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April 27, 2011

Workers Comp Medical Only Claims – Your Money Down Toilet

Workers Comp Medical Only Claims And Claims Festering(c) Certain Workers Comp Medical Only Claims snowball into uncontrolled Lost Time Claims for employers and carriers.  My last post on Medical Only claims pointed out the pitfalls and concerns of medical only claims. I promised that I would get back to how

Mid-policy Assessments Endorsements – Becoming Larger Trend?

Mid-policy Assessments and Endorsements We have received a larger than normal number of calls and emails on mid-policy assessments and/or endorsements. A mid-policy assessment or endorsement should be examined very carefully. A past post on Red Flags that you may have been overcharged lists this as an area of concern.

Assigned Risk Adjustment Program (ARAP) – Does It Hurt Our Company?

Assigned Risk Adjustment Program – Term Of The Day The assigned risk adjustment program is an additional debit charge placed on Assigned Risk policies with experience modification factors higher than 1.00..   It is applicable to the NCCI jurisdiction states.  The notable exception is Massachusetts, where ARAP stands for All



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