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August 20, 2014

IRS Independent Contractor Determination Not Magic

IRS Independent Contractor Determination The IRS independent contractor determination can be very helpful to contracting companies.   The IRS recently updated their info on the Employee vs. Independent Contractor determination decision by an employer. The complete breakdown of the common law rules the IRS independent contractor determination is listed in this

Independent Contractor vs Employee Definition From IRS

Independent Contractor vs Employee Definition The independent contractor vs employee definition has been the bane of companies for many years. The Internal Revenue Service is always a great place to find information on independent contractors. Of course, the information is common law and your applicable states or states may vary

Massachusetts And Independent Contractor Determination

Massachusetts And Independent Contractor The Massachusetts has an interesting take on independent contractors.  One of the hottest topics that still generates interests over the years is the subcontractor vs. employee debate. Many states have publicized cracking down on “1099 employees.”Massachusetts has a landmark case that has been used for determining



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