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March 25, 2011

Workers Comp Reserve Reduction Review Plan For Dates Other Than January 1st

Reserve Reduction Plan For E-Mods Workers Comp reserve reduction review plans need to be on schedule.   I have devised a formula for calculating when your reserve or E-Mod reduction plan should begin overall. As I posted last week, you should start three months BEFORE your Unit Stat date. Sound

Workers Comp Reserve Reduction Plan – Is Yours In Place?

Reserve Reduction Plan And The Unistat Date I wrote last week on the timing and deadline for having your Workers Compensation reserve reduction plan in place. If your company has not begun with the plan, you are throwing away Workers Compensation Dollars. If your renewal date is January 1, you

Workers Compensation Captives – Are They Worth Exploring?

Workers Compensation Captives – A Legitimate Yet Complex Alternative Workers Compensation Captives have come to the forefront as a possibly viable alternative for Workers Compensation coverage.  Last week, I decided to explore Captives further by attending the CICA conference in Tucson, AZ.x After attending many of the sessions, I came



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