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January 26, 2012

Top Five Most Popular Workers Comp Articles For 2011

Most Popular Workers Comp Articles For 2011 As this is the first of the year, I decided to post links to our five most popular workers comp articles for 2011 judging from the traffic on the web pages and the newsletter. We use Blogger for our web stats.  The numbers

Workers Compensation Audits Five Types To Cut Comp Costs

Workers Compensation Audits – Five Types For Cost Savings We often receive questions centering on Workers Compensation audits.  Audits – we like to call them reviews are an essential method to cut comp costs. This term may cover many types of audits or reviews. I thought I would cover the

Workers Comp Indemnity Costs and Recession

Recession – WC Indemnity Costs The California Workers Comp indemnity costs and recession. I was recently reading an article from WCRI concerning an increase in California on indemnity benefits. Their usually very accurate research seemed to equate the rise in indemnity costs to the recession. I think this is a very



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