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2022 Workers Comp Resolutions – Major Updates to 2021 + COVID

2022 Workers Comp Resolutions – A Few Major Changes The 2022 Workers Comp resolutions have changed from the 2021 resolutions.  I have written resolutions for almost 15 years.  As with the whole Workers Comp industry, the resolutions have changed a little, but not substantially. Keeping to the below resolutions will

Did Workers Comp Pay COVID-19 Claims? – Popular Holiday Question

Did Workers Comp Pay COVID-19 Claims – Holiday Question  One of the questions that many of my relatives and friends from the southwest ask me was to see how did Workers Comp pay COVID-19 claims? Most of my relatives and friends never have been that concerned about Workers Comp.  They

NCCI and WCIRB Differ on Two Main Issues – Both COVID Related

NCCI and WCIRB – Two Recent COVID-19 Differences Many times on this website,  comparisons have been made between NCCI and WCIRB rules.  NCCI is the Workers Compensation rating bureau that covers 41 states with its HQ in Boca Raton, FL.  The WCIRB is the California Workers Compensation rating bureau. I

My COVID-19 Vaccination – Among The Everyday Heroes

My COVID-19 Vaccination And The Heroes That I Met Check out my COVID-19 Vaccination Photos Below – Click on the pics to see a larger version Why I Decided to Write On My COVID-19 Vaccination I had promised numerous friends, colleagues, and blog readers that I would post on my

WCRI COVID-19 Impact and Effect on Claims and Medical Treatment

WCRI COVID-19 Session – Assessing the Impact Impact of COVID-19 and the Shutdown on Claims and the Delivery of Medical Care WCRI COVID-19 Session – Speakers: John Ruser, Ph.D., Olesya Fomenko, Ph.D. Dr. Fomenko covered much ground very quickly in her presentation.  She is probably one of the best presenters

COVID-19 Vaccination Reaction Claims- Compensable In Texas?

Texas Says Report COVID-19 Vaccination Reaction Claims (Work-Related) In reading various Workers Comp publications – yes, I do that in the evenings, I came across an article in Business Insurance Work Comp News that caught my eye.   The Texas Department of Insurance released a memo on March 2, 2021, that

Workers Comp COVID-19 Vaccinations – Part of Return To Work

Employers Require Return to Work Workers Comp COVID-19 Vaccinations? I started pondering how the Workers Comp COVID-19 vaccination process would work if an employee were returning to work with or without vaccination. This morning, I was reading a blog post from a Law Professor from Wyoming University.  I found it

Workers Comp COVID-19 Vaccination Claims – Adjusters Confused

Workers Comp COVID-19 Vaccination Claims – Who’s on First? Today, I decided to check on how Workers Comp COVID-19 vaccination claims are being handled by claims adjusters. Most of the adjusters had some sort of handle on how to investigate and adjust claims that involved COIVI-19. The states have now

2021 Self Insured Workers Comp Resolutions – The COVID Effect

2021 Self Insured Workers Comp Resolutions COVID Caused A Few Changes Most New Year’s Resolutions come from altering the resolutions from last year.   The 2021 Self Insured Workers Comp resolutions will be no different.   Keeping the resolutions from last year and adding a few changes for COVID should suffice for

2021 Workers Comp Resolutions – Few COVID-19 Changes

2021 Workers Comp Resolutions – Huge Change From 2020? The 2021 Workers Comp resolutions began with waiting until all the election cycles had been completed from 2020.  I usually crank out the resolutions in December of the prior year.  With so much occurring in forgettable 2020, these resolutions were the

Physical Premium Audits – COVID 19 Removed The Physical Part

Will Today’s Hybrid Audits Ever Return to Physical Premium Audits? First – let us define the three types of audits in this article – Short Definitions Hybrid -the records are usually reviewed offsite -technology has allowed much easier access to employer records without having a “physical presence” at the employers’

Premium Audit Payroll Figures More Critical Due To COVID-19

Premium Audit Payroll Numbers Now More Important Than Ever Why is the Workers Comp Premium Audit payroll accuracy more important in 2020?  Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic may reach into your premiums more than you or your company may have anticipated. Let us look at the basic components of your Experience

Workers Comp COVID-19 Numbers Are In – Think Again

Workers Comp COVID-19 Numbers – The System Does Not Work That Way Many prognosticators and the press have all rushed to publish or make sense of any Workers Comp COVID-19 numbers including claim counts and rating information. Unless I missed something over the last 30 years, the numbers are like

Workers Comp Premium Refunds Due To COVID Crisis

Carriers Providing Workers Comp Premium Refunds Due To Coronavirus Shutdowns? One of the most common questions we received since March from employers – Are carriers providing Workers Comp premium refunds due to the COVID crisis?  Is there a formula to know how much we are receiving?  Are states mandating carriers

Workers Comp COVID-19 Presumption Was Already In Place

Workers Comp COVID-19 Presumption – There’s An Occupational Disease Statute For That – J&L State after state enacted their Workers Comp COVID-19 presumption orders to make sure the frontline workers in the Coronavirus pandemic were covered if they contracted the disease.   The states then began to expand which workers were

WCIRB XMod Decision Gives Employers COVID Reprieve – Sort Of

WCIRB XMod Decision Includes COVID-related Claims With Three Caveats The WCIRB XMod decision this week should provide employers somewhat of a break for incurring COVID-related claims.   WCIRB is the Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California. A question was sent to NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance),  as I write

COVID Compensability Conundrum – Who’s Covering What?

COVID Compensability Conundrum – Coronavirus Causing Workers Comp Claims? Adjusters Will Deal With COVID Claims  The COVID Compensability Conundrum will arrive later this year when workers comp claims adjusters have to make difficult and complicated claim decisions.    Most states have a disease statute.  Not many states include personal sensitivity

COVID-19 Pandemic Statistical Madness Rears Its Ugly Head

COVID-19 Pandemic Statistical Madness – Whose Numbers Are Correct? The COVID-19 Pandemic statistical madness has reached epic proportions.   I usually do not stray from Workers Comp articles.  That is why you read this blog and the newsletter.   However, the recent numbers flashed on screens across the world gave me pause.

WCRI Prior Recession Report – The COVID-19 Economic Recovery

WCRI Prior Recession Report Shadows The COVID Economic Situation WCRI Prior Recession Report and COVID comparison  Dr. Savych has published many reports on the post-return-to-work attitudes of injured employees. I received this email today from WCRI.  The report may be worth a look.   WCRI also offers a free medical pricing

NCCI COVID-19 Article And Claims Compensability Debate

NCCI COVID-19 Article Addresses Compensability (Sort of) A recent NCCI COVID-19 Article (Coronavirus) caught my eye.  I have not seen a rating bureau analyze compensability whatsoever.  Why? NCCI is the acronym for the National Council on Compensation Insurance.   They are the rating bureau for approximately 35 states. NCCI has always

Top 10 Workers Comp Concepts Learned At NCCI AIS 2022

Top 10 Workers Comp Concepts – NCCI AIS 2022 Last week, I covered the NCCI Annual Issues Symposium – more of a comprehensive view.  Cristine Pike was kind enough to invite me to the conference.  I decided to cover the Top 10 Workers Comp Concepts that I learned from press

NCCI Annual Issues Symposium 2022 – Day 2 – Sessions

The NCCI Annual Issues Symposium 2022 – Day 2 – a huge amount of data and ideas. The second day of the NCCI Annual Issues Symposium 2022 started with Dr. Bob Harwig, University of South Carolina. Dr. Hartwig covers the most data in the shortest amount of time. Dr. Bob

NCCI Annual Issues Symposium 2022 – Day 1 Sessions

NCCI Annual Issues Symposium 2022 – The First Day of Great Info The NCCI Annual Issues Symposium 2022 kicked off with me missing some of the morning sessions due to a medical issue.   Cristine Pike, Communications Director – NCCI, was kind enough to keep me up to date on the

Converting from Self-Insurance To The Voluntary Market Due To Pandemic

Converting From Self-Insurance To The Voluntary Market – 10 Item Checklist The subject of converting from self-insurance to voluntary market policies has been brought up quite a few times due to the loss of employees by some larger companies.  Some Workers Comp self-insureds shrank during the pandemic due to overall

2022 NCCI AIS May 9th – May 11th – See You There! (Updated Today)

2022 NCCI AIS (Annual Issues Symposium) – Going? Update On the 2022 NCCI AIS I published this article last weekend.   I then found out today that the 2022 NCCI AIS is sold out.  NCCI will likely publish quite a bit of the conference online due to coronavirus concerns.   You can

Workers Comp Chiropractic Care – A Cost Savings Technique?

WCRI Preliminary Study Shows Workers Comp Chiropractic Care Savings One of the subjects covered at the WCRI 2022 Conference was a savings element with workers comp chiropractic care for injured workers.   Unfortunately, I glossed over a big statistic that was presented by Dongchun Wang, WCRI Economist on the first day

WCRI 2022 Conference Morning Day 2 – No Masks – Great Speakers

WCRI 2022 Conference Morning Day 2 – No Masks – Great Speakers Short- and Long-Term Consequences of COVID-19 Thu. Mar 17, 2022 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM Keynote Speaker Sandro Galea, MD, MPH, DrPH Dean and Robert A. Knox Professor Boston University School of Public Health BIO Sandro Galea is

WCRI 2022 Conference Afternoon Day 1 – No Masks – Great Speakers

To see the Day 1-morning sessions – click here WCRI 2022 Conference Afternoon Day 1 The Future of the Workplace after COVID-19 Wed. Mar 16, 2022 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM Moderator Sebastian Negrusa, PhD Vice-President of Research WCRI Panelist Denise Algire Director of Risk Initiatives & National Medical Director

WCRI 2022 Conference Morning Day 1 – No Masks – Great Speakers

WCRI Conference Morning Day 1 – Dr. Bob Hartwig – Inflation Impact of Disruptions Caused by COVID-19 on Workers’ Compensation The 1980s were much worse – Inflation 2022 13.5% 2022 -7.5% Inflation Misery Index – Two years on, the disruptive impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to reverberate throughout the

WCRI 2022 Conference Session – Workers Comp Since Nixon Report

WCRI 2022 Conference Session – How Has Workers Comp Performed Since 1972 Nixon Report? One of the more interesting WCRI 2022 Conference sessions should be how have the Workers Comp industry performed since the 1972 report.  The article that I wrote on the 1972 Nixon Administration report last month went

WCRI 2022 Annual Conference – Workers Comp Info Extravaganza

WCRI 2022 Annual Conference In-Persson Workers Comp Numbers The WCRI 2022 Annual Conference will be back to in-person on March 16 – 17 at the Westin Copley Square in Boston, MA.  If you have not signed up, you should do so soon.  Let us look at what they will be

Workers Comp Residual Market Forum – NCCI Covers Underserved Niche

NCCI Workers Comp Residual Market Forum – Quiet Market Segment Review Last week, I attended/watched the NCCI Workers Comp Residual Market Forum.  The Forum was usually provided to carriers only in the past.  I decided to not pass up the chance to see the numbers on a huge market that

Workers Comp Self Insurance Calendar – Important Dates To Remember

Workers Comp Self-Insurance Calendar – Repetitiveness is Key Last week, I wrote an article on the voluntary market policy calendars. I did not want to leave out self-insureds as I sometimes forget is 15% of the market needs to be considered more often in studies, articles, and even in my

Workers Compensation Self Insureds – Often Ignored Puzzle Piece

Workers Compensation Self-Insureds Gripe At Me Most For This One Reason Yes, I admit it.  I often write about Experience Modification Factors, premium audits, and other parts of the WC system.  I should be writing more articles on Workers Compensation Self Insureds than I have over the years.   Then again,

2022 Workers Comp Self-Insured Resolutions – A Few Changes

2022 Workers Comp Self-Insured Resolutions – Post-Pandemic(?) The 2022 Workers Comp self-insured resolutions should be looked at as a bridge from the pandemic to the post-pandemic era. Over the last 13+ years including 2021, I have written articles on workers comp resolutions.  Our self-insured clients and article/newsletter readers always remind

PARIMA Zoom Conference – BYOD – How Dangerous Is This?

BYOD – A practical solution or risk too far – PARIMA Zoom Conference This PARIMA Zoom Conference was reported on by our website consultant contractor.  The conference occurred at 3 AM Eastern Time. PARIMA is an international risk management organization.  They invited us to sit it and report on the

WCIRB Restaurant Class Code Webinar Live – First Ever Industry Profiled

Deep DIVE WCIRB Restaurant Class Code Webinar – Great Data Supply Hot Off The Presses – the WCIRB restaurant class code webinar just finished a few minutes ago.  I apologize upfront for any typos as I am doing this live. First-Ever WCIRBClass Code Webinar Industry Profile – Restaurants Why did

PARIMA 2021 Conference October 25 – 29th All Session Notes

PARIMA 2021 Conference October 25th – 29th, 2021 – International Risk Management How about international risk management?  Yes, there is an organization for that.  The PARIMA 2021 Conference was virtual.  As the conference was on a 12-hour time difference, my back office web contractor volunteered to take notes.   She did

Light Duty Return to Work Issues – NWCDC 2021 – Breakout Session

Good Basic Session on Light Duty Return to Work Issues and Challenges I attended and took notes on this NWCDC breakout session concerning light duty return to work.   This was a good basic session from two national employers.  One of the challenges, as we all know, is each state is

2021 NWCDC Conference – The Great And An Area For Improvement

2021 NWCDC Conference in Las Vegas Great Break from Video Conferences The 2021 NWCDC Conference in Las Vegas was worth attending even though the crowd was smaller this year.  I give the sponsors and BOD credit for having a large in-person conference during the end of the pandemic.   I decided

Workers Comp Video Presentations – 10 Ways To Blow Them Up

Workers Comp Video Presentations And The Dreaded ZZZZ List All of us have survived Workers Comp video presentations over the last 20 months.   Many of them were well done such as the 2021 NCCI Annual Symposium.  Some showed how an ill-prepared group of presenters amplify their mistake of throwing together

NCCI Catastrophe Code 12 – Use or Lose It Class Code (Of Sorts)

Not All Claims Should Have NCCI Catastrophe Code 12 – But Some Should The COVID 19 Code Will Save You Premiums I was reviewing how NCCI was handling the catastrophe code that COVID 19 claims would be coded under to not have the claims count against an employer’s Mod.  <<<extremely

NCCI Arizona State Advisory Forum Shows 27.9% Rate Change Disparity

NCCI Arizona State Advisory Forum Shows 27.9% Rate Disparity The NCCI Arizona State Advisory Forum is worth the time to view or read.  Get the Advisory Info here.  Usually, when I mention a certain state in articles and presentations, someone will say – “we do not have interests in that

Workers Comp Premium Audit Records – Keep The Old Ones Handy

Workers Comp Premium Audit Records After Zoom Your company’s workers comp premium audit records may need to be at your fingertips for a few years.  Why?  Let’s look at what happened from March 2020 to now.   Hybrid Premium Audits Will Be Temporary Situation Most of our clients had received

Pandemic Workers Comp Claims Spike That Never Happened

Anticipated Pandemic Workers Comp Claims Spike Mystery The Pandemic Workers Comp Claims spike was predicted by most of the industry prognosticators.  The anticipated claims tidal wave seems to have not occurred in the industry.  Let us look at a few valid sources of information. Pandemic Workers Comp Claim Numbers From

Pandemic Workers Comp Return To Work Conundrum Question

Pandemic Workers Comp Return To Work Question To Our Article Readers The tables have turned with me publishing a pandemic workers comp return to work (RTW) question for our great and intelligent audience. Pandemic Workers Comp Return to Work vs Vaccine Hesitancy Wikimedia public use license One of our great

NCCI Pandemic Analysis Verifies Insurance Crisis That Never Occurred

2021 State of The Line – NCCI Pandemic Analysis – Incredibly Fast Recovery The NCCI pandemic analysis was quite a change of pace from the dire 2020 predictions for the Worker’s Comp markets.  I decided to attend the 2021 NCCI Virtual State of The Line – both days. The presentations

Field Case Managers – Workers Comp Claims Closed Faster and Happier

Field Case Managers – Injured Employees Happier and Claims Closed Faster This is National Nurses Day.  In celebration of the day, I wanted to bring up a subject that I have seen overlooked in quite a few Workers Comp files – Field Case Managers.  If you want to see nurses

How Workers Comp Claims Pandemic Data Is Only 25% Correct

Workers Comp Claims Pandemic Data – Running With 1/4 In The Tank I recently brought this up in a Zoom(r) meeting.  A potential client wanted me to assist in building a Workers Comp claims pandemic model. They were aghast when I said that only approximately 1/4 of the data is

My Three Favorite Articles That Hooked My Attention – Must Read

All About My Three Favorite Articles In reading articles, I may say that all of them hooked my attention. But actually, I have my three favorite articles that I can say are worth it to read. Or when time goes by, it may bring the lesson we’ve learned from those

Coronavirus Vaccine Journey – Second Act – Over in 30 Minutes

Act II of my Coronavirus Vaccine Journey – Quick and No Problems My coronavirus vaccine journey started on St. Patrick’s Day.  Check out that article here.  The booster shot occurred yesterday.  Obtaining the second vaccine was much easier.   The first vaccine took two hours to complete. This one took 25

Back To Work During A Pandemic For The Employee – Another Look

Back To Work – Considerations And Qualifications Going back to work is like a process of healing. A sick person needed medicine to be healed same as the workers that need to go back to their work. They needed a job to sustain and fulfill their daily needs. Workers have

WCRI 2021 Virtual Conference Next Week – For Data, Reports And More

WCRI 2021 Virtual Conference -Definitely Worth It The WCRI 2021 Virtual Conference will be broadcasting on March 23rd and 24th.  This is a great way to spend two afternoons if you have the time.  I always learn something from their PhDs. Three of my favorite researchers will be presenting their

WCIRB 8871 Webinar – What California Insureds Need To Know

California’s Rating Bureau WCIRB 8871 Webinar Today – Some New Insights I just finished watching the WCIRB 8871 webinar.   The webinar was only 30 minutes.  Then again, how long can a group talk about the new classification code? Very few changes were introduced from the previous WCIRB 8871 webinar that

J&L Founder James J Moore to Teach Insurance Academy Course Feb 4th

J&L Founder James J Moore Instructor For Academy of Insurance Course 02/04/21 J&L founder James J Moore will teach a one-hour course on February 4th.  The one-hour course will cover occupational disease rules in the age of COVID-19. According to James -” COVID-19 remains a terrible disease that affects many

WCIRB USRP Manual Update Webinar – Yes, It Matters To You

California’s WCIRB USRP Manual Update – From The Webinar The workers’ compensation rating bureau for California hosted a very thorough webinar on the WCIRB USRP Manual update yesterday.   Wow, sounds boring?  Then your company must have extra money to spend even if you are not located in California. Last year,

Workers Comp Premium Auditor’s Job Now More Difficult

Workers Comp Premium Auditor’s Job Now Much More Complex One of the results of the COVID-19 pandemic is the effect on the workers comp premium auditor’s job.  The complexities of auditing workers comp policies become more pronounced with multi-state employers. I first realized the results with an article published by

NCCI State Advisory Meetings Worth Your Time? – Most Definitely

NCCI State Advisory Meetings – Golden Nuggets of Info Treasure Chest The NCCI State Advisory Meetings also called Forums still provide a huge amount of information for agents, employers, underwriters, adjusters, and other data wonks.   I have recommended this area of NCCI for at least 15 years. NCCI is the

Workers Comp Adjuster Goals Conflict With Management Expectations?

Advocacy Model vs. Workers Comp Adjuster Goals – A Point Missed? Did I miss The Point  – Maybe?  I recently attended a webinar provided by the National Workers Comp and Disability Conference where some of the Workers Adjuster goals were compared to the expectations of claims management. Two of my

WCIRB Delayed Medical Treatment Study Backs Up Six Keys Study

WCIRB Delayed Medical Treatment Study Proves What We Knew All Along The WCIRB Delayed Medical Treatment Study can be found here.  The WCIRB (California Workers Comp Rating Bureau) recently published a study on delayed medical treatment due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. I was hoping the study replicated or at

Workers Comp Risk Management Is Like Bag of Apples

A Bag of Apples Shows How Workers Comp Risk Management Works Yesterday,  I included a short article with a video from Washington L&I.  The response was very positive on keeping Workers Comp Risk Management toned down to more simplistic terms. The customer is always right. Workers Comp Cost Questions One

Workers Comp Markets Affected By Upcoming Election Cycle

Workers Comp Markets – Hard or Soft May Not Matter My brother asked me this question.   Will the upcoming election affect the Workers Comp markets?  He is a day trader of sorts. Writing articles for over 15 years means that I have covered this topic in the past.   My opinion

What is Earned But Not Reported (EBNR) – Employers Need to Know

Earned But Not Reported Now A Factor With Premium Audits – Employers Be Wary NCCI’s Barry Lipton, Senior Actuary published a post this morning that I read over three times to absorb the theory of the Earned But Not Reported (EBNR) hangover effect.   You can check out the post here

Hard Workers Comp Markets – The Silent Reasons Why

Hard Workers Comp Markets – Two of the Reasons Not Discussed That Often The hard workers comp markets usually occur when the suppliers (carriers) cut the supply of insurance to (demand) employers.   I have heard investment returns often discussed in many of the reinsurance webinars and articles – not so

The Workers Comp Self Insurance Risk No One Talks About

Workers Comp Self Insurance Risk – The $250,000 Repetitive Mega Claims I sometimes forget to mention the self insurance side of Workers Comp Risk Management.   A certain Workers Comp self insurance risk conversation seldom occurs in voluntary insurance vs. self insurance decisions. Voluntary insurance may seem like an unused commodity

Workers Comp Android Apps – Journey Down The Rabbit Hole Again

Workers Comp Android Apps – Giving It One Last Try Three years ago, a gentleman contacted me by phone.  He was very patient in explaining Workers Comp Android Apps were going to fade away as most smartphones can handle accessing the website directly.  An App was likely not going to

California Workers Comp Contractor Vote – Prop 22 on Ballot

Uber or Lyft Driver – California Workers Comp Contractor vs Employee – Prop 22 One of the most heated online and in-person (before COVID-19) debates that I had witnessed in California – Is an Uber or Lyft driver a California Workers Comp Contractor or an employee? Some of the most

Telecommuting Employee Accidents – The New Work Comp Paradigm

Telecommuting Employee Accidents – Risk Management and Claims Nightmare? The Coronavirus pandemic grew what was a “cottage industry” type job to one of the most popular jobs in existence today.   Most telecommuting employee accidents will involve in-home hazards. Let us look at the: Previous telecommuter articles – check out the

IRS Workers Comp Rules – Two Payment Red Flags To Avoid

IRS Workers Comp Rules – Pay Attention To These Three Closely Every year near the personal tax filing deadline, we receive questions on IRS Workers Comp rules.  This year was no different with the COVID-extended deadline of July 15th.  I decided to cover the one IRS Workers Comp Rule that

California Workers Comp Telecommuting Class Code 8871 Added

 Telecommuting Class Code 8871 Added To California WCIRB Class Codes California’s Workers Comp rating bureau (WCIRB) added in Telecommuting Class Code 8871 after a regulatory meeting this week. If your company is domiciled in California or you have California-based employees,  you will need to separate these employees from furloughed employees

How Do We Account for Coronavirus Furloughed Employees – NCCI

Account for Coronavirus Furloughed Employees – NCCI Adds Basic Manual Rules The Question – How do we account for Coronavirus Furloughed Employees has become the most popular question that we now receive from blog and newsletter readers. This is not a replacement for Class Code 8871 – Telecommuting Clerical Employees. 

Workers Compensation Rating System – See You in 18 Months

The Workers Compensation Rating System And Insurance Press – Different Timetables The Workers Compensation Rating System was built as a delayed system.   Why was that statement the first sentence in the article? The Workers Compensation rating system cannot provide immediate data analysis.   NCCI, WCIRB, and the other state rating bureaus

Work Comp Class Code 8871 Clerical Telecommuter Very Popular Now

Work Comp Class Code 8871 Popular During the Coronavirus Pandemic The Workers Comp Class Code 8871 represents telecommuters.  Exactly who are telecommuters?  Let us first cover the general non-workers’ comp generic definition.   Definitions of Class Code 8871 General  Telecommuters are defined as: Someone who works at home and communicates

Free Workers Comp Study – Best Report on Medical Costs WCRI

Free Workers Comp Study – WCRI Medical Price Index – A Great Reference Tool WCRI (Workers Compensation Research Institute) released its annual free workers comp study and report on medical prices for the treatment of Workers Compensation injuries. Please see the bottom of this article for the link to the

Workers Comp Consultant Company – J&L – Top 10 Lessons Learned

J&L – 25 Years and Counting As A Leading Workers Comp Consultant Company J&L Insurance started in 1996 as a Workers Comp consultant company handling the proper filing of claims forms for large self-insureds. We added services as the market requested it such as premium audit services, general consulting, blog

Workers Comp Telemedicine – Is Telehealth Really Worth It?

Is Workers Comp Telemedicine In The Age of COVID-19 Worth The Time and Money?  After experiencing my first telemedicine (telehealth) appointment today, I decided to see if Workers Comp Telemedicine would be worth the conversion.  I had written about in-home doctor visits for Workers Comp a few years ago.   By

Coronavirus Return To Work – Top 10 Issues For Workers Comp

Pending Post Coronavirus Return To Work Issues – Top 10 Preparations Coronavirus return to work issues will become the buzzword phrase in Workers Comp over the next few months (rightfully so).   Any references to a return to work mean all employees except for #9 below. This complete list may not

Phoned In FROI Response To My Last Article – Excoriated

Phoned In FROI (First Report of Injury) Reader Response To My Last Article  A reader phoned in FROI response left an unapproving voice mail this morning.   My last article covered the First Report of Injury coding becoming very important due to COVID-related claims.  The reader said examples of the sections

First Report of Injury Coding Goes From Important To Critical

First Report of Injury Coding Now Even More Critical Than Before The First Report of Injury Coding now becomes something to watch for in the next five years.  Well, you should have been watching the coding before now if you had online access to your claims.   Why was a

NCCI Virtual Annual Issues Symposium Free – May 12th – Sign Up Now

NCCI Virtual Annual Issues Symposium With Powerful Free Webinar – Sign Up – It’s Freebies! The NCCI Virtual Annual Issues Symposium replaces the annual in-person symposium.  The great news – NCCI will not be charging a fee for one of the top  Worker’s Comp Symposiums. Dr. Rober Hartwig will present

Missouri Workers Comp Medical Treatment Very Expensive – NCCI Study

Missouri Workers Comp Medical Treatment 304% More Expensive Than Health Insurance I forgot to finish this article on Missouri Workers Comp medical treatment that I started at the WCRI Annual Conference two weeks ago.   The comparison is still worth examining for medical costs. NCCI (National Council on Compensation) Insurance headquartered

WCRI Aging Worker Injury Study versus My Assumptions – Who Wins?

WCRI Aging Worker Injury Study Goes Up Against My Assumptions From Experience Andy over at WCRI was kind enough to provide me with a recent Flash Report to read over.  The WCRI aging Worker injury study covers many of the subjects I have noticed in Workers Comp claim with aging

2020 Self Insured Workers’ Comp Resolutions – Staying the Course

2020 Self Insured Workers Comp Resolutions – Not Changing Success The 2020 Self Insured Workers Comp Resolution centers around sustaining success in your program and fixing a few issues that may be costing you dearly.   Some of these resolutions come from the old resolutions. Search self-insured resolutions for suggestions from

Employers Cheat Themselves On Workers Comp Claims – Four Ways

Employers Cheat Themselves  On Claims Without Realizing It – Ways To Stop Now The four ways that employers cheat themselves on Workers Comp claims cause many insureds and self-insureds to pay extra without realizing it.  Follow along as I cover each of them. In summary form, the four ways are:

Workers Comp Statistical Significance Is Still Statistically Significant

Workers Comp Statistical Significance Better Known As The Benchmark Most discussions and articles concerning Workers Comp Statistical Significance center on the Experience Modification Factor and Loss Development Factors.   Benchmarks also come from tests for statistical significance. The article that generated this article can be found here.  I find it amazing

Workers’ Comp Program Fixes Come In Three Distinct Stages

Workers’ Comp Program Fixes – Three Areas To Consider Most Workers’ Comp program fixes originate in three areas.   Let’s cover those three in this article. Safety and Risk Management means not having to worry about the next two in this list The exact moment the accident occurs at your company

Workers Compensation Numbers Employers Must Have At Their Fingertips

Keep These Workers Compensation Numbers Close For Quick Access The first two main workers compensation numbers involve knowing where your worker’s compensation program is currently. If you do not know where you are, the task of knowing what to do to improve your numbers becomes extremely difficult.  Use Your CompCompass(c). 

Return To Work Risk Management Failure – No Job Bank

Involving the Physician in Return To Work Risk Management A huge risk return to work risk management failure begins when the physician evaluates the injured employee for a light or full duty release.   One of my Six Keys to Cutting Workers Comp Costs involves return to work risk management.

WCRI Annual Conference 2019 – Live Blogging – If My Wrists Hold Out

First Day – Morning Conferences – WCRI Annual Conference 2019 – Live Blogging If I make mistakes in this live blogging of the WCRI Annual Conference 2019, please excuse, this is live and I do not really go back and change  anything Beginning of WCRI Annual Conference 2019 Presenters KEYNOTE:

2019 Workers Comp Resolutions – Looking Back at 2018

2019 Workers Comp Resolutions – Did You Keep Yours From 2018? Your 2019 Workers Comp Resolutions likely consist of redoing your 2018 resolutions.   Yes, it is that time of year to examine your old resolutions and add on a few more. A resolutions article has appeared in the Cutcompcosts.com articles

2018 Workers Comp Resolutions – Look Back At 2017 Resolutions

2018 Workers Comp Resolutions Are 2017 Refinements My 2018 Workers Comp Resolutions must start with, of course, the 2017 Resolutions.  BTW, Self Insureds will be on the dais next week.   So, let us get to it.   The thirteen 2017 resolutions were: (sorry if you have triskaidekaphobia).  Understanding the mechanics of

Statistical Proportions – Quick And Dirty Number Powerhouse

Statistical Proportions – A Guide To the Quick and Dirty Estimator I use statistical proportions as a very fast way to make predictions when you have three numbers and need to calculate the fourth one.   My algebra teacher in Junior High School taught me how to apply them to

Work Comp Schedule Rating Factor Use It or Lose It @Policy Commences

Work Comp Schedule Rating Factor Highly Negotiable Before Start of Policy Search For The Work Comp Schedule Rating Factor.   Why do we want to search for it?   Because your company may be leaving negotiable  premiums on the table, so to speak.   Ok, Workers Comp policy wonks,  this article

WCRI 2017 Conference – Blogging Live – Morning Sessions

WCRI 2017 Conference – Complete First Day Live Blog Morning Sessions of WCRI 2017 Conference  –   Please excuse any typos, etc.   This is a live conference blogging.   It will be updated every 10 minutes.  Dr. John Ruser – CEO Launching new website next week. New Logo Grand

Five Amazing Ways That Workers Comp Insurance Is Unique

Workers Comp Insurance Is Unto Itself Workers Comp Insurance is now one of the more maligned insurance lines.  Other than the Affordable Care Act, much negativity spread quickly throughout the press. Many employers consider WC as a tax of sorts.   Some employers just write the check and let it

Workers Comp Resolutions – Updated For 2016 and Beyond

Workers Comp Resolutions – 2016 Version My recommended workers comp resolutions for 2013 were updated in 2014.  For some reason,  I did not update any workers comp resolutions in 2015. The updated resolutions from the 2014 article were:  Having online claims access is the best and up-to-date way to track

Hybrid Premium Audits Still Allowed For Larger Employers

Mail-In and Hybrid Premium Audits Possible With Technology Hybrid Premium audits are becoming more popular every year due to technological advancements.  Securely scanning and emailing documents lessened the need for in-person audits by the workers’ comp premium auditor. The two terms that seemed to raise the most questions were mail-in



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