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May 11, 2011

Ethics Courses – Are They Really Worth Your Time?

Do Ethics Courses Waste Time? The Ethics courses for adjusters or other insurance personnel may seem really worth the time and expense. I recently received a newsletter from the AICPCU-IIA informing all new students that Ethics will be a required course on a large number of designations. The Institute’s heart

Independent Medical Exams (IME) For Workers Comp Claims – Are They Worth It?

Independent Medical Exams (IME) Independent Medical Exams (IME’s) are usually one-time exams requested by the insurance carrier, TPA, injured employee, attorneys or an Industrial Commission. They are akin to a surgical second opinion. The IME Dr. will likely never treat the injured employee. For many years IME’s seemed to hold

What Does Stair Step Reserving Mean?

Term Of The Day – Stair Step Reserving The stair step reserving of Workers Comp reserves is an age-old concern of any party to an insurance or TPA policy.   If loss reserves are raised by increments in order to cover the cost of claims expense as they happen, the



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