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February 23, 2011

Premium Audit Question On Offsite Data By Premium Auditor

A Premium Audit Question On Employer Data Privacy A great premium audit question came in from one of our blog readers last week.   One of our readers who handles the accounting for a large multi-state construction company asks “Can the insurance premium auditor take private company data off-site to

Oklahoma Workers Comp Overhaul Will Not Replace Current System

Oklahoma Workers Comp Overhaul Continues Old System The Oklahoma Workers Comp overhaul will have little effect to the current system. Oklahoma’s Workers Comp system is where I was trained many years ago. Being from Oklahoma, I always try to monitor the Workers Comp situation there. Why I write about different

Catastrophe Cover

Workers Comp Catastrophe Cover = Massive Losses Workers Comp catastrophe cover deals with massive losses.  Self Insured Employers may sometimes use a highly recommend risk management technique for Workers Compensation losses. Catastrophic excess insurance can save a company’s insurance budget or may even save the company in case of a



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