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2017 WCRI Conference 2nd Morning Session Blogging Live

2017 WCRI Conference 2nd Morning Session Live Blogging – typing it as it happens STATE OF THE STATES The start of the 2017 WCRI Conference 2nd morning session will discuss some of the latest findings and trends seen across WCRI’s core benchmark studies, including WCRI’s 18-State CompScope™ Benchmarks reports, a

WCRI 2017 Conference Afternoon Sessions – Blogging Live

WCRI 2017 Conference Afternoon Sessions – Blogging Live Please note I only input the trends and not the exact numbers from some of the studies.  These studies are still in their preliminary phases.  WCRI OPIOID RESEARCH & HOW STATES ARE COMBATING THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC This is the start of the

WCRI 2017 Conference – Blogging Live – Morning Sessions

WCRI 2017 Conference – Complete First Day Live Blog Morning Sessions of WCRI 2017 Conference  –   Please excuse any typos, etc.   This is a live conference blogging.   It will be updated every 10 minutes.  Dr. John Ruser – CEO Launching new website next week. New Logo Grand

WCRI Conference Blogging Live – Sharing Economy and WC

WCRI Conference Blogging Live The WCRI Annual Conference Blogging Live 2016. Presenter – Dr. Robert Hartwig- Insurance Information Institute Angie’s List On Demand Economy Handy TaskRabbit Washio Wedding Wire My Move AirBnB lyft Uber Insurance solutions are increasingly available for the sharing economy. Regulatory issues remain Gig Economy – Employee vs

CompScope WCRI Blogging Live – State of States

CompScope – State of the States – WCRI – Blogging Live States of the States WCRI CompScope annual conference 2016 Blogging Live. Preliminary  Research  – Subject to change – Two New States  – Kentucky and Georgia are being added to the CompScope(R) Wage Loss States that have wage loss and PPD

Opt Out 2nd Panel – WCRI Blogging Live – Boston MA

Opt Out 2nd Panel – WCRI Conference These are the Opt Out 2nd Panel of WCRI conference  blogging live. Presenters – Bruce C Wood- American Insurance Association Elizabeth Bailey- Waffle House Alan Pierce – Workers Injury Law and Advocacy Group James Mills- Oklahoma Insurance Department Great Panel Bruce Wood- Basically not a

WCRI – Blogging Live – Controversial Opt Out Panels

Controversial Opt Out Panels The blogging live controversial Opt Out panels in WCRI Two Presenters – Trey Gillespie – Property and Casualty Insurers Association of America Bill Minick – PartnerSource Opt outs as a form of Workers Compensation coverage has been in Texas for quite some time.   Texas’s program has

WCRI Blogging Live- Crossing State Lines For Medical Care

WCRI Blogging Live – Medical Care This is the WCRI blogging live crossing States lines for Medical care Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC’s) – in New York City vs. New Jersey Preliminary Findings Dr. Brogdan Savych – medical researcher and author  for WCRI Shoulder Arthroscopies average ASC cost increased significantly from

Blogging Live WCRI Comparing Workers Comp Outcomes Across States

WCRI – Blogging Live Comparing Workers Comp outcomes across states WCRI blogging  live. Subject to Further Research One of my favorite WCRI studies – hard work on this one Dr. Savych  and Dr. Thumula (WCRI) – presenters These two presenters presented the initial study data last year- 2015.  It was

WCRI – Blogging Live – Do Fee Schedules = WC Case Shifting?

WCRI – Blogging Live – Case Shifting and Fee Schedules WCRI WC Case Shifting and do fee schedules. Preliminary Findings Dr. Osleya Formenko – Author – Impressive- Received Her Doctorate From Our HQ City  Raleigh – UNC Dr John Gruber- Dartmouth Institute Dr. John Ruser – Presenter There are many numerous

Blogging Live WCRI 2016 Yearly Conference – Ground Rules

Blogging Live WCRI Conference 2016 Ground Rules OK, so there are a few ground rules with blogging live WCRI Conference. Please excuse any typos or any weird looking info.   I am trying to follow the presenters, not necessarily the slides they present as to include info that will not

Selected State Reforms And Their Effect – WCRI – Blogging Live

Selected State Reforms And Their Effect Selected State Reforms And Their Effect – The Effects of An Increase in Maximum Weekly Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Benefits or Fee Schedules Impact On Medical Costs – Indiana – 18% of injured employees had hit the maximum, after the reform – 12% of

State By State Analyses – ALAE Allocated Adjustment Expenses – WCRI Blogging Live

ALAE Allocated Adjustment Expenses The ALAE Allocated Adjustment Expenses of state by state analyses. State by State Comparison of ALAE – represent 10 to 20% across States Moderator- Ramona Tanabe California highest overall Medical Management ALAE – Highest states are Louisiana and New Jersey- interesting that the top two did not

Price Impact – Workers Comp Fee Schedules WCRI Blogging Live

Workers Comp Fee Schedules WCRI Blogging Live Workers Comp Fee schedules have long been discussed in this blog.  One of the best methods for a reduction in the premium employers pay for WC is by instituting or modifying fee schedules. Workers Comp Fee schedules are a balancing act.  A fee

Ethics in Workers Compensation – Blogging Live – NWCDC

Blogging live – Ethics in Workers Compensation Ethics in Workers Compensation is still very important.   This presentation covered ethics in claims handling very thoroughly.   Many states now require adjusters to have three hours of ethics at time of license renewal.  I think  the ethics component should be even

Texas Reforms Results Analysis – WCRI – Blogging Live

Texas Reforms – WCRI Conference – Live blogging The new Texas reforms  were presented along with the preliminary results. This is a very informative conference-session. The current  session is pre- and-post reforms in the state of TX. This example could be applied to other states with upcoming or in-place reforms

WCRI Annual Conference 2019 – Live Blogging – If My Wrists Hold Out

First Day – Morning Conferences – WCRI Annual Conference 2019 – Live Blogging If I make mistakes in this live blogging of the WCRI Annual Conference 2019, please excuse, this is live and I do not really go back and change  anything Beginning of WCRI Annual Conference 2019 Presenters KEYNOTE:

WCRI 2018 Conference Boston MA – Blogging It Live

It is now time for the WCRI 2018 Conference live blogging. Please excuse any typos.   I am doing this live while the conference is proceeding.  If you want to check out any of the blogging live conferences I have done check here. Thursday WCRI 2018 Conference Schedule Dr. Erica Goshen

IAASE Conference – Not Quite Live Posting October 7 – 9

Notes From The IAASE Conference IAASE – Insurance Auditors Association of The Southeast I was going to post the IAASE Conference from earlier this week  live.  So much helpful information was covered that I found it better to write it down and then post the presentations from the IAASE Conference later

California Medical Review and Dispute – Blogging WCRI Conference

California Medical Review and Dispute Blogging Live WCRI Conference California Medical review and dispute is a white hot topic amongst risk managers presently.  One of the hot sub-topics now is the amount of money charged for UR (Utilization Review) in California. In our claims loss run analyses, we find that

In Defense of Workers Compensation – System Still Works

The System Still Works-Defense of Workers Compensation The Workers Compensation System still works in defense.After reading articles deriding the Workers Compensation system, I thought something in defense of Workers Compensation would be appropriate.   I have often been a critic of certain Workers Comp systems, rules, court decisions, etc. One

J&L Risk Management Consultants – Cutcompcosts.com 20th Year!!!

J&L Risk Management Consultants I originally established J&L Risk Management Consultants, Inc. as  J&L Insurance Consultants, Inc  in 1996. In 1995, I called the company James J Moore, Risk Consultant for the first year.   J&L Insurance Consultants, Inc. morphed into J&L Risk Management Consultants Inc  as so many people

Paying Workers Comp Benefits Late – Five Ways It Can Cost You

Paying Workers Compensation Late – Five Ways It Costs Claims Staff Paying Workers Comp benefits late can cause a claims adjuster or staff many headaches that quickly can avoid many problems in the future.  Many states have rules on the books that penalize slow payers for benefits that are owed

Groundbreaking Opioid Addiction Study – Vitamin D3 Deficiency?

Testing Vitamin D Deficiency – Groundbreaking Opioid Addiction Study A groundbreaking opioid addiction study points to a strong relationship between vitamin D deficiency and the markers of addiction.  The other more obvious conclusion was that the vitamin D deficiency showed a strong sunbathing addiction. A recent article in a leading

Workers Comp Delayed Medical Treatment Increases Opioid Prescriptions

Increased Opioids From Workers Comp Delayed Medical Treatment – WCRI  A recent WCRI (Workers Comp Research Institute) webinar showed that workers comp delayed medical treatment results in a higher level and longer treatment with opioids.   The chart below from the presentation says it all.  I will explain what the chart

Field Case Managers – Workers Comp Claims Closed Faster and Happier

Field Case Managers – Injured Employees Happier and Claims Closed Faster This is National Nurses Day.  In celebration of the day, I wanted to bring up a subject that I have seen overlooked in quite a few Workers Comp files – Field Case Managers.  If you want to see nurses

WCRI 2021 State of the States Presentation – The Past Rules

WCRI 2021 State of the States: Selective Findings The WCRI 2021 State of the States was extremely informative as it has been every year that I have attended the conference. Speakers: Bogdan Savych, Ph.D., Rebecca Yang, Ph.D. Dr. Savych compared much of what happened in the current pandemic with the

WCRI COVID-19 Impact and Effect on Claims and Medical Treatment

WCRI COVID-19 Session – Assessing the Impact Impact of COVID-19 and the Shutdown on Claims and the Delivery of Medical Care WCRI COVID-19 Session – Speakers: John Ruser, Ph.D., Olesya Fomenko, Ph.D. Dr. Fomenko covered much ground very quickly in her presentation.  She is probably one of the best presenters

WCRI Session That I Attended – Shocking Topicals Numbers

WCRI Session – Off-Label Prescribing and the Effects of Opioid-Related Policies WCRI Session Speakers: Vennela Thumula, PhD, Bogdan Savych, PhD The data from this WCRI (Workers Comp Research Institute) session yesterday provided indications of shocking increases in topicals.  The session also pointed out that the effects of state opioid-related policies

How To Ruin A Workers Comp Claim in Five Seconds, Claim Number?

Asking For Claim Numbers Can Wreck Any Workers Comp Relationship – J&L  Yesterday, I was trying to locate a claim for a long-term client.  I was following the subrogation status on a claim for them.   I was told that I had left out one number in a 22-character claim number. 

Free Workers Comp Study – Best Report on Medical Costs WCRI

Free Workers Comp Study – WCRI Medical Price Index – A Great Reference Tool WCRI (Workers Compensation Research Institute) released its annual free workers comp study and report on medical prices for the treatment of Workers Compensation injuries. Please see the bottom of this article for the link to the

Workers Comp Consultant Company – J&L – Top 10 Lessons Learned

J&L – 25 Years and Counting As A Leading Workers Comp Consultant Company J&L Insurance started in 1996 as a Workers Comp consultant company handling the proper filing of claims forms for large self-insureds. We added services as the market requested it such as premium audit services, general consulting, blog

Workers Comp Outpatient Medical Costs – Fee Schedules Win Again

States With Fee Schedules Have Lower Workers Comp Outpatient Medical Costs – WCRI Fee schedules have appeared in this blog many times due to the economic effects they have on medical bills.   WCRI (Workers Comp Research Institute) published a study this week showing that fee schedules lower Workers Comp outpatient

WCRI Prior Recession Report – The COVID-19 Economic Recovery

WCRI Prior Recession Report Shadows The COVID Economic Situation WCRI Prior Recession Report and COVID comparison  Dr. Savych has published many reports on the post-return-to-work attitudes of injured employees. I received this email today from WCRI.  The report may be worth a look.   WCRI also offers a free medical pricing

WCRI Day Two Conference – Morning – What I Learned Today

What I Learned Today at the WCRI Conference – 2020 I decided to split out the Mental Health Session into its own article. State of the States Selective Findings This session features selective findings and trends seen across WCRI’s core benchmark studies, including our 18-state CompScope™ Benchmarks reports, a multistate

Workers Comp Psychological Aftereffects – WCRI Conference Next Week

Workers Comp Psychological Effects – WCRI Session Next Week Workers’ Comp psychological effects are one of the unmentionables that the industry never really considers at the time of a claim. One of the unmentionables that receives little consideration in Workers Comp is the effect that the claims process has on

WCRI 2020 Annual Conference Next Month – Show Me The Data + Secret

The WCRI 2020 Annual Conference – Data and Study Paradise  –  Thursday March 5th – 6th The WCRI  2020 Annual Conference (Workers Comp Research Institute) heads back to Boston this year.  Last year, the Conference was held in  Phoenix. I will be there on the front row doing my Workers’

WCRI Aging Worker Injury Study versus My Assumptions – Who Wins?

WCRI Aging Worker Injury Study Goes Up Against My Assumptions From Experience Andy over at WCRI was kind enough to provide me with a recent Flash Report to read over.  The WCRI aging Worker injury study covers many of the subjects I have noticed in Workers Comp claim with aging

Workers Comp Centers of Excellence – Exciting New Medical Trend

Workers’ Comp Centers of Excellence Treat The MegaClaims The Workers’ Comp Centers of Excellence may reach beyond just MegaClaims.   Let us look at the definition of a center of excellence. Researching the term uncovered the newness of the term and concept.  According to a recent Risk & Insurance article  even

Breaking – Pharmaceutical Study – WCRI Covers Trends In 27 States

WCRI Pharmaceutical  Study Shows Decreased Use In Almost 27 States WCRI  (Worker’s Compensation Research Institute – Boston, MA_  just released a vast pharmaceutical study that covered trends in 27 states. One of the authors was Dr.  Vennela Thumula.  I have had the pleasure of speaking with her at length concerning

Medical Fee Schedule Dilemma – WCRI Study – High Cost States Have None

Medical Fee Schedule Dilemma – No Schedule Means Higher Costs Now and In Future The WCRI (Workers Compensation Research Institute) just released a study pointing out a medical fee schedule dilemma.   The states that still hold on to the old U&C (Usual and Customary) method of charging for workers’ compensation

High Health Insurance Deductibles Cause Case Shifting – WCRI Study

Larger Health Insurance Deductibles Cause Employees To Use  Workers Comp The health insurance deductibles have been raised over the past few years.  One reason could be the Obamacare Federal and State Insurance Exchange insurance carriers wish to negate the effect of having to insure all-comers with pre-existing conditions. A recent

WCRI Chart ASCs vs. Hospitals Shows Interesting 18 State Comparison

WCRI Chart On ASC Studies Shows Need For Fee Schedules in Workers Compensation A recent WCRI Chart (Workers Compensation Research Institute) pointed out a hidden result that was picked up at least partially by a few bloggers.  The chart below comes from a study the WCRI released on November 25th.

Workers Comp Technology Found At 2018 NWCDC Conference

Workers Comp Technology – Found 1.5 Vendors At The Big Brouhaha Most Workers Comp Technology equates the proverbial needle in the haystack euphemism.  Yesterday, I walked through all of the booths at the NWCDC Conference.  Yes, it was eight hours of the same things that I saw at the first

Midterm Elections Have Effect On Workers Compensation?

Non-political Look at Midterm Elections and Workers Compensation The Midterm elections proceeded through its course with the results coming close to what was expected with a few surprises.  Should we worry about the Workers Compensation end of the spectrum?   The answer is likely not, at least on the national level.

2018 WCRI Conference – Top 10 Things I Learned Over Two Days Time

Top 10 Bits of Information From The 2018 WCRI Conference The 2018 WCRI Conference was a smashing success – as every year.   The data given out was next to amazing – as every year.  I live blogged the 2018 WCRI Conference on this webpage.   Please excuse typos, etc. as I

North Carolina Supreme Court Decision 4 Work Comp Claims All States

North Carolina Supreme Court Ruling On Medical Treatment Denial After Initial Acceptance The North Carolina Supreme Court has ruled on denying a medical condition after the claim was accepted.   The link to the decision can be found at the end of this article.  The file is in PDF format.

Workers Comp Attorney Involvement 400% Variation Between States

Workers Comp Attorney Involvement Varies Widely Between 18 States – WCRI The Workers Comp Attorney involvement rates vary wildly between the states that WCRI studied in a recently released report. This topic wowed the press and audience at the recent WCRI Annual Conference just this last March.   The press

Top 25 Workers Comp Blog and AM Best Recommended Provider Awards

Picked As Top 25 Workers Comp Blog – J&L Risk Management Awarded Twice This Week J&L was awarded A Top 25 Workers Comp Blog and named as a recommended Provider by AM  Best this week.   Well, the AM Best award was actually in March and the Top 25 blog

Does Affordable Care Act Repeal and Replace Mention Workers Comp?

The Affordable Care Act Repeal and Replace – Any Mention of Workers Comp? The Affordable Care Act Repeal and Replace is now working its way through Congress, Senate, and President.  Last week’s WCRI meeting showed the Work Comp community’s concern over any Federalization of Workers Compensation (c). Former Senator Tom

Opioids and Marijuana – WCRI Conference – Big Time Discussions

Opioids and Marijuana Discussed @ Upcoming WCRI Conference The sessions will run consecutively – two interesting topics for Work Comp Opioids and marijuana will be two of many great topics.  WCRI is hosting their annual conference on March 2 -3, 2017.   I have attended the last five meetings and

Workers Comp Mentor – Take Ten Seconds with Mr Rogers

Mr. Rogers And Your Workers Comp Mentor Your Workers Comp mentor is someone that you owe a large favor.  We sometimes forget how much that special person in our business lives meant to us. I was actually searching through websites that had given the J&L Risk Management Consultants  a bad backlink.

Opioid Statistics – Incredible Numbers From Recent Webinar

Mind Blowing Opioid Statistics These opioid statistics are astounding and verifiable.  I was listening to a great webinar recording today – See next article. One of the topics was the effect that opioids would have on Workers Compensation in 2017 and beyond.     I was subsequently reading an article

ACA Repeal Could Lead To More Workers Comp Case Shifting

Will ACA Repeal (Affordable Care Act) Cause Case Shifting to WC? The drumbeat for ACA repeal  has grown much louder with the new administration just around the corner.   This article on the new demands to keep Obamacare alive was an interesting angle from the health insurance sector. Please read

NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis – With Political Twist

NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis Interesting Conclusion The recent NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis synthesized a very interesting conclusion.   The National Council on Compensation Insurance is based in Boca Raton, FL.  At first glance, along with this article, the NCCI estimated that removal of the Affordable Care Act would likely

NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis – Interesting Study

Venerable NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis The  NCCI Affordable Care Act  (ACA) study was taken from their  Workers Comp Update 2016 Fall Edition (page 54 of PDF).  Please note that this is a large file.   If you are working in the Work Comp industry, it may be worth your

Oklahoma Opt-Out Insurance – OK Supreme Court Says See Ya!!!

Oklahoma Opt-Out Insurance Takes Major Hit The fans of Oklahoma Opt-Out Insurance were dealt a five fingered death punch. The Oklahoma Supreme Court just wiped out any semblance of Oklahoma Opt-Out Insurance by ruling it as unconstitutional. The Oklahoma Workers Comp Commission had already said NO to the opt out

Work Comp Outpatient Hospital Charges – WCRI Exposes Myth

States Vary Greatly in Work Comp Outpatient Hospital Charges – WCRI The Work Comp outpatient hospital charges for even a minor procedure have become very expensive over the last 10 years. The Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) released a study today which indicates great variability between states and with the

Oklahoma Federal Health Insurance Exchange Increase= Case Shifting

Oklahoma Federal Health Insurance Exchange vs Case Shifting The Oklahoma Federal Health Insurance Exchange has basically reported that many health policies in the state will increase by up to 34%.  Reading that headline reminded me of the case shifting that was forecasted by Dr. Richard Victor (WCRI Director) at the

Is New Virginia Rule 14 Work Comp Fee Schedule?

The New Virginia Rule 14 – Fee Schedule Soon? The new State of Virginia Rule 14 is now closed for comments.   A copy of the Proposed Rule 14 can be found here.  (PDF File). According to the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission, a public hearing on Virginia Rule 14 was

Indiana Workers Comp Fee Schedule Partially Enacted = Rate Increase

Indiana Workers Comp Fee Schedule Partially Enacted The Indiana Workers Comp Fee Schedule was partially enacted 7/1/2014.   That was a great move except a point was missed as to the real reason for their true cost figures.   Check out the chart below.   Click on the chart to

Meth vs Opioids in Workers Comp – Hidden Epidemic?

Meth vs Opioids in Workers Comp Meth vs Opioids in Workers Comp – the silent epidemic is occurring and we may not be looking at what should be considered an even more dangerous line of drugs than opioids. Opioids are one of the most discussed topics in any analytical setting

Proove Pharmaceuticals Great Innovator NWCDC – Las Vegas

Proove Pharmaceuticals – Innovator A great innovator Proove Pharmaceuticals was a vendor at the NWCDC  in Las Vegas. Workers Compensation is not one of the lines of insurance with very many innovations over the years.   I had decided that there had to be some innovation at the nation’s largest

Employee Misclassification – Back In News

Employee Misclassification Means Contractor or Sub The employee misclassification news was back in. Classification Codes such as 8810 (Clerical/Administrative) are the number one question we receive calls and emails about every month.  Employers want to make sure they are not being overcharged for improper classification. Most of the news articles

Fee Schedules Effect on Workers Comp Costs – New Study From NCCI

NCCI Study on Effect of Fee Schedules NCCI is one of my favorite companies.  They recently produced a great study on  fee schedules. They have always been very nice to me and oh, so helpful at any of their meetings and conferences that I have attended over the years; and

Best Workers Compensation Apps on Google Play Store Are

The Three Best Workers Compensation Apps Last week, I wrote two articles on any Workers Compensation apps that were in the Google Play store.  As promised, I have tried a few out to see if any actually worked and if any would be helpful. The one that actually looked to

Shocking Discovery – Workers Compensation Insurance Began 2050 BC

Ancient Sumeria Invented Workers Compensation Insurance The origins of Workers Compensation Insurance is much more ancient than in the early 1900’s.  I had always thought the beginnings of the WC system involved merchant ships or started in Wisconsin. This article from the State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development  (DWD)

Federal Government Shutdown’s Effect on Workers Compensation

Federal Government Shutdown May Have Little Effect Does the Federal Government shutdown have any effect on WC?   The governmental shutdown was highlighted in a recent article in The Insurance Journal.  I do agree with the author that the shutdown pertains to the federal level and Workers Comp, for the

Californias WCIRB New X-Mod Formula Penalizes Unsafe Employers

Californias WCIRB X-Mod Formula Heavily Penalizes Small Unsafe Companies This month Californias WCIRB produced a new small employer X-Mod formula. Yesterday, I attended the WCIRB Conference in Burbank, CA.  The WCIRB makes one work in their workshops.   They always put on great workshops. One of the things I noticed

Ethics In Workers Compensation Claims And Modified 80-20 Rule

Ethics In Workers Compensation Claims – Does It Exist? Ethics in the Workers Compensation claims arena has increased over the years.  Last week, I had the privilege of attending the 3rd Quarterly Meeting of NC PRIMA in Winston-Salem, NC.   If you are in the public risk sector in North

Florida Physician Dispensaries Opt Out Of Opioids Due To Ban – WCRI

Physician Dispensaries Opt Out Of Opioids – A Good Sign Physician dispensaries Opt Out due to a strict ban in Florida    Florida has endured an epidemic of the improper use of opioids. They have been discussed to the nth degree in Workers Compensation.   One of the most prevalent

Physician Fee Schedules NCCI Conducts 31 State Study

Physician Fee Schedules Studied By NCCI The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) recently published two studies on the effects of fee schedules on physician charges.   These were supposedly the first studies that analyzed this specific type of data.  However, the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) has performed similar

Oklahoma – Is Opting Out Really Worth It To Be Like Texas?

Oklahoma – Is Opting Out Going To Be Worth The Trouble? Oklahoma made a very bold move this week to allow opt out programs for Workers Compensation coverage.  “Coverage” may not be the right term as no insurance carriers will be involved with the opted-out companies. One of the concerns

Opioids – Oxycodone and Hyrocodone Gain In Popularity

Generic Opioids Gain In Popularity- Oxycodone Opioids have been on the Workers Comp radar screen over the past few years due to their abuse and dependency by injured workers.  Hydrocodone (Vicodin) seemed to be the most popular according to the pharmacists that were contacted in 2011 and early 2012. Vicodin is

North Carolina HB 237 – Media Wants Veto Due To Access Ban

North Carolina HB 237 – Reporter Concern on Access The North Carolina HB 237 is very important for enforcing the Workers Comp insurance requirement in the Tarheel State. In the past week, Workers Compensation based North Carolina House Bill 237 – HB 237 – amendment was the subject of a

Davis-Bacon Act Wages Has Effect on Work Comp Payroll Audits

Payroll Audits And Davis-Bacon Act Wages My last post covered what is included in wages for Workers Compensation policies and premium audits. One of the areas mentioned was the Davis-Bacon Act wages. The Davis-Bacon and Related Acts, apply to contractors and subcontractors performing on federally funded or assisted contracts in

Workers Comp Costs – Six Quick Methods To Start Reduction

Six Quick Methods To Lower Workers Comp Costs (Part I) The Six Workers Comp Costs reduction methods are listed in two articles. My last article post pointed out that there are six ways to save on Workers Comp costs. They are:   1. Filing First Reports of Injury (FROI) Timely

Earned Surplus

Term Of The Day – Earned Surplus Earned surplus for Workers Compensation insurance carriers, mutuals, captives, self-insureds, risk retention groups and captives, comes from the basic formula Assets = Liabilities + Capital. Once all claims and expenses are paid (liabilities) then the surplus can be paid out to shareholders as

Independent Contractors In South Carolina

South Carolina Independent Contractors The following is a great assessment of how a specific Workers Compensation Commission views independent contractors. Even if your company has no Workers Comp concerns in SC, the control issue is spelled out here very well. The issue of employee vs. subcontractor is very important at the

Federalization Of Workers Comp Takes Another Step

Workers Comp Takes Another Step Toward Federalization  All Workers Comp takes another step towards being a federalized. Check out the Want Ad  for  the Federal Insurance Office Director Job.  According to the NY Times, a new job was posted that indicates the seriousness of establishing the Federal Insurance Office. The

Your Workers Comp Dec Page – Know It Or Pay More Premiums

Your Workers Comp Dec Page – Meat Of The Sandwich Your Workers Comp Dec Page – know it or pay more premiums (sometimes a large sum).   In my last post, I summarized the Workers Comp Declarations (Dec) Page. At a bare minimum, you should have the page memorized if

Alaska Workers Comp Slams High Priced Brand Name Drugs

Alaska Body Slams Non-Generic Drugs The State of Alaska body puts an end to the very expensive brand name drugs . My hat is off to Alaska’s Workers Compensation system. A bill was recently pass that REQUIRES generic drugs in all Workers Compensation cases. This very smart political move will

Pay Without Prejudice – Legal In Workers Compensation Claims?

Pay Without Prejudice OK In Some States The pay without prejudice period occurs when the Workers Comp adjuster decides (where legal) to begin paying indemnity and medical benefits without accepting an accident as compensable. Many jurisdictions have a specific form that is filed with the governing body to allow the

Workers Comp Acronyms That Are Used Everyday – Long List

Workers Comp Acronyms Often Used In Documentation The correct workers comp acronyms are critical to Workers Comp communications. In one of the LinkedIn Workers Comp blogs today, quite a few of the posters were talking about why an injured employee is called a claimant. I agree that the term sounds

CMS Dreaded Medicare Set-aside Arrangement Memo – Meaning?

CMS And the Dreaded Medicare Set-aside Arrangement Memo The Dreaded Medicare set-aside arrangement memo was produced by CMS a few months ago.  Over the past week, I have covered the Centers for Medicaid/Medicare Services (CMS) Medicare Set-aside agreements and how CMS changed the playing field with its 7/1/09 memo to

Independent Contractors – Workers Compensation vs. IRS

IRS Tips On Independent Contractor vs. Employee One of the most controversial subjects in Workers Comp is how insurance carriers charge employers the proper premiums for independent contractors. Insurance carriers have begun to be very aggressive in declaring independent contractors as employees. The IRS, who has one of the best

ObamaComp 24 Hour Coverage – Are We That Far Away From It?

ObamaComp – The New 24 Hour Coverage The ObamaComp health care program are we far from it? Before I start this blog, I wanted to say that there are no political views being expressed here. I am posting only from an analytical viewpoint. I decided to coin a new term

Social Networking Websites Ruin Workers Compensation Claimants

WC Social Networking Websites – Very Public – No Privacy Some Workers Comp claimants were not careful when  posting to social networking websites. I read a very interesting article today on how injured employees are publishing their activities on websites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and others. I was astounded that

Insurance Commissioner @ California Says 27 Ways To Cut Comp Costs

CA Insurance Commissioner  – 27 Recommendations For Cutting Comp Costs CA Insurance Commissioner issues recommendations to cut WC costs. After rejecting any increase in the pure premium rates for California this week, Commissioner Steve Poizner issued a proclamation citing 27 ways to cut Workers Comp Costs in CA. A summary of

Obama Administration Final Countdown For State Run Workers Comp?

Obama Administration Looking To Federalize Workers Comp? The Obama Administration may begin Workers Comp federal program.  In the past few months, I have performed a large number of phone consultations on Workers Compensation claims and premiums. One of the most common questions that I receive is what would be the

Workers Compensation Loss Runs Are Best Online

Workers Compensation Loss Runs  – Online Access Is Best Workers Compensation loss runs online claims access insures your company will have the easiest way to retrieve your Workers Compensation claims information. I have posted very often on Workers Compensation claims loss runs.  Why? Whether your company has a regular Workers

Article By George Hohmann on Brickstreet Future Outlook

New Brickstreet Strategies By George Hohmann This article is by George Hohmann. Check back tomorrow for my opinion on how a Workers Compensation insurance carrier cannot and should not try to insure out of state workers when they are domiciled in a single state. BrickStreet looks forward to flexibility by George

Assigned Risk Pool- Is it Too Costly For My Company?

The Assigned Risk Pool – Very Expensive Insurance My Company is in the Assigned Risk Pool.  Are we paying that much extra, and if we are, how do we get out of it ASAP? We currently have quite a few employer clients that have asked for us to help get



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