic session from two national employers.  One of the challenges, as we all know, is each state is

Workers Comp Accident – Happened Right In Front Of Me

Workers Comp Accident – Slip and Fall In Restaurant Over the July 4th weekend, I decided to visit a local restaurant that survived the pandemic.  Who knew that a workers comp accident would happen right in front of me? Please note the accident did not happen at the restaurant in

J&L Risk Management Consultants – Your Workers Comp Problems Solved

Ready to cut your Worker’s Compensation costs? Discover and Correct Workers Compensation Premium Audit Errors and Mistakes. Contact Us Whether you call it Workman’s Compensation, Workmen’s Compensation, Workers’ Compensation, Work Comp, or Workers Comp, it is still the same, silent budget killer. Workers’ Compensation is one of the most complex

Claims Review

We recommend claims reviews every month using the loss runs.  Online access enhances any review.  The employer can review their claims without a formal claims meeting.   Online access allows an insured employer to review their claims whenever they wish to assess their claims.   One caveat from performing a

Workers Comp Delayed Medical Treatment Increases Opioid Prescriptions

Increased Opioids From Workers Comp Delayed Medical Treatment – WCRI  A recent WCRI (Workers Comp Research Institute) webinar showed that workers comp delayed medical treatment results in a higher level and longer treatment with opioids.   The chart below from the presentation says it all.  I will explain what the chart

California AB 1465 CAMPN State Sponsored Medical Networks Debate

CAMPN – California AB 1465 Alters Workers’ Comp Medical Treatment Networks The term CAMPN – California AB 1465 is an Assembly Bill that proposes to increase the injured workers’ access to medical treatment.   The California Workers’ Compensation Institute (CWCI) published a study this month that possibly surprised quite a few

Workers Comp Claims Adjusting ASAP – It’s Over in 48 Hours

Workers Comp Claims Adjusting – Do It Now on New Claims The Workers Comp claims adjusting for new claims is over in 48 hours.  I know – sounds like a bold statement.  The old paradigm used to be 24 hours.   I am giving the adjusters a break. Many of my

2021 Self Insured Workers Comp Resolutions – The COVID Effect

2021 Self Insured Workers Comp Resolutions COVID Caused A Few Changes Most New Year’s Resolutions come from altering the resolutions from last year.   The 2021 Self Insured Workers Comp resolutions will be no different.   Keeping the resolutions from last year and adding a few changes for COVID should suffice for

Reopened Workers Comp Claims – Watch The Reserves

Reopened Workers Comp Claims – Big Problem When does a reopened Workers Comp claim cost more budget for insured and self-insured employers? I reviewed a file this morning that had one of the classics that cause agents, risk managers. underwriters, rating bureaus, and most importantly insureds to become very irritated

Workers Comp Medical Treatment Networks – What Studies Are Missing

Workers Comp Medical Treatment Networks – Claims Adjuster’s Different Paradigms After reading a few studies on workers comp medical treatment networks, one glaring aspect becomes apparent very quickly.  As I often have commented on claims studies – “Did they interview any adjusters for input?”  The answer remains “no” on most

Workers Comp Risk Management Is Like Bag of Apples

A Bag of Apples Shows How Workers Comp Risk Management Works Yesterday,  I included a short article with a video from Washington L&I.  The response was very positive on keeping Workers Comp Risk Management toned down to more simplistic terms. The customer is always right. Workers Comp Cost Questions One

Physical Therapy Study – Great Workers Comp Loss Control

Physical Therapy Study – Early Use Means Lower Costs – WCRI A recent physical therapy study proves what we have been saying for over 30+ years. Two of the most-read read articles on this website consist of articles on therapy in general.   I did not think about why they were

Automated Workers Comp Medical Only Claims Not A Solution Yet

Automated Workers Comp Medical Only Claims vs. Human Intervention Two different presenters this month spoke on automated workers comp medical only claims.  In fairness to the presenters, I will not mention their names or companies.   Their presentations were better than most that I have seen on this subject. The ideas

Workers Comp Claim Denial Means No Medical Control?

Court of Appeals Confirms Workers Comp Claim Denial Medical Control Loss Does a Workers Comp claim denial result in the claims staff losing medical control?  A long-standing debate among workers comp claims adjusters still occurs today. One outlook says the adjuster retains medical control on the file.  The denial may

Coronavirus Return To Work – Top 10 Issues For Workers Comp

Pending Post Coronavirus Return To Work Issues – Top 10 Preparations Coronavirus return to work issues will become the buzzword phrase in Workers Comp over the next few months (rightfully so).   Any references to a return to work mean all employees except for #9 below. This complete list may not

Missouri Workers Comp Medical Treatment Very Expensive – NCCI Study

Missouri Workers Comp Medical Treatment 304% More Expensive Than Health Insurance I forgot to finish this article on Missouri Workers Comp medical treatment that I started at the WCRI Annual Conference two weeks ago.   The comparison is still worth examining for medical costs. NCCI (National Council on Compensation) Insurance headquartered

IRS Subcontractor Employee Determination Covers Three Main Points

IRS Subcontractor Employee Determination Starts With Three Common Law Decisions The IRS Subcontractor Employee determination pages were updated recently.  As promised, I wanted to provide any updates.   The updates on these webpages were more structural than substantive. Please remember the common law rules constitute a starting point on determining whether

2020 Self Insured Workers’ Comp Resolutions – Staying the Course

2020 Self Insured Workers Comp Resolutions – Not Changing Success The 2020 Self Insured Workers Comp Resolution centers around sustaining success in your program and fixing a few issues that may be costing you dearly.   Some of these resolutions come from the old resolutions. Search self-insured resolutions for suggestions from

Workers Compensation Medical Networks – Are You A Drive-by User?

Workers’ Compensation Medical Netwks – Discounts Not Being Useord By Employers Workers’ Compensation medical network usage tends to be the drive-by type.   What do I mean by drive-by? PPO/MPN/Cost-Savings Network Most employers have an agreement with their carrier or Third Party Administrator (TPA) if your company is self-insured.    Drive-by

Workers’ Comp Program Fixes Come In Three Distinct Stages

Workers’ Comp Program Fixes – Three Areas To Consider Most Workers’ Comp program fixes originate in three areas.   Let’s cover those three in this article. Safety and Risk Management means not having to worry about the next two in this list The exact moment the accident occurs at your company

Workers’ Comp Recession Advice Even As Current Data Says Otherwise

Workers’ Comp Recession Advice – Just In Case Any Workers’ Comp recession advice may give the impression that one is just over the horizon.   The drone attacks on Saudi Arabian oil supplies generated a large amount of press over the last few days.  Oil price spikes usually do not cause,

Return To Work Risk Management Failure – No Job Bank

Involving the Physician in Return To Work Risk Management A huge risk return to work risk management failure begins when the physician evaluates the injured employee for a light or full duty release.   One of my Six Keys to Cutting Workers Comp Costs involves return to work risk management.

Employee Treatment Silent X Factor Great Risk Management

Employee Treatment By Employer Silent and Critical Factor The following advice on employee treatment by the employer is from an old manual I began in the 1980s and added to over the years.  I used to sell it as an income stream.   Employee treatment is not necessarily medical treatment.  I

Reporting Work Injuries To Your Carrier – Golden Rule

The Golden Rule For Reporting Work Injuries Keeps It Simple Employers not having a rule for reporting work Injuries to the workers’ compensation carrier has caused many employers to end up paying very large claims on what should have been small ones. The Golden Rule for reporting workplace injuries is

Workers Comp Physician Networks Importance Reaches Critical Mass

Workers Comp Physician Networks Now More Critical to Cut Comp Costs One of the Six Keys or Secrets to cut your work comp costs becomes even more important now due to a fact covered later in this article.   Workers Comp physician networks are a great risk management technique that involves

Pennsylvania Workers Comp Carriers May Owe Premium Refunds

Premium Refunds Likely Owed by Pennsylvania Workers Comp Carriers Seventy Pennsylvania Workers Comp insurance carriers stepped up and fixed their Lost Cost filings.   Please note you do not have to be a Pennsylvania employer to have been affected by the corrections.   If your policy, premium audit or E-Mod Sheets have

Report Medical Only Claims To Carrier – Saves Later Headaches

Report Medical Only Claims – The Devil Is In The Delay Should I report my medical only claims to the carrier? Our newsletter and blog readers ask us this question as often as any other workers comp question.    The other related question – Will my premiums increase if I

2019 Workers Comp Resolutions – Looking Back at 2018

2019 Workers Comp Resolutions – Did You Keep Yours From 2018? Your 2019 Workers Comp Resolutions likely consist of redoing your 2018 resolutions.   Yes, it is that time of year to examine your old resolutions and add on a few more. A resolutions article has appeared in the Cutcompcosts.com articles

Workers Comp Rating Bureaus Make Mistakes – Who Is Really To Blame?

Are Workers Comp Rating Bureaus Responsible For Rating Mistakes Most Workers Comp Rating Bureaus are only as good as the data the organizations receive from the carriers. The data progression on final rates in uncomplicated terms is: Workers Comp Rating Bureau (NCCI, WCIRB or State Independent) receives data from carriers

Workers Compensation Reserves Reduction Alternative Mini Guide

Workers Compensation Reserves – Lowering Them Can Be Difficult The Workers Compensation reserves on a file naturally generate controversy.    Why is there so much discussion on them?   How can you have a great conversation with your claims adjusters? A workers compensation claims adjuster’s daily activities include 12 more important

When Are Final Claim Reserves Set – Is There Exact Date?

Final Claim Reserves Set Earlier Than Expected The final claim reserves are set much earlier than one might expect in the reserving process. Most adjusters set the final reserves at 60 days into a claim.   The exact timetable is: 14 days – initial reserve – usually made to the medical

California Supreme Court Decision Independent Contractors Definition

California Supreme Court Changes Definition of Independent Contractor The California Supreme Court recently decided how to distinguish a contractor from an employee for the Golden State’s employers. The decision is called Dynamex decision.  The California Supreme Court decision can be found here.  For the legal diehards, the decision is 85+

Medical Treatment Networks Save Money – Win Win Win On Claim

Medical Treatment Networks – A Little Work Saves Big Claim Dollars Works For All Types of Employers And Provides Injured Workers With Top-Notch Treatment Workers Compensation Medical treatment networks remain the mother of all workers comp savings plans.   If an injury occurs, knowing the local industrial minded physicians and other

Workers Compensation Medical Treatment Lag Time – WCRI

WCRI – Time From  First Injury To Workers Compensation Medical Treatment – Comparison Across 18 States Most Workers Compensation medical treatment foretells how a claim will progress over its lifetime.  One of My Six Keys To Saving  on Workers Comp claims involves having a preset medical network in place. The

Workers Compensation Reserve Increases – 10 Reasons For Huge Ones

Workers  Compensation Reserve Increases 10 Ways To Cause Huge Reserves Most Workers Compensation reserve increases can be controlled by employers.   Let us see how employers cause huge ones below.  Some of these come from the Six Keys To Saving On Workers Comp insurance that I wrote in the 1980’s. The

Workers Compensation Reserves – How Does Adjuster Set Them?

Workers Compensation Reserves – The Illusive Moving Target All Workers Compensation reserves have a common element.   Very few, if any, employers, actuaries, underwriters, agents, and any other players in this hybrid insurance understand how reserves are set – other than the adjusters themselves. By the way, that is a graphical

2018 WCRI Conference – Top 10 Things I Learned Over Two Days Time

Top 10 Bits of Information From The 2018 WCRI Conference The 2018 WCRI Conference was a smashing success – as every year.   The data given out was next to amazing – as every year.  I live blogged the 2018 WCRI Conference on this webpage.   Please excuse typos, etc. as I

WCRI 2018 Conference Boston MA – Blogging It Live

It is now time for the WCRI 2018 Conference live blogging. Please excuse any typos.   I am doing this live while the conference is proceeding.  If you want to check out any of the blogging live conferences I have done check here. Thursday WCRI 2018 Conference Schedule Dr. Erica Goshen

Workers Compensation Medical Networks Save Bundle – Used Properly

Proper Use Of Workers Compensation Medical Networks Key To Employee Health And Savings Workers Compensation Medical Networks have always provided a large return on investment.  Injured employees receive the best medical treatment and the employer cuts their workers comp costs.  The insurance carrier or TPA claims staff being able to

Twilight Zone Phone Calls Avoidance – Timely First Reports Of Injury

Twilight Zone Phone Calls Reduced By Fast First Reports Of Injury Twilight Zone phone calls not only irritate a claims staff.   They can also cost plenty at time of policy renewal. I coined the term Twilight Zone phone calls many years ago.   I have written a few articles on the

Workers Comp Loss Prevention Throughout Claim = Loss Reduction

Workers Comp Loss Prevention Should Never Stop Workers Comp loss prevention and claims loss reduction should be considered as the same function – just more defined. When I present at safety or risk management conferences, one of the subjects I cover is the continued involvement of the safety officer or

2018 Workers Comp Resolutions – Look Back At 2017 Resolutions

2018 Workers Comp Resolutions Are 2017 Refinements My 2018 Workers Comp Resolutions must start with, of course, the 2017 Resolutions.  BTW, Self Insureds will be on the dais next week.   So, let us get to it.   The thirteen 2017 resolutions were: (sorry if you have triskaidekaphobia).  Understanding the mechanics of

Experience Mod Calculation Shortcut With 10 Ways To Reduce

The Experience Mod Calculation Shortcut – Back To Basics Lately,  Experience Mod calculation questions have come into our offices at a very high rate compared to other subjects.   The Experience Mod is also known as E-Mod, X-Mod, EMR, etc.   Many factors exist that can change your Workers Comp premium.   The

IRS Contractor Employee Rules – Updated Web Page With Videos

IRS Contractor Employee Rules Have Been Updated The IRS Contractor Employee rules assist business owners with who can be considered independent contractors or employees.  Each state’s Workers Comp rules may have their own employee vs. contractor tests.   The IRS Contractor Employee rules supply a great basic place to start

Workers Comp Medical Networks Keeping Costs in Check NCCI

Workers Comp Medical Networks = Cost Saving According to NCCI’s Barry Lipton Workers Comp medical networks reduce costs in most instances.  At NCCI’s  2017 Annual Issues Symposium, Barry Lipton, Senior Actuary covered a very interesting topic – Medical Costs Then and Now <<slides available at this link. I do recommend

Workers Comp Medical Networks Reduce Costs – Or Do They Actually?

Workers Comp Medical Networks – Three Conflicting Studies Most Workers Comp networks generate large claim payment reductions according to two studies.  Another study indicates no savings from these same Workers Comp medical networks. One of my Six Keys To Saving On Workers Comp Costs involves medical control.   Since the

Workers Comp Claims Savings In 7 Words – Written 8 Years Ago

Workers Comp Claims Savings In 7 Words Reprisal – Still True Today The Workers Comp Claims Savings In 7 Words articles were very popular when I wrote them.    As with most things in the WC arena, the seven articles still ring true today.  The basics do not change. Please

Risk Management Mistakes – Silent Top Five In Workers Comp

Silent Risk Management Mistakes Stay Under The Radar These five silent Risk Management mistakes in Workers Comp never show up on a graph, chart, or in a report.    After all the RIMS buzz this week, I decided to cover the mistakes I have seen in my 27 years in

Top 10 Self Insured Resolutions For New Year 2017

Top 10 Self Insured Resolutions – 2017 and Beyond The self insured resolutions for 2017 is an update of the last three years.   I used to write resolutions for the voluntary marketplace only until a friend of mine asked about self insured resolutions.   Many of the recommendations center

Top Ten Work Comp New Years Resolutions 2017 Version with Bonus

Top Ten Work Comp New Years Resolutions 2017 The Top Ten Work Comp New Years Resolutions 2017 started a few years ago .   I have updated them each year.   You can find those resolutions here using this search inside the J&L Risk Management articles.     There are

Top 10 Risk Management Techniques For Workers Comp

Top 10 Risk Management Techniques The Risk Management Techniques for Workers Comp can vary by state. One technique may not work in a certain state. The following is a list of great risk management techniques for Workers Comp.  The list is generic.  Most should work in every state.   These

Workers Comp Expert Witness – Tough Row To Hoe

Workers Comp Expert Witness – A Niche’ ? Being a Workers Comp expert witness over the years has taught me many very interesting experiences.    I thought I would cover a few of those which provided a lesson. Memorization One cannot lull themselves into thinking that you can memorize the

Work Comp Reserves And Twilight Zone Phone Call

How To Negatively Affect The Initial Work Comp Reserves The Work Comp reserves on a file are based on a more complicated formula than just an educated guess.   One of the quickest ways to have the claims staff set very high initial reserves is by starting the file with the

Workers Compensation Cost Cutting – Silent Fifth Key

#1 Workers Compensation Cost Reduction Technique The art of Workers Compensation cost cutting is one of those specialized areas that may have been put on the “back burner”.   The new healthcare laws and other concerns have dominated the employer landscape over the last few years. Workers Compensation cost concerns seem

Workers Comp Resolutions – Updated For 2016 and Beyond

Workers Comp Resolutions – 2016 Version My recommended workers comp resolutions for 2013 were updated in 2014.  For some reason,  I did not update any workers comp resolutions in 2015. The updated resolutions from the 2014 article were:  Having online claims access is the best and up-to-date way to track

Indiana Workers Comp Fee Schedule Partially Enacted = Rate Increase

Indiana Workers Comp Fee Schedule Partially Enacted The Indiana Workers Comp Fee Schedule was partially enacted 7/1/2014.   That was a great move except a point was missed as to the real reason for their true cost figures.   Check out the chart below.   Click on the chart to

NCCI – Post-Accident Safety Errors Cost Companies $$$

NCCI – Post-Accident Safety Post-accident safety glitches can be very expensive for employers.  Post-accident safety can be thought of as risk management protocols in the next few hours after a Workers Comp accident occurs in the workplace. The terms Loss Reduction or Loss Control are interchangeable with post-accident safety.  

Work Comp Safety Week – DBM’s Continued

Work Comp Safety Week Our Work Comp Safety Week begins with DBM’s from our new safety consultant Glen DuLac.   We began the discussion on DBM’s last week. DBM’s  (Dominant Buying Motivators) can be applied to the HR function in most companies. ______________ Based on my experience, the DBM of knowledge

Online Doctor Visits – Workers Comp Community Acceptance?

Will Workers Comp Turn To Online Doctor Visits? Online doctor visits are now readily available and inexpensive.   I came across the DoctorsOnDemand website last night.   Some of the notations that peaked my interest from their website were: Free visit- everyone likes free stuff All board-certified physicians Android/Iphone Apps

Workers Comp Cost Savings – Onsite Medical Clinics

On Site Medical Clinics = Workers Comp Cost Savings One of the best ways to increase Workers Comp Cost Savings without sacrificing medical care is to use onsite or near-site medical clinics.  Medical control has been one of my Keys To Workers Comp Cost Savings since 1989. Onsite or near-site

E-Mod Increases Sharply – Top 5 Reasons May Help Reduce

Sharp E-Mod Increases – Five Reasons We have had many inquiries on employers’  E-Mod increases (X-Mod). Some have increased very significantly in just one year. Five reasons for the sharp E-Mod increases are: The E-Mod may have grown gradually without notice.   Checking back to see the E-Mods (X-Mods) over

NCPRIMA Presentation Work Comp Advice For Public Risk Managers

The Full NCPRIMA Presentation With Slides Included Last week, I presented at the NCPRIMA Annual Conference.  The slides for the full NCPRIMA presentation can be found here. We received a few requests for a transcript of the presentation.  The rest of this post follows the slides.  The presentation was aimed

IRS Independent Contractor Determination Not Magic

IRS Independent Contractor Determination The IRS independent contractor determination can be very helpful to contracting companies.   The IRS recently updated their info on the Employee vs. Independent Contractor determination decision by an employer. The complete breakdown of the common law rules the IRS independent contractor determination is listed in this

Converting to Self Insurance – Five Important Considerations & Alternatives

Converting to Self Insurance – New Tasks To Accomplish Converting to self insurance is a very popular option for many companies. We receive many inquiries every year from employers that wish to cover to self insurance for their Workers Compensation coverage. The inquiries to our offices reached a fever pitch

Cutting Workers Comp Costs Adds 6th Key – Adoption By Management

Cutting Workers Comp Costs Has New Key Added For Clarity The subject of cutting workers comp costs added an obvious 6th addition to the list.  In 1989, I originally wrote and presented on what I thought were the Three Keys to Workers Compensation Savings.   I wrote the three from

Biltmore Corporation – Extensive RTW Program = Low E-Mod

Biltmore Corporation (Asheville) Return to Work  Program The Biltmore Corporation (Asheville, NC)  has an extensive return to work program. I am attending the North Carolina Safety Conference in Greensboro this week.  I attended one of the safety sessions that featured the Biltmore House/Biltmore’s Safety Manager Andy Spradley.   One of the main

Independent Medical Exams (IME) – Great Article On Basics

Independent Medical Exams (IME) Workers Comp Independent Medical Exams (IME’s) can be a great risk management technique when used properly.  IME’s are worth the time and cost in certain circumstances. The  final diagnosis and medical opinion by the IME physician may often agree with the current medical treatment and future

All Of Our Brickstreet Clients, New Email Address Changes

Our Brickstreet Clients – New Intake Email Address Brickstreet has recently changed their claims intake email address. One of the Five Keys To Saving Workers Comp $$$ is filing first reports timely.   Their StreetConnect services should also be used if you want to file your first reports as soon as

IRS Advice on Subcontractor vs. Employee Conundrum – National Outlook

IRS Advice on Subcontractor vs. Employee  Determination The IRS advice has been updated on the Subcontractor vs. Employee conundrum.  The best way to understand IRS advice in this article is to follow all the links below. The Internal Revenue Service periodically publishes updates on how an employer should differentiate between

Workers Comp Resolutions Six 2013 Updated For 2014

Workers Comp Resolutions Updated for 2014 Most Workers Comp Resolutions can change each year as do personal resolutions for the New Year.  Workers Compensation’s basic underpinnings really do not change that much each year. Below are the 2013 Workers Comp Premium Saving resolutions with a few updates for 2014.  

California’s WC Reform(?) Produces Startling Numbers

California’s WC Reform Not Yet A Cost Saver A few startling numbers from California’s WC Reform are listed below.  One wonders if the reform is working or if not enough time has elapsed to the differences.   Workers Compensation Action Network (WCAN) recently published a press release and email on

Doc In A Box – Bad Name For Great Risk Management Technique

Great Risk Management Technique with Bad Name – Doc In A Box This Great Risk Management Technique known ass Doc in a Box deserves a better slang term.  The Five Keys To Workers Comp Savings that I wrote 25 years ago have as their key savings component – medical control.

Scariest Claims of All – IBNR Can Be Frightening – Happy Halloween

IBNR Can Be Frightening To All Parties IBNR (Incurred But Not Reported) can be one of the most frightening aspects of the Workers Compensation system as a whole.  I often hear the term bandied about in WC “techie talk” conversations.  All parties in the WC system need to be aware

Pay ACA Penalty File Workers Comp Claim For Medical Treatment

ACA Penalty May Not Deter Workers Comp Claims What if a worker decided to pay the ACA penalty and file a WC claims for medical treatment?  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) may cause an unintended spike in Workers Compensation claims. One of the concerns over the years in claims departments

Two Books That Every Insurance Employee Should Read

Two Books That Will Help Any Person In The Insurance Industry The two books that any insurance employee should read contains serious dialogue with Drucker and lighter fare by Heller.  Many times over the years, I have been asked what book that I would recommend for people working in insurance

Delaware Requires Employers Start Great Risk Mgmt Technique

Delaware Requires Employers  Job Lists To Treating Physician The State of Delaware requires employers to initiate a great risk management technique.  Return to work is one of the Five Keys To Saving On Workers Comp $.  I have been writing, presenting, and blogging on these Five Keys for over 25

How to Reduce Experience Mods – Presentation Tomorrow in Raleigh

How To Reduce Experience Mods Presentation Raleigh How to reduce experience Mods will be presented by  James J Moore, our founder,  tomorrow in Raleigh. He will be presenting on the new NCCI or NC Rate Bureau Mod Calculation changes later this month at Job Ready Services in Raleigh.   You can register

Workers Comp Program At Bankrupt City of Stockton California

The Bankrupt City of Stockton California The largest bankrupt city in the nation – Stockton, CA is self insured with CorVel as the Third Party Administrator (TPA).  Stockton’s Workers Comp program seems to still be a fully funded self insured program. One of the Five Keys To Saving Workers Comp

IRS Assists in Subcontractor vs Employee Determination

Subcontractor vs Employee Determination Determining whether someone that assists your company is an employee or subcontractor can be tedious as best. There are many articles in this blog that cover subcontractors including the Ladder of Insurance (c). The Internal Revenue Service has a great series of videos for small business

Six Workers Comp Premium Saving Resolutions

 Workers Comp Premium Saving Resolutions Workers Comp Premium saving resolutions are always a great way to start the New Year.  There are six easy workers comp premium saving resolutions below.  These will work for companies of all sizes.  Six Workers Comp Resolutions for Self Insureds will be covered next time.  

Workers Comp Claims Spike – Easy Way To Handle?

Workers Comp Claims Spike May Show Need For More Training Does a Workers Comp Claims spike have an easy solution? In my last post,  the learning curve was what I thought would be the reason for an upcoming  workers comp claims spike or explosion in claims.  Rookies tend to make

First Reports Of Injury – File Them Online Now Or Pay 400% Later

First Reports Of Injury Should Be Filed ASAP – No Excuses Workers Compensation First Reports of Injury (FROI) are an employer’s first step in Loss Control.  Loss Control is not the same as Loss Prevention.  Loss Control to me is defined as the prevention of future losses AFTER an occurrence of a

Possible 75% Savings on Workers Comp Premium From My Studies

Possible 75% Savings – Study Results Below It’s possible to experience a 75% Savings according to the results of my WC studies. Yesterday, I blogged on predictive modeling in Workers Compensation.  I had mentioned there were two studies that I performed in the recent past on a group of 7,000

Workers Comp Audit Subcontractor vs Employee IRS Updated Guidelines

IRS Updated Guidelines – Workers Comp Audit The subcontractor vs employee IRS updated guidelines for Workers Comp audits. Premium auditors seem to be listing all contractors as employees lately even if provided with a certificate of insurance. Differentiating between employees and subcontractors can be confusing for many employers. There is a

Workers Comp Premium Checks -Just Stop Writing – Five Ways

Five Ways – Check Before Writing Workers Comp Premium Checks Stop just writing Premium Checks for Workers Comp was the first motto that J&L had used when we started over 17 years ago. Yesterday, I had two conversations on Workers Comp costs. One was with a risk management adviser and

Safety Statistics Shows Failure of Basic Risk Management

Basic Risk Management Failure Shown By Safety Statistics A recent Safety Statistics article was not kind to basic risk management.  I was reading through a large amount of workers comp publications over the weekend. I came across what to me were astounding statistics on safety and risk management. The survey

Temporary Disability Period Shows Signs of Impending Disaster

Temporary Disability Period Shows Signs Of A Crisis The Temporary Disability period showed signs of deterioration of the return to work function.   I was supposed to post on premium audits and classification by analogy. I then read a report from the NCCI that was astounding to me. I will

Self Insurers Can Ruin Their Programs – 12 Hidden Ways

Self Insurers Can Ruin Their Programs Without Realizing It The first 12 ways self insurers ruin their Workers Comp programs are below.  Workers Compensation self insurance can be more complicated than paying for a regular policy. I have received many emails asking me to comment on how self insureds can

Top 10 Workers Comp Premium Reduction Resolutions – Cut Comp Costs

Top 10 WC Premium Reduction Resolutions The New Year is up on us. The following is a list of New Year Resolutions for Workers Compensation premium reduction strategies. This list was generated from over 16 years of data that I compiled from clients and the general Workers Compensation marketplace. 1. My

Telephonic Triage for Workers Comp – Is It Really Worth It?

Telephonic Triage for Workers Comp Is Telephonic Triage in WC really worth it in most instances?  I had a great conversation with an old Workers Comp friend that had begun to sell triage service by phone for claims. As he mentioned, safety measures occur up to the time of an



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