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August 11, 2010

Governator Says NO To WCIRB 30% Increase On Workers Comp Rates

Governator Says No To WCIRB 30% Increase The governator says no to WCIRB 30% increase in pure premium rates.   I was surprised to see this one. I understand that Governor Schwarzenegger has always been as pro-business as possible. I cannot remember when he has offered any input into a recommended

California’s WCIRB Recommends 30% Rate Increase

California’s WCIRB Says 30% Increase Appropriate California’s WCIRB has recommended a 30% increase in Workers Comp pure premium rates. I was interviewed by The Insurance Journal on my opinion of the heavy increase and the possible effects. My response was that the 30% increase could have easily been 50%. Why?

When Is The Date Of Injury (DOI) On A Workers Comp Claim?

Determining Date Of Injury Very Important To E-Mod The Date of Injury is found on first reports of injury and loss runs. It is the actual date of an employees injury. If the claim is a result of an occupational disease, it designates the date the employee became incapable of



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