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November 15, 2012

Workers Comp Advisory Rate Semi-rant – Look at Numbers

Advisory Rate Semi-rant – The Numbers I apologize for my advisory rate semi-rant.   A Workers Comp Advisory rate is just that – advisory rates.  Much attention is given to the publication of advisory rates.  They actually mean nothing whatsoever to what any company in that state will pay for Workers

Iowa Approves 7.9% Rate Increase In a Down Economy?

Iowa Approves 7.9% Increase in Rates (Ouch) The state of Iowa Approves a 7.9 percent rate increase.   NCCI recommended that Iowa increase its Workers Compensation rates by 7.9% (3% effective 01/01/13 + additional 4%  on 07/01/13).  Iowa subsequently approved the rate increases. This was rather surprising in such a

Texas Workers Comp Payments Decrease Due To Reforms

Texas Workers Comp Payments Are Lowering  The state of Texas workers comp payouts decreased for the first time in years.  According to WCRI,  the payments decreased overall by 4%.  This is a very large one year decrease in the current Workers Comp environment.   Texas enacted a large group of



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