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PEO Data Session – NCCI Data Conference Earlier This Month

PEO Data Session – Great Info from NCCI Data Conference The PEO Data class from the NCCI Data Conference provided a treasure trove of great info nuggets.   The Data Reporting Conference remains of the best sources of great info on workers compensation.   Check it out here.  The session of PEO

2018 NCCI Data Conference Top 10 Discoveries By Yours Truly

2018 NCCI Data Conference – My Fourth Year The 2018 NCCI Data Conference – The Path To Data Excellence – provided a large amount of material to review as it had for the last three years. The Top 10 things I learned this year were: Data reporting is a difficult

WCRI 2021 Virtual Conference Next Week – For Data, Reports And More

WCRI 2021 Virtual Conference -Definitely Worth It The WCRI 2021 Virtual Conference will be broadcasting on March 23rd and 24th.  This is a great way to spend two afternoons if you have the time.  I always learn something from their PhDs. Three of my favorite researchers will be presenting their

WCRI 2020 Annual Conference Next Month – Show Me The Data + Secret

The WCRI 2020 Annual Conference – Data and Study Paradise  –  Thursday March 5th – 6th The WCRI  2020 Annual Conference (Workers Comp Research Institute) heads back to Boston this year.  Last year, the Conference was held in  Phoenix. I will be there on the front row doing my Workers’

NCCI 2020 Data Reporting Conference – Nuggets of Excellent Information

NCCI 2020 Data Reporting Conference West Palm Beach Worth The Time and Travel Spent The NCCI 2020 Data Reporting Conference ran from January 28th through today, January 31st at the Palm Beach Convention Center, West Palm Beach, Florida. The weather was superb. The only bad weather was late at night

2021 NWCDC Conference – The Great And An Area For Improvement

2021 NWCDC Conference in Las Vegas Great Break from Video Conferences The 2021 NWCDC Conference in Las Vegas was worth attending even though the crowd was smaller this year.  I give the sponsors and BOD credit for having a large in-person conference during the end of the pandemic.   I decided

WCRI Day Two Conference – Morning – What I Learned Today

What I Learned Today at the WCRI Conference – 2020 I decided to split out the Mental Health Session into its own article. State of the States Selective Findings This session features selective findings and trends seen across WCRI’s core benchmark studies, including our 18-state CompScope™ Benchmarks reports, a multistate

Workers Comp Psychological Aftereffects – WCRI Conference Next Week

Workers Comp Psychological Effects – WCRI Session Next Week Workers’ Comp psychological effects are one of the unmentionables that the industry never really considers at the time of a claim. One of the unmentionables that receives little consideration in Workers Comp is the effect that the claims process has on

WCIRB Conference Oakland CA HQ Last Week Lasted 90 Minutes

WCIRB Conference Oakland CA – My Mistake Turned Out OK From The WCIRB Conference Oakland CA – my mistake on thinking it was a full-day conference.  The WCIRB used to host one day conferences.  Their conference booklets from 2002 – 2010 still sit in my bookshelf. If you search this

WCRI Annual Conference 2019 – Live Blogging – If My Wrists Hold Out

First Day – Morning Conferences – WCRI Annual Conference 2019 – Live Blogging If I make mistakes in this live blogging of the WCRI Annual Conference 2019, please excuse, this is live and I do not really go back and change  anything Beginning of WCRI Annual Conference 2019 Presenters KEYNOTE:

NWCDC Conference 2018 – Looking For True Technology

NWCDC Conference 2018 – My Unending Technology Quest  The NWCDC Conference 2018 is tomorrow. I plan to attend and go through the vendor area to see if there are any new technologies.   The last few years have been a little disappointing as Workers Comp has been overall.     I thought I was not going to

2018 WCRI Conference – Top 10 Things I Learned Over Two Days Time

Top 10 Bits of Information From The 2018 WCRI Conference The 2018 WCRI Conference was a smashing success – as every year.   The data given out was next to amazing – as every year.  I live blogged the 2018 WCRI Conference on this webpage.   Please excuse typos, etc. as I

WCRI 2018 Conference Boston MA – Blogging It Live

It is now time for the WCRI 2018 Conference live blogging. Please excuse any typos.   I am doing this live while the conference is proceeding.  If you want to check out any of the blogging live conferences I have done check here. Thursday WCRI 2018 Conference Schedule Dr. Erica Goshen

2017 WCRI Conference 2nd Morning Session Blogging Live

2017 WCRI Conference 2nd Morning Session Live Blogging – typing it as it happens STATE OF THE STATES The start of the 2017 WCRI Conference 2nd morning session will discuss some of the latest findings and trends seen across WCRI’s core benchmark studies, including WCRI’s 18-State CompScope™ Benchmarks reports, a

WCRI 2017 Conference Afternoon Sessions – Blogging Live

WCRI 2017 Conference Afternoon Sessions – Blogging Live Please note I only input the trends and not the exact numbers from some of the studies.  These studies are still in their preliminary phases.  WCRI OPIOID RESEARCH & HOW STATES ARE COMBATING THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC This is the start of the

WCRI 2017 Conference – Blogging Live – Morning Sessions

WCRI 2017 Conference – Complete First Day Live Blog Morning Sessions of WCRI 2017 Conference  –   Please excuse any typos, etc.   This is a live conference blogging.   It will be updated every 10 minutes.  Dr. John Ruser – CEO Launching new website next week. New Logo Grand

Opioids and Marijuana – WCRI Conference – Big Time Discussions

Opioids and Marijuana Discussed @ Upcoming WCRI Conference The sessions will run consecutively – two interesting topics for Work Comp Opioids and marijuana will be two of many great topics.  WCRI is hosting their annual conference on March 2 -3, 2017.   I have attended the last five meetings and

WCRI Conference Blogging Live – Sharing Economy and WC

WCRI Conference Blogging Live The WCRI Annual Conference Blogging Live 2016. Presenter – Dr. Robert Hartwig- Insurance Information Institute Angie’s List On Demand Economy Handy TaskRabbit Washio Wedding Wire My Move AirBnB lyft Uber Insurance solutions are increasingly available for the sharing economy. Regulatory issues remain Gig Economy – Employee vs

Reforms – WCRI Conference Texas, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Florida

Reforms – WCRI Conference Reforms – WCRI – States – Texas, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Florida presented on the effects of reforms that were enacted in each respective state. Texas- 270 insurance companies 2.2 billion in direct written premiums Texas had pre-reform- High medical costs– over-utilization Poor Return to Work outcomes

Workers Comp Conference Searching For Innovation In Las Vegas

Las Vegas Workers Comp Conference – Innovation The largest Workers Comp conference occurs this week in Las Vegas.  The conference covers both  national and regional issues.  The proceedings start tomorrow with the keynote speaker tomorrow through November 21st.   I will try to blog live some of the conference live if

NAMSAP – Medicare Set Aside Professionals Conference May 8- 9

National Association of Medicare Set Aside Professionals (NAMSAP) Conference I am traveling to the National Association of Medicare Set Aside Professionals (NAMSAP)  Conference in Las Vegas.   I am working with two investment groups that see the Medicaid/Medicare set asides as a possible great place to invest in certain companies.

WCRI (Workers Comp Research Conference) – Reporting Live

WCRI (Workers Comp Research Conference) Workers Comp Research Conference reporting live. First Session is ACA (American Healthcare Act) effects on Workers Comp.  Dr. Jon Gruber–  Wow this conference is packed.   Kudos to WCRI.   Everyone from WCRI was very helpful and hooked me up to the hotel wireless system

Workers Comp Data Mining From Inside Out – A Look Inward

Workers Comp Data – From The Inside Out  Most Workers Comp Data analysis reeks of being too standard in nature. Workers Comp and general insurance data mining was one of the presentations at the SC PRIMA conference this week.  The presentation was great.  The two Willis Companies presenters covered such

South Carolina PRIMA Conference – Interesting Presentations

South Carolina PRIMA Conference Had Great Presentations The South Carolina 2013 PRIMA Conference kicked into full gear today with very good presentations. The following is a short program of the all the presenters.  I was not sure if I was going to get much out of the conference. Each presentation

Premium Audit Question On Offsite Data By Premium Auditor

A Premium Audit Question On Employer Data Privacy A great premium audit question came in from one of our blog readers last week.   One of our readers who handles the accounting for a large multi-state construction company asks “Can the insurance premium auditor take private company data off-site to

Premium Auditor Conference in Nashville TN

 Nashville TN – Premium Auditor Conference I recently attended an annual insurance premium auditor conference in Nashville, TN.  I had contemplated attending the conference for a number of years. The group is called the National Society of Insurance Premium Auditors (NSIPA). The conference was very informative. Their website is here.

What I Noticed At RIMS Conference In Orlando Florida

Orlando FL RIMS Conference 2009 I traveled to Orlando FL this week for the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) conference. There were a few things that I noticed in the one day that I had time to attend the conference and all of the activities. Overall, I saw no reductions

More on West Virginia Conference From Last Article

West Virginia Conference – More Thoughts The West Virginia Conference article  from 4/08/08 (continued.) Outside of the Mandolidis decision, I thought that the insurance carriers were very positive about writing Workers Comp coverage in West Virginia. I was interviewed by the Charleston Daily Mail, which is the local newspaper for

Workers Comp Allocated Expenses – Who Pays For Which Bills?

Workers Comp Allocated Expenses – The Hidden Premium Charges You May Not Owe A long-running debate still exists today on how workers comp allocated expenses are charged to employers’ accounts.  Let us cover the: Definition of the expenses Process of charging the allocated expenses to the employer’s Experience Mod Sources

Workers Comp Small Deductible Correction – Woops (My Mistake)

Workers Comp Small Deductible Programs Reduce Costs More In Certain  States Most Workers Comp small deductible programs result in premium savings.  However, in certain states, the savings can be much larger. I decided to write a few corrections this week.  In 2009 – yes, that far back in time, I

Work Comp Combined Ratio Under 100 – First Time In Eight Years

Work Comp Combined Ratio Under 100 The subject of Work Comp Combined Ratio seems to be appearing more in the insurance press lately.   I was unable to attend the NCCI Annual Issues Symposium.  However, I did make it to their data conference in March of this year. One of the better

Allocated Expenses – Very Important and Confusing Definition

 Allocated Expenses-Workers Comp Term of The Day Allocated Expenses (also known as ALAE)  are expenses charged to a Workers Comp term file that are not indemnity or medical benefits. They are associated with the adjusting of the file. Expenses for defending claims such as attorney fees, private investigators, independent medical

2021 NWCDC – Leading a Resilient Claims Organization Thru Uncertainty

2021 NWCDC – Leading a Resilient Claims Organization Thru Uncertainty & Change This was the first session that I set through at the 2021 NWCDC.  The session had two of my favorite workers’ comp people – Rachel Fikes of Rising Medical and Denise Zoe-Algire of Albertsons Companies.  The two other

Hybrid Premium Audit Prep – Update to Last Week’s Article

Hybrid Premium Audit Prep – Changing the Paradigm For Employers Last week, I promised that I would write or update an article to the Zoom Hybrid premium audit article.  Most of what this article covers are the same as the in-person and hybrid premium audit prep that I have covered

Groundbreaking Opioid Addiction Study – Vitamin D3 Deficiency?

Testing Vitamin D Deficiency – Groundbreaking Opioid Addiction Study A groundbreaking opioid addiction study points to a strong relationship between vitamin D deficiency and the markers of addiction.  The other more obvious conclusion was that the vitamin D deficiency showed a strong sunbathing addiction. A recent article in a leading

Expert Witness Work

Our founder James J Moore remains of the pre-eminent workers’ compensation consultants on a national basis.  His expert witness work also encompasses liability and medical insurance including work on three major class action lawsuits.  Many attorneys, carriers, and employers have sought him out to provide expert witness reports; He has provided

WCRI 2021 State of the States Presentation – The Past Rules

WCRI 2021 State of the States: Selective Findings The WCRI 2021 State of the States was extremely informative as it has been every year that I have attended the conference. Speakers: Bogdan Savych, Ph.D., Rebecca Yang, Ph.D. Dr. Savych compared much of what happened in the current pandemic with the

WCRI COVID-19 Impact and Effect on Claims and Medical Treatment

WCRI COVID-19 Session – Assessing the Impact Impact of COVID-19 and the Shutdown on Claims and the Delivery of Medical Care WCRI COVID-19 Session – Speakers: John Ruser, Ph.D., Olesya Fomenko, Ph.D. Dr. Fomenko covered much ground very quickly in her presentation.  She is probably one of the best presenters

WCRI Session That I Attended – Shocking Topicals Numbers

WCRI Session – Off-Label Prescribing and the Effects of Opioid-Related Policies WCRI Session Speakers: Vennela Thumula, PhD, Bogdan Savych, PhD The data from this WCRI (Workers Comp Research Institute) session yesterday provided indications of shocking increases in topicals.  The session also pointed out that the effects of state opioid-related policies

Workers Comp Adjuster Goals Conflict With Management Expectations?

Advocacy Model vs. Workers Comp Adjuster Goals – A Point Missed? Did I miss The Point  – Maybe?  I recently attended a webinar provided by the National Workers Comp and Disability Conference where some of the Workers Adjuster goals were compared to the expectations of claims management. Two of my

Contingent Experience Mods – When The Number Is Not the Number

What Are Contingent Experience Mods?  Last week, I wrote a somewhat controversial article questioning whether insurance carriers should be fined for reporting Mods late. I received a few emails and comments with one from the WCIRB directing me to an NCCI video on Contingent Experience Mods. I agree there exist

Workers Comp Carriers Fined For Late Reporting To Rate Bureaus?

Surprising Number of Workers Comp Carriers Fined For Late Reporting The number of Workers Comp carriers fined for late reporting in 2018 and 2019 may surprise you.   The late reporting referred to in this article stems from insurance carriers habitually reporting the claims data (Total Incurred) late to the rate

California Workers Comp Telecommuting Class Code 8871 Added

 Telecommuting Class Code 8871 Added To California WCIRB Class Codes California’s Workers Comp rating bureau (WCIRB) added in Telecommuting Class Code 8871 after a regulatory meeting this week. If your company is domiciled in California or you have California-based employees,  you will need to separate these employees from furloughed employees

Workers Compensation Rating System – See You in 18 Months

The Workers Compensation Rating System And Insurance Press – Different Timetables The Workers Compensation Rating System was built as a delayed system.   Why was that statement the first sentence in the article? The Workers Compensation rating system cannot provide immediate data analysis.   NCCI, WCIRB, and the other state rating bureaus

Free Workers Comp Study – Best Report on Medical Costs WCRI

Free Workers Comp Study – WCRI Medical Price Index – A Great Reference Tool WCRI (Workers Compensation Research Institute) released its annual free workers comp study and report on medical prices for the treatment of Workers Compensation injuries. Please see the bottom of this article for the link to the

Free Workers Comp Webinar Choices – Which Ones To Watch?

Free Workers Comp Webinar Choices – Many To Choose From – Worth Your Time? Many organizations currently offer free workers comp webinar choices.   Which ones should you check out over the next two months?  Let us check to see which ones charge nothing for the great information. If Your Organization

Your Mini-Guide For Workers Comp Webinars – Be Prepared

This Mini-Guide For Workers Comp Webinars Will Save You Headaches Later My IT background made me think of creating a Mini -Guide to Workers Comp Webinars.  You can use this as preparation for attending any webinar.    If you are using a work computer, check with your IT department before

NCCI Virtual Annual Issues Symposium Free – May 12th – Sign Up Now

NCCI Virtual Annual Issues Symposium With Powerful Free Webinar – Sign Up – It’s Freebies!  The NCCI Virtual Annual Issues Symposium replaces the annual in-person symposium.  The great news – NCCI will not be charging a fee for one of the top  Worker’s Comp Symposiums.  Dr. Rober Hartwig will present

WCRI Prior Recession Report – The COVID-19 Economic Recovery

WCRI Prior Recession Report Shadows The COVID Economic Situation WCRI Prior Recession Report and COVID comparison  Dr. Savych has published many reports on the post-return-to-work attitudes of injured employees.  I received this email today from WCRI.  The report may be worth a look.   WCRI also offers a free medical pricing

Missouri Workers Comp Medical Treatment Very Expensive – NCCI Study

Missouri Workers Comp Medical Treatment 304% More Expensive Than Health Insurance I forgot to finish this article on Missouri Workers Comp medical treatment that I started at the WCRI Annual Conference two weeks ago.   The comparison is still worth examining for medical costs. NCCI (National Council on Compensation) Insurance headquartered

Workers Comp Combined Ratio Means Market Extremely Healthy

Workers Comp Combined Ratio Questions Asked By Readers Over The Last Week  Workers Comp Combined Ratio remained a hot topic from last year.   Last week, at the NCCI Virginia State Advisory Conference, the Workers Comp Combined Ratio stunned the audience, and even the NCCI presenters.   Last year, the level was

Workers Comp Insurance Companies Excelled In This Area

Worker’s Comp Insurance Companies Did This One Thing Right The Pennsylvania Workers Comp Rating Bureau recently lambasted two Worker’s Comp insurance companies for misreporting and delayed reporting of policy information.   One of them has verbally threatened me with multiple lawsuits to no avail.  I will not mention names here. I

Free NCCI State Advisory Forums – Are They Worth Your Time?

Free NCCI State Advisory Forums Provide Great Workers’ Comp State Statistics The Free NCCI State Advisory Forums have provided great state and national data for years.   Some of the Forums provide an Open House to see all of NCCI’s products.   See below for the upcoming schedule. NCCI stands for National

Medical Fee Schedule Dilemma – WCRI Study – High Cost States Have None

Medical Fee Schedule Dilemma – No Schedule Means Higher Costs Now and In Future The WCRI (Workers Compensation Research Institute) just released a study pointing out a medical fee schedule dilemma.   The states that still hold on to the old U&C (Usual and Customary) method of charging for workers’ compensation

Rate Bureau Calculations Using WCRI Numbers Show Mod Increases

Using Rate Bureau Calculations on WCRI’s Data – Whew! Most Rate Bureau calculations make people daydream or roll their eyes back in their heads just before they start to drift off to sleep.  I have concocted  a few statistics using WCRI’s astute statistics and WorkCompCentral’s great data analysis. WCRI (Workers

Workers Comp Claim Analytics – Looking For Miracles Under Every Rock

Workers Comp Claim Analytics – Hot Subject Leaves Me Cold Most workers comp claim analytics posts I have written was in search of a good claim analytics package.   Unfortunately,  my search ended up like my search for workers comp apps – disappointed with still a hope for the future. Company

WCRI Chart ASCs vs. Hospitals Shows Interesting 18 State Comparison

WCRI Chart On ASC Studies Shows Need For Fee Schedules in Workers Compensation A recent WCRI Chart (Workers Compensation Research Institute) pointed out a hidden result that was picked up at least partially by a few bloggers.  The chart below comes from a study the WCRI released on November 25th.  

Workers Compensation Reserves Reduction Alternative Mini Guide

Workers Compensation Reserves – Lowering Them Can Be Difficult  The Workers Compensation reserves on a file naturally generate controversy.    Why is there so much discussion on them?   How can you have a great conversation with your claims adjusters?    A workers compensation claims adjuster’s daily activities include 12 more

Cutcompcosts Awarded Top 25 Workers Comp Blogs Again for 2018

Cutcompcosts Repeats As Top 25 Workers Comp Blog In 2018   After Cutcompcosts repeated as Best’s Recommended Insurance Advisors, we just discovered that Workerscompensation.com awarded us with the Top 25 Workers Comp Blogs designation.  We also were awarded the distinction in 2017.    In fact, we just received the 10 Year

Micro-Captives (Offshore) Still on IRS Dirty Dozen List – At Bottom

Offshore Financial Arrangements Including Micro-captives Still On Watch List Most micro-captives are a legitimate way to offshore the self-insurance of Workers Compensation benefits.  The IRS released its list of the Dirty Dozen for 2018 a few months ago.   Offshore financial arrangements filled the #12 of 12 spots. Micro-captives, better known

Workers Comp Premium Auditors – External Employer Info Examined Often

Workers Comp Premium Auditors and Underwriters Data Sources  Most Workers Comp Premium Auditors and Underwriter have become very sophisticated in examining external data for employers.  After listening to various webinars, attending conferences, and interviewing different insurance personnel, I made a list of data sources that are now used by insurance

Workers Comp Automation Can Replace Claims Adjusters

Workers Comp Automation – Can A Claims Adjuster Be Replaced? Workers Comp automation on reserving, payments, diaries, etc. has been discussed for at least 20 years.  In fact, an article I wrote over 10 years ago covered the accuracy of automated reserving software.    I had forgotten the article in

Workers Comp Attorney Involvement 400% Variation Between States

Workers Comp Attorney Involvement Varies Widely Between 18 States – WCRI The Workers Comp Attorney involvement rates vary wildly between the states that WCRI studied in a recently released report. This topic wowed the press and audience at the recent WCRI Annual Conference just this last March.   The press

Workers Comp Medical Networks Reduce Costs – Or Do They Actually?

Workers Comp Medical Networks – Three Conflicting Studies Most Workers Comp networks generate large claim payment reductions according to two studies.  Another study indicates no savings from these same Workers Comp medical networks. One of my Six Keys To Saving On Workers Comp Costs involves medical control.   Since the

Workers Comp Mentor – Take Ten Seconds with Mr Rogers

Mr. Rogers And Your Workers Comp Mentor Your Workers Comp mentor is someone that you owe a large favor.  We sometimes forget how much that special person in our business lives meant to us.   I was actually searching through websites that had given the J&L Risk Management Consultants  a bad

Top 10 Self Insured Resolutions For New Year 2017

Top 10 Self Insured Resolutions – 2017 and Beyond The self insured resolutions for 2017 is an update of the last three years.   I used to write resolutions for the voluntary marketplace only until a friend of mine asked about self insured resolutions.   Many of the recommendations center

James J Moore E-Mod LDF Presentation – Mid State Safety Council

James J Moore E-Mod LDF Presentation With Slides Available E-Mods and LDF’s_NC Midstate_12_13_16 <<<Slides  – File is 7mb Our founder, James J Moore E-Mod LDF presentation went well at the NC Mid State Safety Council’s Winter Lunch and Learn training session. The slides from the presentation are available for download at

NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis – Interesting Study

Venerable NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis The  NCCI Affordable Care Act  (ACA) study was taken from their  Workers Comp Update 2016 Fall Edition (page 54 of PDF).  Please note that this is a large file.   If you are working in the Work Comp industry, it may be worth your

Work Comp Outpatient Hospital Charges – WCRI Exposes Myth

States Vary Greatly in Work Comp Outpatient Hospital Charges – WCRI The Work Comp outpatient hospital charges for even a minor procedure have become very expensive over the last 10 years. The Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) released a study today which indicates great variability between states and with the

Do Work Comp Claim Analytics Really Work As Promised

Have Work Comp Claim Analytics Arrived? A Work Comp Claim Analytics package is something that I have been in search of for many years.   Can software actually replace the thinking process of an experienced adjuster? Last year at the 2015 WCRI Conference I met a few analysts for one of

Opt Out 2nd Panel – WCRI Blogging Live – Boston MA

Opt Out 2nd Panel – WCRI Conference These are the Opt Out 2nd Panel of WCRI conference  blogging live. Presenters – Bruce C Wood- American Insurance Association Elizabeth Bailey- Waffle House Alan Pierce – Workers Injury Law and Advocacy Group James Mills- Oklahoma Insurance Department Great Panel Bruce Wood- Basically not a

Oklahoma Federal Health Insurance Exchange Increase= Case Shifting

Oklahoma Federal Health Insurance Exchange vs Case Shifting  The Oklahoma Federal Health Insurance Exchange has basically reported that many health policies in the state will increase by up to 34%.  Reading that headline reminded me of the case shifting that was forecasted by Dr. Richard Victor (WCRI Director) at the

CICA Your Actuarial Report – Understanding/Getting Most Out of It

CICA Your Actuarial Report – Maximizing The Findings The CICA Your Actuarial Report covered much ground very quickly for captives.  The exact title of the presentation was How to Understand and Get the Most Out of Your Actuarial Report. The very adept presenters were Michael J. Bemi, CPCU, ARM, ARe –

J&L Risk Management Consultants – Cutcompcosts.com 20th Year!!!

J&L Risk Management Consultants I originally established J&L Risk Management Consultants, Inc. as  J&L Insurance Consultants, Inc  in 1996. In 1995, I called the company James J Moore, Risk Consultant for the first year.   J&L Insurance Consultants, Inc. morphed into J&L Risk Management Consultants Inc  as so many people

Six Ways To Excel In Comp Arena Without A College Degree

Six Ways To Excel In the Comp Arena With No College Degree The Comp arena has more than six ways to excel without a college degree.   Below is a list of the Top Six, in my humble opinion. Is there a way to excel in the WC industry without a

NCCI Provides Plethora of Free Info When You Visit Their Website

NCCI Provides A Large Amount of Info Freebies  The NCCI provides a plethora of free information. One of the great improvements with NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance) is the addition of many great tutorials on Workers Compensation. Many of those tutorials have one or multiple videos to aid in

Premium Audit Workpapers Can Save Future Headaches

Premium Audit Workpapers Are Golden The premium audit workpapers can be one of the easiest methods to document your yearly WC  premium audit.  The workpapers are prepared by the premium auditor.  They can be either hand-written or computerized, showing how the auditor arrived at the payroll numbers that are used to

NCPRIMA Presentation Work Comp Advice For Public Risk Managers

The Full NCPRIMA Presentation With Slides Included  Last week, I presented at the NCPRIMA Annual Conference.  The slides for the full NCPRIMA presentation can be found here. We received a few requests for a transcript of the presentation.  The rest of this post follows the slides.  The presentation was aimed

WCRI Proves One of My Five Keys To Workers Comp Savings

Workers Comp Savings – WCRI Proves 4th Key I wrote the Five Keys to Workers Comp Savings many years ago.  When a great research company agrees with a long-held point, that is always a great sign.   The Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) recently published another great study.   The study

Employee Misclassification – Back In News

Employee Misclassification Means Contractor or Sub The employee misclassification news was back in. Classification Codes such as 8810 (Clerical/Administrative) are the number one question we receive calls and emails about every month.  Employers want to make sure they are not being overcharged for improper classification. Most of the news articles

WCRI – How Economy Drives Financial Performance of WC – Live

Economy Drives Work Comp Success – WCRI A great presentation on how the Economy Drives the financial performance of WC. .Dr. Harry Shuford from NCCI –  One of the best presentations so far at this conference.   This was great data analyses.  He should have been given longer than 30

California’s WCIRB – Rather Active Lately With Formula Changes

California’s WCIRB Changing X-Mod Formulas  I am actually traveling on my way to a one-day WCIRB conference in Burbank/LA tomorrow.  I noticed that the WCIRB had a two different press releases today.I wanted to publish this info as soon as possible as there are a few major changes to the

Claim Severity vs. Frequency Effect – One Claim Can Ruin Your Mod

Claim Severity – Where One Claim Can Ruin Your Mod The Claim Severity vs. Frequency Effect can result from one claim.  One severe claim cannot hurt your Mod as bad as a number of smaller claims.   This is one of the misnomers that exists today in Worker Compensation insurance

Florida Physician Dispensaries Opt Out Of Opioids Due To Ban – WCRI

Physician Dispensaries Opt Out Of Opioids – A Good Sign Physician dispensaries Opt Out due to a strict ban in Florida    Florida has endured an epidemic of the improper use of opioids. They have been discussed to the nth degree in Workers Compensation.   One of the most prevalent

California – WCIRB Upcoming Meeting Will Affect Certain Employers

WCIRB Upcoming Meeting Will Affect Certain Employers Heavily The upcoming meeting of WCIRB in California may be one to mark on your calendar if you own one of the below listed companies.  The WCIRB may change some classification  codes depending on a meeting on March 5th.  The WCIRB is California’s rating agency for

Workers Comp Systems Are Antiquated At Best

Workers Comp Systems One of my main concerns in working with clients is the basically outdated Workers Comp systems that have to be trudged through to even perform basic operations.  This article on outdated Workers Comp systems analyzed what Workers Comp claims workers already knew – most systems are severely

Safety Programs – EMods or XMods Take Time To Decrease

EMods or XMods – Safety Programs Have A Cumulative Effect The EMods or XMods safety programs take time to decrease your premiums.  E-Mods also known as X-Mods in California are basically the same as a credit score for an individual.  The main difference is you can fix your personal credit score in

Who Is The WCIRB And What Do They Regulate?

Who Is The WCIRB ? What do they regulate and who is the WCIRB ? I received this question on the WCIRB last night from a California employer that had grown large enough to receive an X-Mod.  Congratulations on your company’s growth in a tough economy.  Sometimes, it is best

Premium Audit And Bathroom Breaks For Computer Programmer

Workers Comp Premium Audit Question I received a question this week from one of our blog readers that had this WC Premium Audit question. “I have an employee that walks across a corner of our manufacturing plant to go to the bathroom. On our recent premium audit, the auditor changed the

Captive Reserve Question From Our Readers – How To Calculate Mod

Captive Reserve Question Concerning LDF’s A good question about Captive reserve from readers. I am responding to a question from Wayne on this post. I will paraphrase the question. How do I calculate the reserves required if I have had a workers comp captive since 2005? This is a very

Federalization Of Workers Compensation – Another Opinion

Federalization Of Workers Compensation From Peter Rousmaniere One of the more astute Workers Comp authors/bloggers recently wrote an article on The Federalization of Workers Compensation. I have been writing on this subject for over a year and it is good to see other opinions on what I think will be

Workers Comp Policy Dictates Right To Review Claim Files

Workers Comp Policy Allows Claim File Audits  The Workers Comp policy allows an employer to review files or perform claims audits. I have recently received a large number of questions on the employers wish to do a Workers Comp claims file review. The carrier or TPA was less than enthusiastic

Death of Workers Comp – CMS Now Runs FIO

CMS Now Runs FIO The CMS runs FIO – should this be death of Workers Comp?   OK, so the title is meant to catch your attention. The second part is actually a reality as of last week. The federalization of Workers Comp remains an issue. Yes, the CMS –

Federalization Of Workers Comp Takes Another Step

Workers Comp Takes Another Step Toward Federalization  All Workers Comp takes another step towards being a federalized. Check out the Want Ad  for  the Federal Insurance Office Director Job.  According to the NY Times, a new job was posted that indicates the seriousness of establishing the Federal Insurance Office. The

Health Insurance Feds Give $46 Million To Police Rates

Will Workers Comp Premiums Be Monitored Like Health Insurance Most Health insurance regulation always predates actions in Workers Comp.  I usually do not add in governmental press releases verbatim to the blog. This should be of concern to all in the Workers Comp arena. Substitute in Workers Compensation wherever you

Workers Comp Acronyms That Are Used Everyday – Long List

Workers Comp Acronyms Often Used In Documentation The correct workers comp acronyms are critical to Workers Comp communications. In one of the LinkedIn Workers Comp blogs today, quite a few of the posters were talking about why an injured employee is called a claimant. I agree that the term sounds



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