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February 2, 2011

Case Management – What Does The Term Mean In Workers Comp?

Term Of the Day – Case Management Case Management in the Workers Comp arena used to mean rehabilitation nurses or vocational experts that aid the injured employee in his/her medical care and return to work. Case Management now seems to have become a buzzword that can actually mean anything from

Comments and Emails on Term Of Day

Comments and Emails – Term Of The Day Thanks for the comments and emails from everyone on Workers Comp. We appreciate all the interest and feedback with our Workers Comp Term Of The Day that we post every workday. One question or feedback item that we sometimes receive is that

PEOs for Workers Comp – Are They Worth It? Answer – Most of The Time

PEOs Are Great For Workers Comp But Not Every Time Workers Comp PEOs (Professional Employment Organizations) have gained a great amount of attention lately. Are they a viable source of Workers Comp coverage for your business? The unregulated PEO’s of the past caused all state insurance departments to initiate more

Is IBNR (Incurred But Not Reported) Legal And How Is It Calculated?

IBNR – Incurred But Not Reported Is An Estimate  (Incurred But Not Reported) IBNR confused many in the WC community.  When a policy of insurance is written it will typically cover a defined (often 12 month) period from inception of the policy. When the policy is sold, a premium is



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